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Drinking Game / MOTHER 3

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Drinking game for MOTHER 3:note 

  • Take a shot whenever Lucas shows woobiness.
    • Also take a shot if someone mentions Lucas in the context of his woobiness.
  • Take a sip whenever someone mentions Flint or Fuel being pitch black and covered in soot in Chapter 1.
    • Take two sips when both are told that at once.
  • Take a shot whenever you see a Save Frog.
    • Take two shots whenever you see a specific type of Save Frog (Wings, in a car, stuffed, etc.).
  • Take a shot whenever "omelets" (or whatever you put for Lucas' Trademark Favorite Food) is said.
  • Take a shot if you let an enemy sneak up on you.
    • Take a sip if you've successfully snuck up on an enemy.
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  • When you find a hot spring and plan to heal in it, slowly drink as soon as your lead party member is in it, and stop after everyone gets healed AND your last party member gets out.
  • Take a shot whenever Wess calls his son, Duster, a moron.
  • Take a shot whenever Kumatora swears.
  • Take a shot whenever Fassad tortures Salsa.
  • Take a shot every 10 seconds whenever you hear a Sexophone, the Leitmotif of the Magypsies. This includes the different-yet similar version used by a reconstructed New Fassad, who is actually Locria, the last, missing Magypsy.
  • Take a two shots whenever someone mentions manliness. Mainly occurs with Flint in Chapter 1, but it's also used as a big Funny Moment for Lucas in Chapter 8.
  • Take a shot whenever you hear any version of King P's theme, such snippets that accompany several Pigmask cutscenes.
    • Drink a whole glass when you hear the last major version of the theme, the one that plays when you fight King Porky himself.
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  • Take a shot every time the Masked Man attacks with lightning. Whether it's in a cutscene or during a fight with him, take a shot for each target he hits his lightning with.
  • Every time someone or something is Breaking the Fourth Wall, take a shot.
  • When traveling underwater in Chapter 7, take a shot and hold it in your mouth. When your party is about to drown, garble to simulate the effect. When you refill your oxygen from the big-lipped, mermen-shaped oxygen machines, swallow your shot and start from the beginning. You can take a break during underwater battles, and stop entirely when you reach the surface.
    • Allow the party to drown and go back to the beginning, however, and you'll have to down the shot you were holding AND the take another shot right after. Going underwater again starts the entire process over again. Have fun!
  • Take a shot for every character-, and object-based hallucination you run into on Tanetane Island. There are plenty.
    • In particular, take three shots if you went into the beautiful hot spring during the hallucination, Only to discover that said beautiful hot spring was actually a REALLY filthy sludge pond.
  • If you allow the Ultimate Chimera to touch and kill your party during Chapter 7 and the bathroom dungeon in Chapter 8, take three big shots.
  • Take a shot every time this game's (initial) Japan-only status is brought up on This Very Wiki.
  • If you first encountered a massive Spoiler from this game through Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and you run into the matching event while playing this game, take 2 big chugs for each.
    • If you've played through Brawl and discovered every spoilerific piece of information about MOTHER 3 from it, before playing Mother 3 itself, down a full glass. Now, try not to pass out.
  • Take a shot whenever you come across or hear about Flint's doorknob in the game.


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