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It wasn't as packed with it as Time Squad was (which also aired at the same time as Robot Jones and got canceled in 2003), but it had its fair share of dubious moments.

  • "Scantron Love":
    • The way the episode plays out mirrors a husband (Robot) cheating on his wife (the Scantron).
    • Robot Jones getting out his "downloading cable".
  • The episode "Growth Spurts" had a banner in the school gym that said, "Kick Ass". In the episodes where Robot Jones' voice was computer-generated, it wasn't cut. On the episodes where Robot Jones' voice is provided by a kid and altered to make it sound robotic, the "Ass" in "Kick Ass" was digitally removed.
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  • The gym teacher's line in "P.U. to P.E." after Robot Jones leaves the locker room without taking a shower: "For your own good, I am going to get you wet, Jones. One way or the other."
  • The school's name is Polyneux Middle School, the initials being P.M.S.
  • "Vacuum Friend": During the montage of Robot Jones hanging with Dust Buddy the vacuum, Robot Jones gets caught passing a note to Dust Buddy by a female teacher. Dust Buddy sucks the teacher's dress clear off her body. Nothing was shown, though there was a hint of bra strap when the teacher yells, "ROBOT JONES!" and points to the detention room.
  • In "Family Vacation", Gramps Unit at one point is seen doing what can only be described as having intimate relations with an ice machine. Robot's friend Socks cheering him on doesn't help matters.
  • "Hair" has Robot's friends snickering about how puberty involves hair growing "everywhere" and Robot later confirms this when he spies on the boy Shannon is attracted to in the shower.
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  • "Hookie 101" has Principal Madman spy on Mrs Jones while she's changing her oil. Mr Jones hunts him down afterwards for being a "peeping tom".
  • "School Newspaper" has Robot photograph Principal Madman taking out his frustrations on a vending machine. The fabricated story to go with the picture makes it seem like Madman was having an affair with the vending machine.
  • This particular line from "Rules of Dating":
  • The fact that Principal Madman looks EXACTLY like Adolf Hitler. If Lupin the 3rd couldn't get away with that in the Adult Swim banned episode "To Be or Nazi Be", then Principal Madman sure got away with that... it does not help that his hatred of technology and robots mirrors that of Hitler's hatred of the Jewish and other minorities.
    • Turns out the reason why Principal Madman resembles Hitler is because according to Greg Miller, Principal Madman was created with the intent of being voiced by Les Lye from You Can't Do That on Television as he has played a teacher named "Mr. Schidtler" who also happens to resemble Hitler. However it couldn't be done since Les Lye lived in Canada.


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