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Teenagent (26/2/1994) is a point and click Adventure Game developed by Metropolis Software and got released on MS-DOS and Amiga. It revolves around Mark Hopper who is a teen chosen as a secret agent by a Fortune Teller and the RGB to solve the mystery of anomalous bank robberies.

Teenagent provides examples of the following tropes:

  • The Chooser of the One: Downplayed. A Fortune Teller randomly picks Mark Hopper on a phonebook.
  • I Can't Reach It: You need an empty plastic bag. You find a plastic bag containing chunk of meat. You would think you could simply leave the meat anywhere on the floor, or toss it into a trashcan, but nope—not in adventure game land. You have to dump the meat into one specific place, a pot of soup that you are not going to use for anything else.
    • It's probably justified by the fact that you took it out of a freezer and the bag is frozen to the meat and you don't happen to possess any other means to defrost it.
  • Impossible Task Instantly Accomplished: Mark literally finds a needle in a haystack just by casually sticking his hand into it.
  • Kid Hero: Mark Hopper is a teen trying to find the criminal for the bank robberies.
  • Pixel Hunt: It requires you to dive into a lake and grab an anchor from its depths. Except the anchor is tiny and barely visible, there are no in-game hints that would suggest its existence, you only get to see it for a couple of seconds at a time (that is how long the character can dive,) and to pick it up you have to click on it right after you begin diving — otherwise the character will simply ignore your command. That, and also yet another bookshelf with only one usable book.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Mark Hopper mentions even Obelix has friends besides being fat.
    • Mark Hopper mentions he always liked Star Wars.
  • The Three Trials: First is to escape from a locked room, next is to learn the interrogation password, and third is hide-and-seek.