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Hi! I'm a Scottish-Swedish-Japanese chick who is a complete nerd and stumbled upon this site by accident. I've rapidly become addicted and now pepper my daily conversation with tropes. Oh well. Used to be religious but am now atheist. I love to draw and to write, am becoming very interested in cars, and hopefully within the next century will be a published author. Wish me luck...

My current project is a High-ish Fantasy story entitled Dawn of Night, involving elves, humans, vampires, dragons, vampire dragons, three extremely catty goddesses, and a plot to destroy the sun. We'll see how it goes.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and managed to get a job at a courthouse. So that was a decent turn of events. Someday, I may go to law school, but there are lots of other things I can do first.

Tropes that describe me!

The things I enjoy/obsess over/am interested in include but are not limited to (this is a very incomplete list because I can never keep track of everything I like in my head):

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    Live Action TV 

    Manga and Anime 



    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

The Vandalism Corner. Feel free to babble.

  • Hi! It's Polarity! Nice to see a Jehovas' witness here too (and one that isn't a Moral guardian to boot!)

  • It'sa me! Lanyard!

  • I liked your blog, gal! And it's always nice to see a fellow Virginian! - cutewithoutthe

  • Your story sounds interesting, I hope it gets published so I can read it. Enemy Mayan

  • Is this a capital I or a lower-case l? RL Nice
    • That would be a capital I. In my name, it's a lowercase l (how would you pronounce it if it were a capital I? Acce-ay-a?)
    • You have Spider-Man listed twice under your interests section. RL Nice

  • Asian, Swedish and Scottish? At the same time? Wow. That's quite improbable, I must admit. And pretty cool. Hi! That One Guy Named X

  • Putting Covert Pervert on your page is not exactly covert. Just saying. Dryunya
    • It is when people in real life have no idea.

  • Hi there, I'm just posting on your page... ApplesGalore

  • Vandalizing and greeting yet another fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! Favorite pony of the mane 6 outta curiosity? NES
    • Our glorious purple nerdy overlord Twilight Sparkle.

  • Just saying hello. I must note it is interesting to meet another troper of partial Asian and Scottish descent. (Though in my case I'm part Chinese instead of Japanese.) rmctagg09

  • It's fun talking to you in the Nunnery. —Indigo12ash

  • I'm vandalizing your page with Ghost People repellent. —sirboulevard

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