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Ok, Let's see.....

I'm a girl from the US. I prefer to be called "Star" in most cases, as opposed to "Stargirl", but I have gotten confused when there are other tropers with similar names to mine. Most of my business on this wiki is Forum based- You'll probably see me posting in the RP section, or lurking the Anime and Video Games sections. I'm known as StarSketch or Stargazing Sketcher on many other sites.


Speaking of Roleplaying, I'm active in the following:

Tropes Associated With me:

  • Verbal Tic: I tend to write Visible Silence in chatrooms, and in normal forum posts, especially if I'm not used to where I'm posting. I'm also pretty shy, so it fits. It's gotten to the point where anytime a drinking game is made for something I'm involved in, there will most likely be an entry that says "Take a shot whenever Star goes '....' or some version of o_o"
  • Vaporware: I have a tendency to plan projects then not do anything for them.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: I tend to do this by accident, especially with Said Bookisms and characters' names.


Hello. This page is in desperate need of vandalism as such I have taken my proverbial sharpie to it. - Regards, Faux

SCIENCE! -Hydrall

Hi, Star! How are you doing? "..."ing as usual, I trust? - Rex


Star light, star bright, how are you doing on this wonderful night? :) - X2X

Oh, it's you. -the So Much for Subtlety


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