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Twilight Sparkle vs. an early boss.
Twilight Wing is a fanmade My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic side-scrolling, horizontal Shoot 'Em Up made by the fairly notorious MLP fangame maker Futzi01, and released for PCs online in 2013.

The game's (very thin) plot follows Princess Twilight Sparkle, the player character, on her quest to find the Elements of Harmony, which have gone missing. Her journey will take her to locations ranging from Ponyville to the moon itself, and pit her against many old opponents (and one new, formidable threat) in epic sky-high duels of magic blasts. There are also swarms of, uh, some kinds of evil geometric shapes. Don't ask.

Somewhat unusually for a shooter, no power-ups drop from enemies (the only pickups in the game are full health restores before the bosses), however the enemies do occasionally drop bits which can be used to buy scrolls in a shop accessible between stages, teaching Princess Twilight a few new spells and upgrading her health. Boasting six stages, this game one of Futzi's longest creations. While it's still not particularly long to beat, it is not an easy game by any means, so if you want to take it on, be prepared for a challenge.

It has an (almost) entirely original soundtrack composed by Dynamite Grizzly, with a few songs borrowed from more notable brony musicians.

Twilight Wing contains examples of:

  • Climax Boss: Skyla. The fight even has its own own intro!
  • De-power: Princess Skyla hits you with a Power Nullifier beam prior to the second (hopeless) phase of her battle, reducing you to level 1 and stripping you of all your upgrades. Since by that point the battle is actually won, it doesn't really have any incidence on game play, but if you're playing the game for the first time it might make you go "HOLY SHIT!"
  • Excuse Plot: Typically for a shooter, the plot in this game is rather thin. There is no real explanation for why Trixie has the Alicorn Amulet again, or why destroyed enemies like Nightmare Moon are at it again. Or the real motivation of the final boss.
  • Gemstone Assault: King Sombra's signature attack is levitating sharp crystals from the ground at Twilight.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Princess Skyla. Why is she the final boss? What does she want with the Elements of Harmony? Who knows? She doesn't even get an introductory quote like the other bosses do.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: The second phase of the Princess Skyla battle. She unleashes absurd amounts of attacks at you and her health bar never goes down, no matter how much you shoot her. Thankfully, the other Elements of Harmony arrive to save the day.
  • Interface Screw: Discord has a move that inverts your controls to throw you off balance. Thankfully it does not last long.
  • Long Song, Short Scene: The Shop theme, a minute and a half long song for a place you'll only spend around ten seconds in.
    • "Back To Ego" qualifies as well. Unless you're really good at dodging, but terrible at shooting, you'll most likely beat Trixie before the piano even kicks in.
    • The map theme, "Globetrotter". There's only one cut scene in the game where you're on the map long enough to realize it's a remix of "Morning In Ponyville".
  • Mook Maker: Queen Chrysalis' special attack summons Changelings that also attack you.
  • Not Quite Dead: When you defeat Princess Skyla, she crashes down in flames... then comes right back for more. Thankfully, you get the Element of Magic from her anyways, allowing the six Elements to obliterate her.
  • Perverse Puppet: The final boss is a doll of Princess Skyla.
  • Pinball Projectile: One of the bullet types can ricochet off thin air, apparently: they go flying at Twilight once, then adjust their aim in midair and go flying at her again.
  • Sampling: "Emotion Eater" is mostly samples, a'la Hideki Naganuma
  • Projectile Spell: Trixie's signature attack involves shooting three beams aimed at Twilight, one after the other. Those beams remain onscreen for some time and deal damage to you if you remain in them.
  • Shock and Awe: Nightmare Moon's special attack involves black clouds that rain down lightning bolts.
  • Smart Bomb: A "Blast" ability can be bought for 10 bits. It slowly charges up overtime and clears the screen of all bullets (also dealing heavy damage to enemies) when used.
  • Spread Shot: One of the upgrades you can get.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: One of the upgrades for Twilight Sparkle, fittingly called "Explosion", makes her attack occasionally fire star-shaped bullets that explode upon contact with enemies. Also, some enemies start shooting blue explosive bullets starting from stage 3. Discord in particular is big on this. His special attack involves cotton-candy clouds that rain UP glasses of chocolate milk, which explode. That's how Discord rolls.
  • Recursive Ammo: A type of shot introduced in Stage 5 splits into three, four or six (depending on the firing enemy) smaller projectiles which go flying in all directions.