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The sequel will include the emergence of Telepathy.
Whenever one of them were in trouble or, in Steven's case, dead, it triggered a Psychic Nosebleed. This seems like a psychic bond the three of them shared. Perhaps, in time, a telekinetic will start to display more overt mind reading. Since Jean Grey from X-Men, telepathy has been a natural compliment to telekinesis.

The mysterious object was a Kryptonian artifact
A huge glowing alien crystal that gives people superpowers?

Matt will be helped through some of his problems....
.... by Dr. Niles Crane, who still lives in Seattle.

The object the boys found isn't the only one of its kind
Other "crash" sites (or whatever that was) are in different places of the world, either more remote and not discovered yet, or discovered by people who've still kept their powers under wraps from society.

Andrew is still alive, or will come back to life
Possibly becoming a supervillain by the name of Apex.
  • Don't really see that happening, as the matter of superheroes/supervillains was totally and utterly averted in the movie, and I have trouble imagining that they'd reverse that in a sequel.

After going to Tibet, Matt's powers will increase significantly as the result of meditation with the monks.

There are no superhero comic books, films, or cartoons in the film's universe
The kids never compare themselves to, say, Peter Parker or the Fantastic Four, and no one uses the words "superpower" or "superhero". It's next to impossible that the boys, having lived all their lives in America, with normal access to TV, cinema, etc., have no concept of superheroes or have never been exposed to any form of superhero media. Perhaps they simply don't exist on this Earth?

Alternatively, superhero comics, superhero films, and superhero cartoons ARE in this universe, but they were referenced off-screen.

The origin of the boy's powers has to do with Slendy.
As mentioned in the YMMV page, the scene where the get their powers is reminiscent of Marble Hornets. Who's to say Slendy's not creating a new breed of Proxy so as to kick-start his next plan.
  • Um, I noticed a particularly strong lack of a tall, sharply dressed fellow throughout the movie, so I'm guessing that's a no. You could say he just wants to hide his hand, but come on! We all know what a drama queen Slendy is.
The object could be an egg that will hatch into a Slender Man.

As an alternative to the above theory, Slendy ressurected Andrew
and reanimated him, thus creating Totheark.Think about it. So far, we haven't seen Totheark's face yet, and Slendy could have either wiped parts of his memory so Andrew would forget about his powers or took his powers away somehow. In addition, Totheark and Andrew both seem to be kind of bitter in general, as shown by a line in one of his newer videos: "How much do you hate? It is not enough.".

Also, we have, "Enjoying watching you suffer. Do you know me? I will always know you.". The first sentence alludes to Andrew's growing sociopathic behavior and lack of remorse after Steve dies. As for the second and third sentences, there is a possibility that Andrew somehow remembers Matt killing him, leading to Andrew hating Matt. Now in personality, Jay is similar to Matt, except more serious. So Jay reminds Totheark/ Andrew of Matt, sparking a desire for Totheark/ Andrew to kill Jay himself.


Finally, the mask. There are two conclusions that can be drawn from this: Slendy gave him the mask, or Totheark/ Andrew created it to cover his burned face and whatnot. It may also symbolize Andrew taking on a new identity, rejecting his old life in favor of being Slendy's new servant.

Andrew's dad became a shut-in.
With the death of his wife and son, he spends the rest of his life watching TV, ignoring anybody who knocks on his door. He does periodically cry, but only for his wife. He's glad his son dies. He still believe he was selfish. And then he sees him as a freak and no longer his son. He tells himself it's Andrew's fault for everything and not himself.

Richard's hatred of Andrew stems from his viewing Andrew as competition for his wife's affection
Richard does seem to genuinely love his wife, but at the same time, seems to genuinely despise Andrew; and even goes so far as to blame Andrew for his wife's death. Maybe Richard had something of a reverse Oedipus complex going on and resented Andrew so much because he secretly viewed Andrew as competition for his wife's affection. The affection Andrew's mother gave him, Richard viewed as affection he wasn't getting from her: He wanted her all to himself. Richard initially just resented Andrew for it, but over time the resentment evolved into full on hatred; which is why Richard reacts hostilely to practically anything Andrew does. Richard's drinking, lack of a job, and wife's failing health only intensified his hatred towards Andrew, whom he began blaming for EVERYTHING wrong in his life.
  • Another reason is maybe Andrew's birth was an accident. Richard didn't want any kids at all, he's perfectly happy with being just the two of them. But when his wife is suddenly pregnant, he didn't take it too well (but didn't say it out loud). Though he tries to get use to the idea of being a father. Eventually he started venting out all his repressed anger towards Andrew, in addition to other problems.

If there's a sequel, Matt will be on the run from the US government, and possibly other agencies as well.
The Battle of Seattle demonstrated how apocalyptically dangerous a kineticist can be when they lose perspective and moral restraint. The police were literally powerless to stop Andrew even when he was heavily burnt, doped up on painkillers and recently awoken from a coma. Even in that state he still had enough power to toss cars like tennis balls and wreck buildings. It required the intervention of the only other kineticist present to stop him. If we take the theory that the movie consists of the government piecing together confiscated or recovered footage, Matt is to their knowledge now the last living kineticist. As Andrew aptly demonstrated, regular laws and law enforcers simply don't apply to kineticists - they have enough power to, if they wish, make such agencies entirely irrelevant. There is absolutely no compelling reason for a kineticist to follow any law except personal choice. If I were a high-up in the US government - or indeed pretty much any other government - I would be freaking out. Matt's own moral code and mental stability are really the only things standing between him and becoming as bad as - if not worse than - Andrew. He's a threat to any major world power that annoys him - and if they found the camera in Tibet, they know who his first target is likely to be.

Also consider that Matt's interests are psychology and philosophy. Even without the knowledge (and catchy quotations) study in those fields grants, he could very easily start a cult or similar movement based around his powers, giving him an even bigger reach. Heck, the US government might assume he has the ability to imbue others with his powers. Heck, maybe he actually does.

So yeah, if I were a high-up in the US government, I'd be pouring literally everything I had into both covering up the events of Seattle and capturing or destroying Matt. He's simply way too dangerous to be left alone.

  • Finding Matt, yes. Covering up the Seattle incidents are impossible. I don't mean "very difficult", I mean "actually, physically impossible". To many witnesses. Too much records. Too much property damage. Matt being publicly known would make it much easier to hunt him down.
    • Not to mention that there were news crews, and considering the unique situation, the live footage was probably being played all across the country, maybe even all over the world.

The sequel will be in the point of view from a different group with the same powers.
As Steve led Andrew down to see the cave where the weird space rock thingy was, he mentions how there were other people down there checking it out, but they're gone now. Who's to say they didn't go down into the cave before the main trio did?

The Strange Object the boys found was, at one point, another telekinetic.
One of the other WMGs on this page said something about Matt being able to give others his power, perhaps the Object was the final stage of the evolution of the powers. Eventually, Matt will turn into another Object and bury himself out in the wilderness.

The 'object' gave the boys an alien parasite.
I got the impression that the object they found was either living or contained something living. The parasite takes some nourishment from the boys (maybe from inside their head) while granting them these powers. Mutualism. Why do the boys bleed when they over exert their new powers? Over-exertion causes the parasite pain which causes it (or the boys themselves) to bleed from the nose. Why do the boys sense when the others are in mortal danger? Maybe it's a survival mechanism of the parasite. A psychic connection that fires up to alert the others that they are in danger.
  • Thumbs up for this theory. And adding to it, maybe the psychic conections is a result of a sort of hive mind.
  • Midi-chlorians?

Andrew survived the Impalement
Andrew has the highest control over his powers, and was the first to figure out the "barrier" idea. Always trying to figure out new ways to use his power. Perhaps while he was dying (he was stabbed through his core, below his heart and lungs, giving him some time), his terror over dying and general pain led him to leaving his body. Yes, I'm saying Andrew figured out how to transport his mind into another body. Great idea for a sequel, no?

Chronicle takes place in the same universe as Infamous.
The strange crystal was an improved Ray Sphere created by the First Sons. The underground tunnel was an abandoned laboratory. When they set it off, the laboratory collapsed on itself. However, they used their powers to escape. And in Infamous 2, Doctor Wolfe theorized that a conduit straining their powers can result in entirely new traits. Once the boys started to use their powers, they figure out they can fly, deflect damage, even control the weather.
  • A few problems with this theory: Ray Spheres can only activate the latent powers of Conduits using the energy of nearby non-conduits; putting aside the astronomical odds of three Conduits with the exact same kind of latent powers ending up in front of a Ray Sphere, who was powering it? The only other people in range of the crater were the party guests, and given that they consisted of half the school, I very much doubt that they were used to power the Ray Sphere. Secondly, Ray Sphere energy spreads a lethal disease that kills everyone except Conduits; no evidence of that in action during Chronicle. Thirdly, if this takes place before the events of Infamous, it should be absolutely impossible for the government to cover up all the sightings of superhuman powers as they did before and during the first game; unlike the Conduits in Empire City, Andrew's rampage was caught on camera by hundreds if not thousands of people, including the local news network. Fourthly, if this takes place after the events of Infamous 2, then why don't the boys ever realize that they're Conduits now that the existence of Conduits is common knowledge?

The object that gave the boys telekinesis was put there by aliens to test mankind's sense of responsibility and resolve
The movie is a compilation of footage collected by the aliens to be presented at a conference that will decide if/how they will help/restrain humanity.
  • After watching Matt's final message at the end of the video, they believe their test was more or less a success.

Richard was hauled in by the government for questioning.
Since it was his son who destroyed half of Seattle. Matt's parents and Casey could be getting the exact same treatment because of their relationship with Matt, which would add to the whole "putting Matt through Hell" thing planned for the sequel.

Steve and Andrew are still alive.
Or at least were planned to be in a sequel if they had went with the original script. In the original script, Steve says he hears "singing" right before he's struck by lightning and apparently killed. Matt says the same thing before he apparently stops breathing and dies before suddenly coming back to life. So, if the boys are killed, they become immortal and/or practically invincible.

This is a live-action X1999 franchise
I feel that Chronicle has the making of a productive franchise. By adding a couple more connecting films to it they could create it a fillm based off of X.
In 1999, a teenager named Kamui Shirō returns to Tokyo after a six-year absence. He comes to protect those dearest to him, Kotori and Fūma Monou, and fulfill his mother's dying wish of changing fate.[3][4] The end of the world is fast approaching as superhuman individuals gather and take sides in Tokyo, the battle site of Armageddon. Following Kamui's arrival the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, the two factions in the final battle for humanity's future, vie for the young man's allegiance, convinced his power will assure their victory.[5][6] The Dragons of Heaven are the first to contact Kamui. The Dragons of Heaven are guided by Hinoto, dreamgazer for the Legislature of Japan. They are the protectors of the kekkai (結界?), spiritual barriers (in the form of buildings such as the Tokyo Tower) that hold the fabric of nature together. As long as the kekkai survive, Judgment Day is postponed.[3][7] The Dragons of Earth are the counterpart to the Dragons of Heaven. Their mission is to destroy the kekkai and unleash earthquakes so the Earth can be cured of the plague of humanity. They were assembled by Hinoto's sister Kanoe, secretary to the Governor of Tokyo.[3][7]
As Kamui is forced to choose between the two sides, he concludes he only wants to protect Kotori and Fūma, and becomes a Dragon of Heaven. At the same time, Fūma has a change of personality and becomes the "Kamui" of the Dragons of Earth as he was destined to be Kamui's opposite. Fūma kills Kotori and swears to kill Kamui. Deciding he wishes to bring Fūma back to normal, Kamui joins the Dragons of Heaven in their fight against the Dragons of Earth. Because of the issues regarding the manga's serialization, the plot from the series has yet to be concluded by Clamp.
The animated films and the TV series follow the manga's initial story and come to two different endings. In the film all the Dragons of Heaven and Earth die in the ensuing battles, leaving Kamui and Fūma as the last Dragons. In the final battle, Kamui decapitates Fūma and the film ends with Kamui crying why he ended killing his best friend. In the TV series, all the Dragons of Heavens lose their powers to create kekkai because of they lose their most important people leaving the Tokyo defenseless. As Hinoto commits suicide to stop her alternate self from attacking the Dragons of Heaven, Kamui goes to face Fūma. In the fight's outcome, Kamui is killed by Fūma, but uses his last forces to transform his body into a kekkai that protects the world from the change from the Dragons of Earth, and causes Fūma to return to his old self.

If you are aware of X you have to admit that while the movie is more similar to akira the dynamic of Matt and Andrew are similar to that of Kamui and Fuma. Namely that they seem to represent Yin and Yang throughout the entire movie as ones personality changes the others changes along with it. Matt goes from a pothead pseudo-philosopher with hints of a superiority complex, to sobbing uncontrollably moments before killing Andrew. While Andrew is a troubled, misunderstood kid who doesn't do well on his first date and then proceeds to kill everyone he considers weaker than him. Heck soon after Andrew crosses the Moral Event Horizon, we switch the point of view to Matt.

There was talk of a sequal maybe it could be about matt learning that he’s a Dragon of Heaven. The only problem is that he seems to have killed his dragon of earth counterpart so another has to be created.

One final note before I finish I am a big fan of anime and manga. they’re just different from American comics and hollywood just doesn’t seem to be able to adapt them properly. There have been a few good live action Hollywood anime movies but most have been flops. The way to go seems to be not trying to remake the anime but to take either the basic plot or different elements and create your own movie. It worked with the matrix and ghost in the shell and it worked with chronicle and akira. If they do it with x and the various other series connected to it they could make a franchise to rival marvel that is if they do it right.

Matt made the film to make Andrew look good.
He realized that people hated Andrew because of the news footage shown. So he went back and collected all the footage. That's why Andrew is such as large Woobie. He wanted people to like Andrew.

Richard may gain super-powers too....
But it could be physical superpowers as opposed to psychic ones like his son had.

A sequel would involve people with physical powers as opposed to psychic powers.

This movie is set in the same universe as Unbreakable, Split, and Glass.

Casey will become a Lois Lane or Oracle-type figure, and will reunite with Matt.
The movie never shows what happened to Casey, or if Matt ever fully explained what happened before he left. If they ever do some sort of continuation, I think what will happen is it'll be a new trio of characters. One does research into what happened and if there are others, where they get in contact with someone with experience with this. They go to meet them, and it's revealed the contact was Casey. She's been doing her own research, and has found rumors of other sites like the one that gave the others powers. This is the first concrete evidence of another site. Casey takes the new character to meet her husband, who turns out to be Matt, living under an assumed name. He talks about what he's been up to, and if the new character can convince the other two to come, he can help them learn how to control their powers.


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