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I just want it on record that this was against my better judgment.
Hourai Rabbit

Official records state that Hourai Rabbit one day escaped from a mental asylum in Kamchatka and has been tasked with using his supernatural powers to guide the world in a direction more befitting his mysterious patron. However, a dedicated team of space monkey private investigators were able to uncover evidence suggesting that he may have once tried to be a lawyer and has now enlisted in the US Army. Reports have placed him all around TV Tropes gently removing the odd spelling errors that are an inevitable byproduct of being human. He is known to have a laconic outlook on life and dislike only two things — contempt and incivility.

Many of his contributions were to the Visual Novel genre, in particular H-Games, which he had an odd and inexplicable fondness for, being something of a Guilty Pleasure. However the content ban and implementation of the P5 Council has eliminated most of his work on the basis that it is unwholesome and contrary to TV Tropes policy following a complaint by sponsors. Hourai Rabbit reportedly denies any wrongdoing and insists that all of his edits were within the guidelines as they existed before the ban. A source within his inner circle indicated that he will not contest the decision, he fully understands why it was taken, and that he holds no ill-will towards the wiki administration.

Hourai Rabbit currently maintains an infrequently-updated blog that discusses pop culture, politics, and the military, known only as The Life and Times of Rabbit.

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  • Conquering the Queen
  • Beat Blades Haruka (Contributed)
  • Daibanchou - Big Bang Age
  • Daiteikoku
  • The Sagara Family
  • Sengoku Rance (Now redirects to the Alicesoft article)
  • Yume Miru Kusuri ~ A Drug That Makes You Dream