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Harmonix, or Harmonix Music Systems in full, is a video game developer in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As the name might imply, they work primarily on the Rhythm Game genre. The main reason behind this is because many, if not most of their developers, are passionate about music, and even have side projects related to their bands, such as Freezepop, That Handsome Devil, and Bang Camaro. This is why many games feature their music.

The company was founded in 1995, but it wasn't until 2001 that their first game, Frequency, was released. They are perhaps most well known for starting the Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central franchises.

In 2006, the company was acquired by Viacom through MTV's short-lived gaming division. After declining sales due to over-saturation of both the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises and the impact of the Great Recession, Viacom sold Harmonix to it's stock holders by the end of 2010 after they marked the unit as a discontinued operation to write off a $299 million loss for its 2010 third-quarter earnings statement. As a result, Harmonix now operates as an independent game developer.


Games and franchises developed by Harmonix:

  • Frequency
    • Amplitude and its remake
  • Karaoke Revolution
  • EyeToy: AntiGrav: note 
  • Guitar Hero
    • Guitar Hero II
    • Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
  • Rock Band
    • Rock Band 2
    • The Beatles: Rock Band
    • LEGO Rock Band
    • Green Day: Rock Band
    • Rock Band 3
    • Rock Band Blitz
    • Rock Band 4
  • Dance Central
    • Dance Central 2
    • Dance Central 3
    • Dance Central Spotlight
  • Fantasia: Music Evolved
  • Chroma
  • A City Sleeps
  • Super Beat Sports
  • Dropmix


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