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Video Game / Jackie Chan: The Kung-Fu Master

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In case you are looking for the actor sometimes referred as "Kung-Fu Master", go here.

"While most companies who resorted to the tired Mortal Kombat template of gore and brutality, Kaneko actually put a great deal of work into this game to balance it out and actually assure that there is some value in playing it, and they also make very good use of Jackie himself creating 3 different versions of him based on fan favorite characters of his movie past. Too bad he's an absolute a-hole throughout the game though. As you fight him, you'll lose and lose and lose and lose, and after each fight he'll laugh his ass off and mock you while speaking Engrish."

Jackie Chan: The Kung-Fu Master is a fighting game created by Kaneko (the same company that created Blood Warrior) in 1995, and weirdly enough, tried to follow the steps of Mortal Kombat. That's right, it's a gory Fighting Game with digitized sprites that includes Jackie Chan!

How did they manage to release this without destroying Jackie Chan's image? There is blood and gore as long as Jackie Chan is not in battle.

Despite the game's unusual premise, it's surprisingly good. With a roster of six characters and three unusable Purposely Overpowered versions of Jackie Chan, good music, good graphics and smooth gameplay, it's one of the best Mortal Kombat imitators out there.

The game received a Updated Re-release called Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire, which saw changes to the game's engine, the 3 aforementioned versions of Jackie Chan made playable, and palette swaps for some of the returning cast otherwise.


This game is very obscure because it was No Export for You, and the Copy Protection was so well done that people were unable to emulate until late 2008.note 

This game provides examples of:

  • As Himself: The entire cast besides Lau (who's actor is unknown) and Mysterious Lion (who is played by Sam Wong.)
  • A Winner Is You: All you get for finishing the game is the credits, some images of Jackie Chan on some sort of film set, and congratulations from the dragon himself.
  • Bloodless Carnage - If Jackie Chan is present in any given fight.
  • Copy Protection - The game's rom was dumped in 2000, but it took 8 years to understand how to break the copyright protection of it.
  • Gorn - A given for a Mortal Kombat clone.
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  • Final Boss: The below mentioned evil versions of every character also serves as the character you selected's final boss.
  • Finishing Move: There aren't any dedicated ones, but certain special moves will finish foes off ala Mortal Kombat X 's Brutalities. Jackie has these too, but naturally none of his are graphically violent.
  • Graceful Loser: When defeated, Jackie Chan stands up and congratulates his opponent.
  • Palette Swap - Three characters in the Updated Re-release get palette swaps, allegedly due to dying in the first game and returning as Jiangshi. Every character also has a hidden evil version of them that can juggle longer than their normal counter part, but is otherwise simply a palette swap as well.
  • Purposely Overpowered - The three versions of Jackie Chan are this, in theory. In practice, particularly when balanced a bit more in the Updated Re-release, they're not nearly as bad as one of the stronger normal characters in the game.
  • SNK Boss - Jackie Chan himself. Demon Thorston is also extremely powerful.

Alternative Title(s): Jackie Chan In Fists Of Fire


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