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  • Big Name Fan: Apparently the original is the favorite movie of novelist Anne Rice.
  • Colbert Bump: The series as a whole got much more attention after The Spoony Experiment did a review of the second movie's ... interesting... video game adaptation.
  • Deleted Scene: One small scene involving the teens at diner, not even a minute long, was cut from the film, it was set between Harley and his son at home but before they arrived at their grocery store. It was cut due to the demands of Dino De Laurentiis, who got into a shouting match with the usually cheerful Stan Winston over it, apparently going on about taking too long to get to the monster ala King Kong... which doesn't make sense given that we do get a decent glimpse of Pumpkinhead in the opening scene. The short, 55 second scene was cut and sadly remains lost.
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  • Doing It for the Art: Lance Henriksen bought a bunch of stuff from pawn shops and thrift stores based on his visions of what Ed Harley should be like (from the WWI shotgun that he used to the clothes that he wore to the silver dollars he initially tried to pay Haggis with), asked the makeup department to make him some false teeth to make him look like he had never been to a dentist in his entire life, and even bought Matthew Hurley (the kid who played Ed's son, Billy) a pet bunny so that he could be viewed as trustworthy and thus create authentic on-screen chemistry.
  • Troubled Production: Played With, the actual production of the film went smoothly, but once it was finished the real trouble started, as Dino De Laurentiis' Lion Films aka DEG, who were behind the production and release of films such as Evil Dead 2, Blue Velvet, Maximum Overdrive, The Transformers: The Movie, Near Dark and others, went bankrupt before it could be released. This resulted in it being bought by United Artists/MGM, who didn't do much at all to promote the film, barely putting it in theaters as they put much of their effort in promoting their own horror film, Child's Play, which they apparently put Pumpkinhead on a double bill with. Ironically, they ended up giving up the rights to Child's Play to Universal after the first film. This lack of promotion led the film to languishing in obscurity in theaters, but it did find a life on home video where it gained its cult following.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Pumpkinhead Wiki.


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