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  • Acting for Two: Adam Rosner, the creator of the series, and actor for Noah Maxwell, plays Milo Asher/ Mr. Scars in Milo's Tape, due to Milo's original actor leaving very early in the series.
  • Ad Lib: Almost the entirety of Severance was a huge improvised scene between Noah Maxwell and HABIT. Which is pretty awesome given what happened and what was explained during the video.
    • Noah and Kevin's interactions while playing through the first Resident Evil during Facade were ad-libbed by both Adam Rosner and Rikki Dorian Audax.
  • All There in the Script: According to Word of God, the name of Slender Man's Giant Spider form is Mongo. There is no info of this in the series proper, other than an offhand mention of it from Sisyphus!Noah during a livestream (which is unlisted).
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  • California Doubling: With the exception of the areas where Noah first teleports into HABIT’s realm and where he confronts both him and Jeff on the bridge, most of Bridge to Nowhere was shot at where the creator was living on campus at the University of Miami, Florida, despite the realm being located near Rutgers University, New Jersey.
  • Creator Backlash: Adam has expressed his disdain for the early "Submission" entries, due to the poor acting from both himself and Milo's actor, and relying on the Operator Symbol for creepiness factor rather than the self-made Severance symbol the series would become known for.
    • Word of God also states that he regrets making Secret Parent Interview, due to his family's lack of experience in acting.
    • Another part of the series that Adam heavily regrets making is the Thanksgiving episodes. Due to difficulties working with Sarah's actress, both halves of the video were an absolute nightmare to film, and it ultimately ended with Adam heavily downplaying the ARG aspect of the series for the rest of Season 1, and wouldn't bring back meaningful fan interaction until SCRINIARII.
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  • Creator Cameo: Dylan Sindelar, one of ML Andersen 0's creators, voices the father of a girl who sees Slender Man on the plane during Northern Trip Footage.
  • He Also Did: Series creator Adam Rosner is also the VFX artist of the horror comedy movie Lillith, which he worked on alongside several well-known Slenderverse creators including Stan Frederick creator Evan Santiago, the Everyman HYBRID boys, the Dark Harvest crew, and Lee Esposito of Whispered Faith fame.
  • Long-Runners: Of all the other Slender Man webseries out there, TribeTwelve is possibly one of, if not the longest running of them all. To put in perspective: Marble Hornets started in 2009, and ended in 2014. Everyman HYBRID started in 2010, and ended at the beginning of 2019. That leaves this series as the only one of the "big three" Slender Man projects that is still ongoing since 2010.
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  • Name's the Same: Contrary to popular belief, "The Firebrand" from Everyman HYBRID does not refer to the Firebrand of this series. That title belongs to Evan.
  • Real-Life Relative: Karl Maxwell's actor is Adam's real-life grandfather whose mothertongue is German. Noah's parents, seen in Secret Parent Interview, are also his actual parents.
  • Red Skies Crossover: During his childhood, Milo Asher and his mother frequently came into contact with the Order, the secondary antagonists of Dark Harvest. That being said, Milo ends up committing suicide long before Chris and Alex created their YouTube channel, and Noah's brief stint with them only lasted one episode. Word of God confirms that any lore that Milo's journal reveals about the Order lines up with both Dark Harvest and this series.
  • Special Effects Failure: Has had quite a few of these in certain episodes.
    • The picture of Milo Asher's corpse that the Observer leaks onto Twitter looks less like a suicide and more like Milo had just fallen asleep. The photo itself is also has a terribly photoshopped shadow to make it look like he's lying on the floor, when he really isn't.
    • An audible version of this trope occurs in The Order. It's pretty easy to hear that the "Observer's" laughter that plays as Noah is running from the aforementioned Order is clearly a woman laughing, especially once Pitfall was released.
    • The Live Stream Incident. Averted with the video mind you, but the livestream itself had a lot of errors. It was only recorded for 30 seconds, and while INTERCEPTION was broadcasted, only the audio from the video was present.
    • DEATHTRAPEXODUS has a scene where a nervous Kevin Haas is shown looking around a forest while Firebrand tells Noah he must kill Kevin in order to save him from the Observer's grasp. Due to a rendering error however, the text that says this is incredibly hard to see, leaving it frequently overlooked for first viewers.
    • During Crawlspace, Slender Man is shown to have white pants with a black jacket, due to the camera's infrared vision seeing the the jacket and pants as two different materials. Word of God states that he discovered the error too late in production and didn't have time to fix it, so he just kept it as is.
    • In Pitfall, the scenes where Noah supposedly keeps looping back to the observation tower are less than stellar due to the very noticeable jump cuts ruining the effect.
    • It's quite obvious that the news reporters in Facade aren't actually real, as the dialogue for the anchor, witness, and the field reporter doesn't come anywhere close to matching up to the mouth movements of the respective people.
  • A few episodes in the Fortunes arc have sections where once can tell that Noah's dialogue was recorded in post, due to a slight room reverb following what he's saying, which shouldn't be possible in an outdoor setting.
  • Staff-Created Fan Work: Adam Rosner, creator and star of Tribe Twelve, also made There's A Monster In My Closet, which parodies his own series and other similar web-series, right down to Tribe Twelve's protagonist, Noah Maxwell.
  • Stock Footage: One of the scenes from the news sequence is the same footage filmed for Milo's Funeral reused.
  • The Other Darrin: Mary Asher's character is actually portrayed by three different people all at once. Her voice comes from Marissa of the Tulpa Effect webseries, her body appearance in Milo's Tape is that of the creator's mother, and her picture in the Obituary newspaper is actually a mugshot of the late Mindy McCready.
  • The Wiki Rule: Located here.
  • Throw It In!: During Noah's interrupted livestream, he calls himself "Adam" (the creator's real name). When people in the stream notice, he explains that he's been calling the cops about disturbances so much he's had to start using fake names to get them to respond. Also, according to Word of God in the Media Meltdown video, the knocking itself is unscripted: a friend who lived nearby was watching the livestream and decided to play a practical joke.
    • Apparently Rikki Audax just decided that he wanted to smoke during the filming of DEATHTRAPEXODUS, which was kept in the video.
    • The random group of people that appear in Rendezvous weren't scripted, they merely showed up during filming. The creator decided to make the best out of this by making Noah film some sentient mangroves before they suddenly appeared.
      • Similarly, the Observer's appearance at a bench near the water was completely unintentional, but fit in so well that the creator decided to include it.
  • Troubled Production: As explained on Adam Rosner's Tumblr page here, we're not likely to see anything more than pre-recorded appearances of Milo anymore, thanks to a combination of his actor (Kyle Malo) being in retrospect a poor actor, always criticizing the series rather unfairly and then ultimately just severed ties with Adam over what amounts to nothing, far as we can tell.
  • What Could Have Been: Many scenes in the series were either scaled up or scrapped altogether over the course of it's lifetime. Some examples include:
    • Bridge to Nowhere was originally going to be a very short video, with Noah simply finding the bridge he encounters HABIT on the moment he teleports from the bathroom into the old building. The creator was ultimately unsatisfied with this, and decided to add in the scenes where Firebrand texts Noah and where Noah explores the areas within HABIT’s spirit world.
    • There were originally going to be scenes filmed that expanded upon Milo’s early life, but unfortunately couldn’t happen due to Kyle Malo leaving the project and refusing to return. Instead, these scenes were touched upon in Milo's journal.
    • Sisyphus!Noah was originally going to host his 2017 Veteran's Day livestream at the Boardwalk, but instead does it in the laundry room in his house. Word of God says this was due to the lighting at the Boardwalk being unfavorable for "the dark times" during the day, and that the bugs would make it impossible to film at night.
    • Noah was initially going to meet his Rendezvous future self at a picnic table in front of the Nature Trail tower (as shown here and here), but the scene ultimately proved to be impossible to film due to poor lighting conditions, and because of damage to the area caused by Hurricane Irma.
    • The scene where Noah leaves his cloth wrapping on a tree and replaces it with a band-aid Firebrand give him was initially going to be in Facade, but was moved up after the creator forgot to wrap his hand during the meeting with Future Noah.
    • Noah was initially going to drop Rendezvous on the same day Vincent of Everyman HYBRID uploaded Finding Fairmount, but the creator ultimately held back so that he could polish off some things.
    • An entire video arc that the creator made up during his college years ended up getting shelved due to the arc being mostly filler content.
    • The series was initially going to be finished sometime during 2018, but had to be put off due to the creator attending medical school for most of the year.
  • Word of God: Lots of this in these interviews Media Meltdown Interview and (See descriptions for why the other interview is unavailable for now).
    • The 11/11/12 livestream was supposed to play the INTERCEPTION video at 11:15PM, but due to technical difficulties that didn't happen. The video was then supposed to play when Noah was off-camera, but due to an error on the Livestream's side only the audio of the video played. Word of God has declared he'll use a different Livestream host from now on).

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