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"What's red and silly? A blood clot" - Stephen Fry "Grab your left nut, make your right one jealous!" - Eminem

Hello fellow tropers!

I am a filmmaker/annoying piece of whatever/TV producer with a capital "I actually do a lot of shit, but my main focus is filmmaking and second focus TV shows". I have many names, but my friends and family call me "Kathleen", my future-fans call me "KTE", my cast and crews call me "KT", and everyone else calls me "Get away from me, you sick fuck".


Yes, filmmaking. I am currently in pre-production on my first film Eccentria (I'll make a trope page when in production), and I am also working on a web series called Holmes, based on the popular Sherlock Holmes series.

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Note: Not one of these has been made yet, there are many more to add, and I will make trope pages when in production.
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