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Trivia / The Witches of Eastwick

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  • Cast the Runner-Up: Cher was offered the role of Jane, but preferred the part of Alexandra, the role that Susan Sarandon had been hired to play. Sarandon did not discover that she would be playing Jane until she showed up on location.
  • Creator Backlash: George Miller took umbrage with his first exposure to Hollywood. He claims that his suggestions to downsize his personal needs, such as his own trailer, informed studio heads that he was a pushover and would kowtow to their more outlandish demands. The process therefor became much less enjoyable because it meant he had to "get mean" to get what he wanted.
  • Executive Meddling
    • According to George Miller, producer Jon Peters suddenly decided he wanted aliens to appeared on the movie, even though it didn't make sense with the story. Miller thinks that Peters was influenced by the box office success of Aliens. He even showed up one day on set with a stunt man dressed as an alien and told Miller to put him on a scene, any scene. Miller and Jack Nicholson then left the set until Peters gave up on his fixation.
    • George Miller sacrificing his personal trailer also gave the signal to executives that they could half-ass if they wanted to (a dozen extras when he asked for fifty, one camera when he asked for two) under the impression that he was a pushover. Miller was nearly fired for refusing to work if the studio wouldn't cooperate with him until Jack Nicholson threatened to quit.
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  • Looping Lines: John Williams' own whistling was dubbed in over Jack Nicholson's for the scene at the ice cream counter.
  • Reality Subtext: Jane's character believes she can't have children of her own until Daryl gets her pregnant. Susan Sarandon also thought she couldn't have children, until becoming pregnant with director Franco Amurri's child Eva Amurri Martino who was born in 1985.
  • Recycled: The Series: Eastwick.
  • What Could Have Been:


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