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  • The standard Game Over message is "Hey! Why don't you just get up and dance, man?!" Apparently, trying to dance and failing is the same thing as sitting on your butt and not dancing!
  • The course "Wanna's Train", in which you play "Wanna" five times in a row.
  • "Bee" Another Nightmare (Double ??), a hilariously impossible chart.
  • Speaking of hilariously impossible charts, VV D27 from Infinity has so many gimmicks crammed into one chart that figuring out the steps themselves is only half the battle. Good luck trying to clear that with an A.
  • "Pumptris Quattro"'s Single 17 chart, which is composed entirely of hold steps. The game will give out all Perfects for a hold note so long as you keep it held down the entire time, even if you "buffer" the note by holding it in advance. Some players' solutions to getting all Perfects on the chart? Sit down on the panels for the entire duration of the song.
    • Unfortunately averted in XX as it is now required to tap on the holds. The official YouTube channel posted a video of the chart, demonstrating what happens if you attempt the same trick now.
    • Although it is easy enough to pass by stepping on the arrows, Ugly Dee's Single 3 chart can also be cleared using the same trick.
  • "Dawgs In Da House"'s Routine/Co-op chart. Yes, you and your partner are supposed to go "doggy style" for some parts of the chart. Have fun getting kicked out of the arcade!
  • Infinity has the song "Girlz Buttz", a song that is about, well, "lookin' at girlz buttz". The video consists of various Pump players fooling around, while the Routine chart occasionally has either player holding down one set of panels while using their hands to hit the other panels, sticking their butt out in the process.
  • Mawaru Infinity from Infinity is a Crowning Mission of Funny. Highlights include:
    • The player can obtain a bonus for "Summoning Roberto" if they get all Perfects minus one. This references an in-joke concerning Mexican player Roberto - an otherwise skilled player who became known for attempting full Perfect combos and failing because of one Great or Miss.
    • When the player is asked to spin along to the arrows in the "Beethoven Virus" segment, the arrows themselves spin too.
    • The second Brain Shower segment is hosted by the Hwangdong Hunters, the protagonists of "DJ Otada". If the player using the left side of the pad gives out a wrong answer, Hwang (the ninja) will slash the player character's pants leaving their underwear exposed.
      • On the other hand, if all players present give out the right answer (as seen in this run), Hwang will "smile" and give them a thumbs-up. Awwww!
    • The Defend! segment features the protagonist of "Beat of the War 2" fighting the evil spherical robots from "Canon-D". The player can hold the center panel and give her a chance to fight... or miss the center note completely and watch as she loses balance and falls.

     Background Animations 
  • Unintentional example with "Baroque Virus" from Infinity (later crossed over to Fiesta 2), which would be a completely serious BGA... if it were not two words: Iternal Fight.
    • Amusingly, the BGA for the original version of the song featured as an unlock in Infinity features no such text.
  • Pro featured a censored version of the infamous BGA for "Ba Be Loo Be Ra" from Exceed. This is, in fact, not the first time the video is toned down. The animation was recycled from "It's My Party", a cancelled song in Prex 3; among other changes, the woman's bikini was edited and covered with a miniskirt. Just see for yourself.
  • In the otherwise heartwarming "I'll Give You All My Love" from Exceed 2, the protagonist, determined to make her potted plant bloom into a flower, overtakes a car on foot to get to the highest building in her hometown. The driver is left with an epic Oh, Crap! expression.
    • Immediately after, she is chased by two police officers. Her response? Why, use their police car as a trampoline and go on her merry way!
    • Depending on how you interpret the ending, the protagonist's flower may have left everyone in the universe in a hyper state - including the two aforementioned policemen!
  • "I Love You Baby" from Exceed SE, later crossed over to Zero, has two lifeguards try to impress a pair of beachgoers by posing dramatically. The video ends with the two punching each other for no apparent reason at all. They weren't even fighting over the same girl!
  • Super Junior's "U" from NX Absolute. Two words: Moonwalking Dracula.
  • BigBang's "La La La" from NX Absolute has three boys engaged in what seems to be a paintball match with toy guns (and spray paint cans, in the case of the boy with a surgical mask). By the end, their game has angered an old woman enough to drive them off her turf with a bat.
    • If the question marks over their heads at the very end of the song are anything to go by, the boys didn't even get a clue!
  • "X-Tree" from Fiesta ends with the heartbroken protagonist transforming into a bigger version of himself in a Godzilla costume with a broken heart in the middle, just as if he were a Magical Girl.
    • This may have been a reference to the equally comical "Mr. Firefighter" from Zero, which predates "X-Tree" by a few years and also has a rejected Stalker with a Crush transform into a Godzilla-like monster.
  • Arcana Force from Prime 2. A white rabbit, under attack by pig aliens, transforms into a Magical Girl. She then defeats the pig aliens... by turning them into white rabbits identical to her previous form. At the end of the video, she can be seen holding one of the rabbits in her arms with a devious smile in her face.
  • "1949" from XX tells the player to DIE and references the game over 'Why Don't You Just Get Up And Dance Man' quote. Made worse that there is a D28 chart, making this the hardest non-long song chart in the game. No, literally Have a Nice Death...


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