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Terminator Resistance is a First-Person Shooter in the Terminator franchise, set in the "Future War" scenario of the first two films. It was released in November 2019 and developed by Teyon, a Polish studio previously responsible for the Rambo The Video Game Rail Shooter. Even though the game was released in the same time period as the Terminator: Dark Fate film, it has no ties to that movie or its changes to the Terminator timeline.

Besides the usual first person shooter combat, the game has stealth elements, gathering and crafting, dialogue trees with NPCs, and the ability to hack enemy turrets.

Players take the role of Jacob Rivers, a Tech-Com soldier in the human Resistance against Skynet, the malevolent A.I. that destroyed human civilization during Judgement Day and is currently hell-bent on exterminating the remaining survivors of humanity with its army of Terminator Killer Robots.


Tropes found in Terminator Resistance:

  • Action Girl: Jennifer and Baron are two female members in the resistance. Baron in particular is the commander of your Resistance cell as well as a pretty hardcore Blood Knight.
  • Degraded Boss: While the T-850 infiltrator serves as a Climax Boss about 3/4ths of the way through the game, somewhat weaker versions of it will appear throughout the last few levels as a sort of Heavily Armored Mook variant of the regular Terminators.
  • The Dreaded: While you never encounter it in the game itself, the ending makes it clear just how dangerous the T-1000 is, with Connor remarking that no human soldier would have even a chance against it in combat.
  • Dual Wielding: The T-825Vs dual wield plasma rifles, just like the endoskeleton from the prologue of Terminator 2.
  • Elite Mooks: In the later levels Skynet will upgrade its T-800 army with tougher T-820 and T-825V variants, likely using knowledge from the future it acquired from the time-traveling T-850.
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  • The Heavy: While Skynet is as always the ultimate villain, the T-850 infiltrator from the future serves as the main antagonist of the game.
  • Immune to Bullets: T-800s are literally immune to bullets thanks to their hyperalloy chassis, so you're only able to evade them until you manage to get your hands on a plasma rifle.
  • Incredibly Durable Enemies: As you would expect, Terminators are very tough in a straight fight. You can forget about taking a T-800 down with an M16, and even with the phased plasma rifle it can take up to a full mag and a half to bring one down (though they become easier once you upgrade your plasma weaponry's damage stats). The T-850 is even tougher, being tremendously more durable than a T-800.
  • Kill It with Fire: T-808s are T-800 variants equipped with flamethrowers for burning out humans. You can blow them up by targeting the fuel tanks on their back.
  • Mauve Shirt: You can rescue a survivor named Laura in a side quest in the game's first area. She'll tag along with the rest of your group for the remainder of the game, but since her presence is optional she really doesn't play a part in anything that happens later, since the game has to play out the same whether or not you met her.
  • Mighty Glacier: T-800s slowly walk around in combat, but are armed with plasma rifles and can take quite a lot of hits before going down.
  • Mini-Mecha: The T-47, a non-humanoid Hunter-Killer walker variant that is something of an intermediate between a T-800 and the regular building-sized Hunter-Killer appears as a Giant Mook enemy type. They're as tall as a house, armed with dual miniguns and missile launchers, and can take several times as much damage as a basic T-800.
  • Multiple Endings: The game has a Fallout 1 style "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue recapping the fate of all the characters you meet during your journey. Your actions during the game can determine their fate.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • While the overall world and especially the night-time sequences are based on the "Future War" scenes from the first two films, the day-time sequences have a look and color palette that seems to be a nod to Terminator Salvation.
    • The game has the suicide-bomb Silverfish enemies from the old Terminator 2: The Arcade Game.
    • When the Stranger first saves you, he tells you "Listen to me if you want to live". This is a hint as to his true nature. Later in the game, he saves you by running over a Terminator with the same black truck driven by the T-1000 in Terminator 2.
    • The outfit worn by the T-850 is an In the Hood version of the punk outfit worn by the T-800 in the first Terminator film.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: In Terminator 3, the T-850 was so heavily outmatched by the T-X that you easily forgot the T-850 was actually designed to be considerably tougher than the older T-800s. Here, when you actually fight it, it really shows just how much of an upgrade it is over the normal T-800, when you're fighting it from the perspective of a normal human.
  • Romance Sidequest: Jacob can romance Jennifer and Baron during dialogue.
  • Set a Mook to Kill a Mook: Enemy turrets can be hacked to turn against Skynet forces. Your character lacks the expertise to do this to actual Terminators, however.
  • Shout-Out: At one point a character proclaims "He's a man, not a god!", a widely mocked piece of enemy chatter from the developer's previous game, Rambo: The Video Game.
  • Skelebot 9000: Due to being tasked with combat missions instead of infiltration, all the T-800 units encountered are endoskeletons.
  • Spider Tank: The Armored Spider is a combat unit rather similar to the T-7Ts from the Terminator Salvation video games.
  • Stable Time Loop: Averted. The Stranger's surprise at discovering Skynet's central core isn't where it's supposed to be shows that temporal events are still in flux. Also, at the end of the game you can straight up say Screw Destiny and decisively refuse to perpetuate the Stable Time Loop, even if it means some other soldier may have to sacrifice themselves in your place.
  • Super Prototype: The T-850 infiltrator is one sent from the future by Skynet, as a result it's tougher than an entire squad of T-800s and is fought as a Marathon Boss that's very tough even with an entire squad of Resistance fighters backing you up.
  • Terminator Twosome: It turns out that Skynet from the future sent a T-850 infiltrator Terminator back in time both to kill Rivers and to give its past self research data that could help it turn the tide of the war, while Connor sent future Rivers back in time to save his past self.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: The dialogue trees give you the opportunity to be a complete Jerkass to almost every character you meet.


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