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Ship of Heroes is an upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game based on comic-book style superheroes. As the name suggests, it's aiming to be a Spiritual Successor to City of Heroes, except IN SPACE!. While there will, therefore, be elements of Superheroes in Space, the Science Fiction elements are not immediately obvious.

It is set on a 20-mile long generation ship, the F.H.S. Justice, divided into 20 sections. Each section, approximately 1.25 miles in diameter, will be a playable area in the game, though some have been taken over by invasive alien species making them only suitable for higher-level players. The starting area is modelled as a small earth-based city, called Apotheosis City, featuring roads, buildings, parks and a fake sky to keep the inhabitants from feeling too home sick. This is where starting players will spend much of their time, and it's not until they brave the sub-deck areas that the machinery and technology surrounding them becomes obvious. Or until they look out one of the massive windows set in the ship's outer hull...

It had its first alpha March 2018, with further stress tests until the end of the year. The beta is planned for 2019.

    Character Design 
Like City of Heroes, players can pick from one of several archetypes, similar to classes but somewhat broader in scope. Within each archetype there will be several primary and secondary powersets, allowing a range of gameplay styles, which can then be further tailored by adding augments to each power.

The archetypes planned for launch are:

  • Devestator: High-damage ranged and high-damage melee attacks, but few defenses
  • Defender: Primarily powers aiding (buff) allies or weakening (debuff) foes, backed up by medium-damage ranged attacks which will generally hit harder than expected because of the aforementioned buffs and debuffs.
  • Brawler: Medium-defense, high-damage melee
  • Tanker: High-defense, low-damage ranged and melee and great "aggro management" capabilities to protect allies

The archetypes planned for later are:

  • Controller: Primarily powers that hold, disorient or otherwise control opponents, backed up by buffs/debuffs
  • Commander: Command minions or "pets" and back them up with buffs/debuffs

This game provides examples of: