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Funny / Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?

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  • The episode "The Groovesicle", which has Robot Jones and his friend Socks watch a music video of a band called The Lavender Fudge Experience singing a song called "The Nudist and Mr. Pendleton", with the nudist being a jovial man in a bowler hat with an umbrella and Mr. Pendleton being a dog trying to cover up the nudist's nudity.
  • "Vacuum Friend"
    • Robot Jones thinks over Gramps Unit's claims that humans and robots do not mix and ponders whether his beliefs are true. Some dust and bolts then burst out of Gramps Unit, which causes Robot to remark "Or maybe he's just a rusty old bucket of bolts".
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    • A nerdy kid laughs at Robot only for a pair of birds to peck at him and carry him away.
  • "Cube Wars"
    • Cubey worries about what he'll be called if he fails to solve Robot's jumbled up face. He imagines Mitch calling him "Gooby", another kid calling him "Ooby", and Shannon calling him "Stupid idiot loser".
    • While Cubey is still trying to unscramble his head, Robot dreams that his Wonder Cube turns into a Captain Ersatz of Rubik, the Amazing Cube, voiced by none other than Tom Kenny.
    • Even if the ending is kind of mean-spirited, it's hilarious when the host of That's Amazing mangles the pronunciation of the Yogman Twins' surname.
  • Principal Madman thinking he's become a robot after Robot Jones sneezed on him in "Sickness".
  • "Parents"
    • While trying to teach his parents to interact with humans properly, Robot Jones first tries to get Dad Unit to greet a dummy of a human. Dad Unit tears the dummy's head off, causing Robot to facepalm.
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    • Robot stating at the very end of the episode that he is grateful his pajamas do not have feet in them.
  • "Politics"
    • At the field trip to the hall of Presidents, Robot Jones sees the President animatronics and comes to the conclusion that all the Presidents were robots.
    • Robot Jones saying that he has nerves of steel, then saying he really does.
    • The ending, where Robot Jones puts on a fake head of Principal Madman and assigns three years detention to the new class president and Mr. McMcMc while saying "Grrr", "Growl" and "Grumble" repeatedly.


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