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Video Game / Shattered Planet

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Explore a new world, and die trying. Then do it all over again.

Shattered Planet is a roguelike created by Kitfox Games and released in 2014. Available for iOS, Android, PC, and on Steam. In it you play as a Clone who is beamed down to the shattered remains of Earth, finding and cataloging new stuff, and then dying in the process. Luckily, an alien Gekko scientist is able to re-create the clone, allowing the player to repeat the process. Overly humorous in tone.

The game contains the following trope examples:

  • All There in the Manual: The website gives a bit of backstory, which serves largely as the Excuse Plot.
    In 10,000 A.D., throughout their space colonies, humans have finally encountered a disease they cannot cure. The Blight consumes all light and life it contacts, and the only hope for humanity lies back on the abandoned homeworld, the remains of shattered Earth. A faint signal seems to push back the Blight — you must find its source!
  • Apocalypse How: The details have yet to be revealed, but definitely on a Planetary Scale.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Your contact hopes that you aren't surrounded by that dreadful oxygen.
  • Bland-Name Product: Red Cow Strength drink.
  • Buffy Speak: "Doing"
  • The Corruption: The Blight which spreads as time goes by. It turns discovered squares dark, causes native life to become hostile, and breeds dangerous monsters. It can also damage the player.
    • Some of the weapons or discoveries can cause Blight damage, essentially weaponizing the Corruption.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: You will die, but how you are replaced has yet to be revealed.
  • Death World: If the dangerous life isn't going to get you, there's also the spreading Blight.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: One of the modes is exploring one of these, filled with killer robots and sentry turrets.
  • Fog of War: The map is partially obscured by black and transparency.
  • For Science!: A tagline of the game, basically a blanket explanation for every mission.
  • Joke Item: The "Rolled-Up Newspaper" weapon.
  • Not a Mask: Some of the featured aliens have faces that look remarkably like masks, but as explained, it is fully integrated physiology.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When something you can strike is in the Fog of War, it is indicated by a pair of red eyes. Often subverted however, in that these are frequently resource nodes as well as enemies.
  • Shattered World: The titular Planet, each level is supposed to be a floating piece of the planet. How each piece could sustain an atmosphere, let alone develop life, is a bit of a mystery.
  • Shout-Out: A good number of the collectibles (Weapons, helmets, and events) are references to various other sci-fi media.
  • Stalked by the Bell: Your clone has a mild infection by the Blight. It won't hurt you by itself, but it infests your starting tile whenever you enter a new level and quickly starts spreading, soon turning everything it touches into damaging monster generators, eventually covering the entire level...but you can defy this if you have a shovel, since there's only one path from any given starting area to the rest of the floor-destroying it before the Blight spreads quarantines it and all the monsters it generates, allowing you an effectively unlimited time.
  • Warfare Regression: Axes and swords are the main weaponry of the game. There are a few, Too Awesome to Use guns however. The flavor text for the "Missile" item states that it's an Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age.