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When I was 14, I created my own RPG, and it was lost in time for ages until I went through my old laptop. And I saw some things in there. But, among those things, I found my own RPG. I haven't played through it since I made it, uh, which will be interesting. But, it was always my dream to get the people on the internet to see it. I don't think you guys will be able to play it, but, you're gonna be able to watch us play it. It's called the Mark of Oxin.
Phil, at the beginning of the first video.

The Mark of Oxin was a game made by Phil Lester on RPG Maker, and was showcased on Dan and Phil GAMES.

The story starts with Alex being called to see the King, who decides to test Alex by sending him to the training area to prove his worth as a true soldier. Along the way, he meets a girl named Emily, who accompanies him for the training area. Afterwards, the two get sent to Crystal, and weird things happen after that.

It's very clear this was made by a teenager as well, so all quoted typos are true to the game.


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You won a combat!


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