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  • So, Noah have this feeling that your house won't be safe on his birthday, so what does he do? He goes to the hotel and check out the exact same room he was attacked just a week before. This seems like the worse idea I've ever heard of. He'd be safer at home!
    • Not really, since he's also been attacked at home too, not to mention all the devices and packages left around his house, and the Slender-sightings in and around it. With the hotel room there is only one entrance, it's essentially just one room, so there's less places for someone to hide. Sure it's useless against Slenderman, but then again with him nowhere is safe; not your house, not a hotel room, not a sealed airplane.
      • Still, there must of been a safer idea then going where you were just attacked. As long as it wasn't the boardwalk or the woods, he'd be better off.
      • Where though? He knew the hotel room, he didn't have a lot of money, and he was freaked out of his mind. He just wanted to get somewhere away from home, and didn't know where else to go. The hotel was close and he knew it would have vacaancy. The last thing he wanted to do was be driving around unfamilar locales and running into Slendy. So no, there was no safer ideas. He knew nowhere else in the area to stay at, and trying to find somewhere else would have been a risk in and off itself.
      • The same room though? He was just attacked there last week.
      • Since we've now seen the footage of what happened before that video, he just shot Slender Man four times and Slendy reacted by just crossing the distance between them in a second. He clearly wasn't thinking straight, and went to the most familar place he knew of. He was also attacked many months before. It still was the best option he had on account of Slendy just being able to appear wherever he wants.
  • So in Submission 2, Noah and Milo visit Victor Park and climb the observation tower. However, in Submission 4 (which is supposed to take place the following day) Milo talks about the tower as if he's never seen it before. Come again?
    • Amnesia perhaps? The submissions were initially supposed to be just a tribute to Marble Hornets according to Word of God, and he later put more effort into the story after unfiction forums picked up on it.
  • Why couldn't Noah open the closet during the 11-11-12 Livestream? Even if a closet locks from the outside (which there was no indication that it was) he should have been able to open it from the inside easily.
    • I assume that Firebrand/the Observer/Slenderman were making sure Noah couldn't open the door so that past-Noah and future-Noah don't meet.
    • Honestly, I don't think the door issue was any external factor. It was probably just a combination of Noah being disoriented and freaking out, as well as being absolutely shitfaced. Fear and alcohol make any regular task difficult, and with them combined... I can absolutely believe Noah not being able to open a door.
  • Wait, so what happened in the Livestream Incident again? I get that the Noah on the floor is past!Noah, and the one who barges through the door & sees Slendy is future!Noah (and is also the one in the closet), but where did the Noah who past!Noah shouts "you're not real!" at come from? Is he, like, future!future!Noah or what?
    • Yes. The Noah we start out watching during the livestream stands up, shouts "you're not real!" and the time skips back to the closet. After that, to the hotel. After the hotel, returns to his bedroom right before the time skips began, and is confronted by his past self, who shouts, "you're not real!" and then vanishes into the timestream. It was essentially a Stable Time Loop that briefly had 2 Noahs in each point in time.
  • In Mio's Tape, we see Mr.Scars try to kill Mary by shooting. However, seems like that didn't work because Noah receives a call from her later in the series and her death heard about in the Obituary. But how does Mary forget who Mr. Scars is? Does that mean this taped occurred later in the series, despite what implications are for watching the tape at this moment?
    • The tape clearly happened after the phone call but before Mary's body was found. Since this is a series that has long since established that the Collective makes time their bitch on a regular basis it shouldn't be surprising. As for Mary not knowing who Mr Scars is she never met him properly, thus didn't know Milo was him.
  • Where the hell are Swain and Persolus? Neither of them have had much on screen time, let alone character development.
    • They're busy with other things, only the Observer is tasked with Noah, with Firebrand, Cursor and Mr Scars all getting involved because of their own reasons.
  • Why is Noah not in jail immediately following the Thanksgiving two-parter?
    • Because nobody can prove it was him. And since the Collective has a vested interest in him being able to get the Journal any cop who would get close to the truth would get the Administrator and co running interference/murdering them.
    • Also, Kat wasn't murdered until several months after the Thanksgiving incident. The only reason Sarah and Noah suspect that Noah could have done it is because they both know the Collective can mess with time. When Noah was taken on Thanksgiving, he was thrown ahead several months, murdered Kat, and then got dropped back in his proper time. If the police ever even suspected Noah, it'd take maybe half an hour of investigating to find out that he was in a different city when Kat was murdered, and couldn't have afforded the gas money to get there and back anyways. Even with him posting a video confessing to the murder online, and with the footage of him on Thanksgiving, all that would do is prove that he was mentally unstable... meaning that he still couldn't possibly have murdered Kat, but is definitely unstable enough to believe he did and confess to it. The police don't exactly take the supernatural into account when investigating crimes.
  • What is the purpose of the new Vine account, and who the hell is uploading them?
    • The Vine account was run by Firebrand, and seemed to be mostly for passing some more cryptic hints, and (more importantly) fucking with Noah.
  • How the hell was Future Noah able to stream from the future? Ok, I know that he's mastered Severance and all, but how does he get to break the space-time continuum for something as minor as a livestream?
    • Its been established that time works differently in the Collective's Realm, and that Collective members can control certain aspects of spacetime, so it's not entirely implausible that Prebrand (Future Noah) can do this with the aid of Firebrand, who we know is orchestrating things behind the scenes.
  • Speaking of the livestream, Sisyphus!Noah mentions offhandedly mentions during the stream that some sources say HABIT shows up to help much later in the series. How is that going to be remotely possible now that Evan is dead?
    • While it is likely Evan will still be InHABITed and they will just Handwave it, HABIT doesn't need to use Evan; He is just a convenient host.

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