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  • Bad Export for You: Sometimes songs will be excluded from specific regions' builds, usually for licensing reasons, although those builds may have region-exclusive songs to balance it out.
  • Dueling Games: With Dance Dance Revolution, which uses the inverse of Pump's diagonals-and-center setup. DDR has the better brand name recognition in Japan and the United States, but Pump also has a pretty dedicated following helped by official global releases, to the point where in some countries, it is actually more popular than DDR.
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  • Fandom Nod: Fiesta EX and onward (including Infinity) have 2x as the default speed modifier, a nod to players almost never using the default 1x speed except to challenge themselves.
  • Milestone Celebration: Pump It Up XX, a celebration of the series' 20th anniversary (hence the Roman numeral for 20 in the title).
  • Name's the Same:
    • "First Love" by Clon and "First Love" by Banya, both debuting in the same game. In an even more amusing coincidence, both artists have another song by the same name - "Come To Me" by Clon, which debuted in 1st Dance Floor, and "Come To Me" by Banya, which debuted in Prex 3.
    • Ditto "Love" by Click-B and "Love" by S.E.S., both debuting in 2nd Dance Floor.
    • In a similar vein, Rebirth introduced the song "Go Away" by To-ya, and Exceed 2 later featured a song by the same name by BMK. Both songs were also present in the same game the latter debuted in!
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    • Other examples include "Tell Me" by Jinusean (O.B.G. Season Evolution) and Wonder Girls (NX2), "Loner" by TTMa (Extra) and Outsider (Prime) and "U" by Judain (Exceed 2) and Super Junior (NXA).
    • One of the base songs on Prime 2 is "Pick Me" — a song recorded by the contestants from the first season of the South Korean reality music competition Produce 101. The v2.01.0 update added the theme song of the show's second, Spear Counterpart season with male contestants, "나야나 (Pick Me)" ("It's Me (Pick Me)"), but the English localization of Prime 2 doesn't pick up on this and also lists this song as "Pick Me" with no disambiguation, making it difficult to distinguish them (the second "Pick Me" has a blue-colored album cover, and as mentioned, is performed by males). XX goes further with a third song in the Pick Me family, "내꺼야 (Pick Me)" ("You're Mine (Pick Me)") — which was from a third season in collaboration with AKB48, but the English version lists it with a romanized title this time ("Nekkoya (Pick Me)") so it's more obvious that it's a different song.
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    • The series itself shares its name with a British children's game show and four different songs: one by Elvis Costello, one by Joe Budden, one by Belgian dance musician Danzel, and one by MC Hammer.
    • Subverted by Pro: the title of the menu music is "Ignition Starts" — which is also the title of a BanYa song from the first version. It does appear on Kyle Ward's other games (ReRave and StepManiaX (which itself references the title screen of Pro on its album cover graphic).
  • Production Posse: BanYa, the team of in-house composers that is responsible for about half of the games' soundtracks (and yes, that includes the hardest ones too).
  • Promoted Fanboy: The advent of Pro and Infinity got artists typically associated with In the Groove and general StepMania user-created content into Pump, including DM Ashura and Sanxion7.
  • Revival by Commercialization:
    • "Cross Time" from O2Jam became significantly more popular when it was crossed over in Prime 2, thanks in part to the two catgirl mascots in the background video.
    • Same case with Yamajet’s "Cycling" from O2Jam, in a form of Memetic Mutation potential Japanese Ranguage of the song.
  • Uncredited Role: All of PIU original BGAs don’t have any visualizers credited until “NX Absolute”. Despite this, the visualizer for Hyacinth from “Prime” remains uncredited.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • PSY's Right Now was originally announced as a song in the trailer of Pump It Up Fiesta 2, making his first credited song in the series. However, it was never featured in the game. In addition, Lexy - Greenhorn, a song that featured PSY uncredited, was also removed. Executive Meddling occurred due to the popularity of Gangnam Style. Even though Andamiro have strong relationships with the Korean Music Industry, PSY signed a contract with U.S. Company Schoolboy Records (Universal Media Group) the same month the trailer was released, making it much harder to sign PSY on future releases. Instead, PSY's Gangnam Style was featured as a DLC for Dance Central and Just Dance. His later popular songs were normally released on future Just Dance releases: "Gentleman" in 2014, "Daddy" in 2017, and "New Face" in 2018.
    • Solitary series was once to be put in an unified form along with their own full song MV, but it was dropped later and the song was put into separate forms (Solitary, Solitary 1.5 and Solitary 2). The unused MV contains lots of unnatural graphics and Nightmare Fuel-induced animations, so watch it at your own risk.
    • The early concept of the Pump It Up M mobile game is a common idol-based Allegedly Free Game (similar to Love Live! School Idol Festival) with a Random Number God gacha system, according to the official closed beta-test release. However, it was dropped as a result of Executive Meddling.

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