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Apocalypsering is a 21-year-old male college student, studying Gaming and Simulation Arts as well as Business Management (and majoring in both of those) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is an avid reader and writer of fiction and fanfiction, though just for fun, and a perpetual winner of Na No Wri Mo. He loves video games and anime, mostly sticking to stories that have very strong, complicated plots (especially Thirty Xanatos Pileup ) and lots of character development. As a game student he recognizes the inherent problems with having too high of a cutscene to gameplay ratio, but tends to enjoy games that have them just as much as any other game.


After considerable debate with himself, he feels that he meets SPOON's criteria more than any other wiki organization, so he'll be among their number from here on out.

Created Pages: Enjuhneer

Apocalypsering can be contacted by:

  • email: (best option)
  • AIM: Apocalypsering
  • Steam: Yotsuba / Apocalypsering / A_Fish_in_a_Barrel
  • Scype: Apocalypsering

His favorite games include Team Fortress 2, Tales Of Symphonia, Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, and the original three Spyro The Dragon games.

His favorite anime include xxxHolic, Eureka Seven, Full Metal Alchemist, Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost In The Shell, Noir, Excel Saga, and Mai HiME.

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