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  • Defictionalization: Someone actually made pork chips in real life. It's about as healthy as you'd expect. The blog itself does this for a lot of Mother-series foods.
  • Development Hell: The game started out as being a Super Famicom game shortly after the release of EarthBound, and was then moved to the N64DD, then the N64, then delayed several times until finally being canceled. It was ultimately revived for the GBA.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • This game is sometimes called EarthBound 2 or EarthBound 3.
    • The final area of the game has been dubbed the "Cave of the Future" as a reference to EarthBound's final dungeon.
  • Fan Translation: These awesome guys! The online readme, about halfway down the page, starts a very, very long list of every hack that had to be programmed in order to make the translation work. Buried in there is this gem:
    The game only had enough memory for 40 letters of battle text on the screen at once. Fixing this was assumed impossible, but a fix was figured out anyway, allowing for infinite text per line.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Infamously, Lucas debuted in the West in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and with him brought a truckload of spoilers to casually sling around as if it doesn't matter, including King P.'s identity and New Pork City. This did not amuse a large number of fans.
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  • Moved to the Next Console: It's a rare case of an example that involves a major style change. It moved from the Nintendo 64 to the Game Boy Advance, going from a fully-3D title to a sprite-based one. It technically began development on the Super NES.
  • No Export for You: Very unfortunately so. Lucas and other elements of the game appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series, but his home game still has never seen a release outside of Japan. As stated by Reggie in E3 2015, they are very well aware of the love for Mother 3 and the demands for it to come to America, but the main thing they want to make sure about is whether or not the game will sell enough to justify translating it into English after all these years. Whether it would or not, as of more recent news will probably not be found out, after supposed reevaluation, Nintendo deemed the game to potentially be too controversial.note 
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  • Sequel Gap: It came out a good twelve years after EarthBound's Japanese release.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Using the silver dragonfly item against Negative Man is said to yield an extremely rare and valuable item. For those wondering, Negative Man does actually have a 2% chance of dropping a Meteotite which is worth 2500 DP, but this is unrelated to whether or not you use the silver dragonfly.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • MOTHER 3 started life as a Nintendo 64 title, which was rather widely previewed and received significant press attention both in Japan and internationally, and Nintendo of America seemed pretty dead-set on giving it an international release.
    • The N64 game was also supposed to be a lot Darker and Edgier—mostly due to the fact Itoi was suffering from depression at the time. This version of the game was widely called EarthBound 64 by both Nintendo and gaming press, so more often than not it's still called that in discussions to differentiate it from the released GBA version. Despite its extensive previewing at various Nintendo and game events, it never got very far. It was stuck in Development Hell for a very long time, and Shigesato Itoi was, not being very knowledgeable about computers, very ambitious with the project. Due to these and other factors, it ended up being cancelled and restarted several years later for the Game Boy Advance.
    • One of the most famous sequences from the N64 version which didn't make it into the GBA game was a sequence where Claus and Lucas rode a cart through a mine shaft. In the game, they're separated in Chapter 1 and never reunited until their duel at the finale.
    • DCMC was originally supposed to have a female vocalist, and Kumatora's outfit was surprisingly more Stripperific; most of the cast's appearances and clothing were fairly different. Ness may have been set to appear in it, or perhaps Lucas was intended to look identical to him much as Ness was identical to Ninten.
    • Not even the Game Boy Advance version is free of this trope. Some sprites were found with Porky in a different machine and some of those sprites of him in that machine when put together make a glass shattering animation which looks like his defeat was different from the final version which could mean that you originally were able to kill him off before they changed it to where he escapes in and traps himself in the Absolutely Safe Capsule forever.
    • Claus has a number of unused sprites showing him getting killed, Strapped to an Operating Table to be cyborgified, and a finished version looking like a Starman. There's also a number of very disturbing and morbid battle backgrounds pertaining to Claus which caused fan theories to run wild once discovered, with some suggesting it was an unused boss or possibly even Giygas. While the true purpose of the backgrounds remains unknown, comments from Itoi suggests they were from an earlier version of the final battle with the Masked Man/Claus, which was meant to be told using only nightmarish and symbolic imagery.
    • There's also unused sprites of Flint actually killing the Mecha-Drago instead of leaving it alive, which suggests that he was going to turn out Not So Different than the beast, as well as sprites of Kumatora as a Magypsy, suggesting that she was supposed to be the final Magypsy instead of Fassad.
    • An unused menu called "Memos" exists in the data of the Japanese version of the game, and from the text found would have contained gameplay tips and background information on various characters and items.
    • Judging by the text of some of these memos, nuts were going to be used as pre-timeskip money, while post-timeskip it would come in the form of "Porkyupons" dropped by enemies.
    • Also judging from the information gathered by hackers, Flint is able to equip some of Lucas's strongest weapons, which may suggest that he was going to either be a permanent party member, or rejoin the party late in the game.
    • A partially unused stat called "Kindness" can be found in the data of the game. Unused text suggests it could have influenced story events depending on how high it was. The stat still exists in the final game, but is not used in any meaningful capacity.
    • Early video of Earthbound 64 depict a Ness-looking character, implying that Lucas was supposed to be a Ninten expy like Ness was. Earthbound 64 itself uses different designs for Lucas and Claus than the final GBA product does.
    • Some footage of a SpaceWorld demo highlight revealed a few more tidbits about what didn't make the cut in the jump to the GBA. By far the most notable, however, has to be that at one point Ness was intended to be a playable character.

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