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Trivia / Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?

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  • Executive Meddling: Robot's much-loved Apple Speak voice was replaced by Bobby Block in later episodes and dubbed into others because Cartoon Network felt the former "wasn't Hollywood enough."
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: All 13 episodes were available on Cartoon Network Video back in 2008, but they since got taken down and will probably never make an appearance again (the episodes didn't even appear when Cartoon Network was celebrating its 20th birthday and they put all of its classic shows on their website. Even Time Squad — another early 2000s Cartoon Cartoon that had a robot and was Screwed by the Network for little to no reason — aired episode clips during that time) unless the channel feel generous and puts it on its retro channel (Boomerang) in a few years. The fact that Cartoon Network hasn't aired the series at all since The Cartoon Cartoon Show and Top 5 were cancelled in 2008 doesn't help matters either.
    • And if you have the episodes where Robot actually HAS a robot voice, for the love of whatever deity you may or may not believe in, do NOT. get rid of them!
  • The Other Darrin: Robot's synthesized Macintosh voice was eventually replaced by human actor Bobby Block. What's worse was the fact that the season one episodes with the synthesized voice of Robot Jones were redubbed with Bobby Block's performance.
    • In the Pilot, the bus driver, Mr. McMcMc the math teacher, and Princpal Madman were voiced by Maurice LaMarche, but in the actual series Mr. McMcMc is voiced by Rip Taylor and the bus driver and Principal Madman were both voiced by Jeff Bennett.
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: In 2019, Turner/Warner Bros. began to globally block episodes of the series on YouTube. In fact, Turner don’t only block full episodes, they globally block anything related to this series, even if the said videos don’t contain any episode footage or even images for that matter, and if the video falls under fair use. So much for the show's title being appropriate nowadays!
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Until Word of God said otherwise, it was commonly believed that Robot's Apple Speak voice was replaced by Bobby Block because the voice was used without Apple's permission, and they threatened to sue Cartoon Network.
  • What Could Have Been: Ever wonder why Principal Madman resembles Adolf Hitler? Turns out according to Greg Miller, Principal Madman was created with the intent of being voiced by Les Lye from You Can't Do That on Television as he played a teacher named "Mr. Schidtler" who also happens to resemble Hitler. However it couldn't be done since Les Lye passed on the role because he resided in Canada.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Whatever Happned To Robot Jones? Wiki. Notice the Tyop on the Cover.
  • Word of God: Greg Miller has stated that he envisioned the series ending with Robot Jones rallying an army of robots into annihilating the human race and that such a scenario would still be the canon ending if the show wasn't canceled.


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