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In case you're wondering, the name isn't a reference to Burai or Tommy specifically; I'm just a fan of dragons and Power Rangers in general. And "Ranger" sounds cool anyway.

Note that there's also a troper named Dragon_Ranger (with an underscore); I don't know which one of us was first, but please don't confuse us.

Main interests - and where I'm most likely to make edits - include:

Launched the following pages (the earliest ones while anonymous, before I registered):

and I've done a lot of work on the Power Rangers pages.

Pet Peeves:

  • Renaming a Sixth Ranger example as "Fourth Ranger", "Seventh Ranger", etc. The trope means "an addition to the group"; it doesn't matter what actual number the person is.
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  • Listing a character's Five-Man Band position as the Kid-Appeal Character. It's not related to a role in a group, it's about the character's (intended) relation to the audience.