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Nightmare is a horror RPG made in RPG Maker.

The player controls a man, who finds himself stuck in a jail cell, before waking up from a nightmare and realizes he's in a hotel room. He begins wandering around, following a letter that calls him to Room 026 and attempts to get to the room. As he moves about the hotel, he encounters a strange little girl, whose mother died in a car accident recently, a man who committed suicide in a bathtub and finds himself being stalked by a ghost woman. Scattered across the hotel, he finds newspaper articles talking about a car accident that occured recently on Route 26. Could the things he sees have anything to do with the accident?


Nightmare contains examples of

  • Abandoned Hospital: The player character finds himself in one, after falling through a hole in the hotel's roof.
  • All Just a Dream: Several moments in the game are only nightmares and the player character is seen waking up repeatedly. The entire game is actually a Coma Fantasy, brought upon by the player character's guilt over having killed the woman from the car accident.
  • Arc Number: Twenty-Six. The room the player needs to find and enter is number 026, the route the accident took place on is called 26 and the channel the haunted TV needs to be turned to is also 26.
  • Hell Hotel: Majority of the game takes place in it, with the player needing to move between the 1st and 2nd Floor to advance to the Roof and Basement of the hotel.
  • Mercy Kill: The player character justifies his hitting the woman in the car accident with his hammer, to keep her from slowly dying in pain. It depends on the ending, how desperate the player character says this and how well the ghost lady agrees with him.
  • Multiple Endings: Depending on the items the player holds, the ending changes.
    • Bad Ending: Do not have the roomkey for 026 and the player character will be thrown into a run-away battle with the woman's ghost. While he manages to get her to leave him alone, he's still riddled with guilt over having killed her.
    • Good Ending: Have the roomkey and open the door for 026 and the player character will be able to talk calmly with the woman's ghost, who tells him that she doesn't blame him for what he did, nor that he should blame himself, since he spared her a horribly slow, painful death.

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