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Imagine the World War II of Battlefield 1942, taken Up to Eleven. Then you get Forgotten Hope.

Basically, Forgotten Hope is a 2006 mod for Battlefield 1942 with emphasis on realism and historical accuracy. Adding dozens of new factions, weapons and vehicles, with maps in numerous theaters with infantry, armor, naval and air (or all four) combat. Unsurprisingly, it became popular. A sequel for Battlefield 2, Forgotten Hope 2, was released, and awarded the 2010 "Mod of the Year" from ModDB. The second game has an emphasis on infantry and armor combat with air support, completely eliminating naval battles.

Development of the original mod has ceased, although the sequel is still being updated.

The factions for the original Forgotten Hope are:

The sequel, Forgotten Hope 2, features the following factions:

Provides Examples Of:

  • Acceptable Break from Reality: Averted mostly with some exceptions, as a result of engine limitations or just to be fair.
  • Alternate History: It is possible for a faction to win a battle they lost in real life, which would have potentially major consequences.
  • Anti-Air: In several maps, there are stationary anti-aircraft mounts in bases, and in capped objectives. There are also vehicles with anti-air mounts that can be driven to the front for support, with the downside of being extremely vulnerable to tanks and infantry.
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  • Bayonet Ya: In the vanilla game, several weapons had bayonets permanently attached that did nothing practical. In the sequel, several rifles can be fitted with bayonets, but they cannot be fired with them attached.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Averted, even with weapons.
  • Bullet Sparks: Played straight with metal surfaces, but averted with other surfaces.
  • Cool Guns
  • Easter Egg: Sniper rifles cannot be chosen as a spawn kit, but must be found and picked up. The same with flamethrowers and deployable machine guns. Some engineer kits with ammunition instead of explosives can be found (the American one substitutes the Garand for the M1917 Enfield).
  • Elites Are More Glamorous: Several maps have US Rangers and Paratroopers, German Fallschirmjäger and New Zealand Long Range Desert Group commandos.
  • Friend or Foe: Happens plentifully.
  • Game Mod: Is one of course, but it actually has quite a few itself, such as Forgotten Hope Realism Mod, Norwegian Resistance and Hungarian Front.
  • Gun Porn: An exceptional amount of WW2 guns are available.
  • Improvised Weapon: Anti-Air guns can be used against infantry, as can anti-tank guns that can load high-explosive rounds. In some scenarios, German players can use entrenching tools as melee weapons.
  • Kill It with Fire: Each game has a token flamethrower (the Flammenwerfer 41 for the Germans in vanilla, and the M1A1 Flamethrower for the Americans in the sequel). These are rare, run out of fuel quickly, are extremely vulnerable at long range and tend to backfire on the player and his teammates.
  • More Dakka: It is possible to "deploy" medium and heavy machine guns at the front of battle.
  • Precision F-Strike: In Forgotten Hope 2, the Australian faction has a habit of dropping the F-bomb when the enemy appears to be losing.
  • Rare Guns: Special mention to the Polish faction, which have numerous weapons you probably haven't heard of until the game, including Mors, a prototype submachine gun (only 52 were produced before the outbreak of WWII).
  • Shown Their Work
  • Selective Historical Armoury: Averted, with proper weapons for proper classes.
  • Urban Warfare: The original has Arnhem, Stalingrad (there are three Stalingrad maps, Battle of Stalingrad, Stalingrad and Pavlov's House), Berlin, etc. Forgotten Hope 2 includes Sfakia, Tunis, Port-en-Bessin, Brest, Vossenack, Eppeldorf, St. Vith and Bastogne. And Ramelle-Neuville.


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