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  • Contest Winner Cameo: Moon Destroyer was also designed by a fan.
  • Franchise Killer: While it had been on the wane since Battle Network 4, the overwhelming mediocrity of Star Force 2 ended the popularity of the EXE verse, the last popular Mega Man series, in Japan. They got their act together for the third installment, but sales didn't perk up. Not much funding at all was allocated to Operation Shooting Star, an attempt to uncancel both series that might have worked if it were a proper remake. A sad fate for the franchise that had its iteration of Mega Man as the face of its 20th anniversary.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Geo, being a space-themed Henshin Hero who transforms by using the powers of an alien similar to his foes and gets stronger with the Power of Friendship, might as well be a Megaman Kamen Rider. Fast forward years later, and we have a space-themed Rider who also uses the power of friendship, though he's certainly more hotblooded. But for added hilarity, there is an antisocial Rider named Ryuusei.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: No DVDs of the anime were ever released in the US or Japan. Manga UK released a DVD set with all the dubbed episodes, but not only is that not much help to those outside the UK without a region-free player, the dub itself doesn't cover the entire Japanese run. Not to mention the DVD itself it out of print.
    • Averted with the japanese version, both seasons have been recently released on various japanese streaming sites. No word on a Blu-Ray or DVD release yet.
  • Name's the Same: In 2012, the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG released "Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz".
  • No Export for You: It looks like this is going to be the fate for the Star Force/Battle Network crossover. No real loss though.
    • Also the Lunar Knights link features in Star Force. And the Wave Command cards in the European version of Star Force 2. And the Noise Mod Gear cards in the non-Japanese versions of Star Force 3, yet they were mentioned on the North American version site.
      • In Europe, Star Force 3 was never released.
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    • As mentioned above, the only DVD releases of the anime series has been in the UK, and even then, it only covers the dubbed episodes.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Kelvin and Hope, obviously. Interestingly, there's no direct interaction between them in the anime.
  • The names of each of the zodiac bosses, their designs, and even the concept of astronomy-based foes actually comes from a Chinese only game called Rockman Strategy. Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Apollo share very similar designs with this game. While big and covered in red armor in both games, Strategy!Taurus actually had his proper zodiacal element of Soil (compared to Taurus Fire's, er, Fire); both Cancers were naturally water-based; Strategy!Libra had the Wind element (Libra Balance is Non-Elemental boss that uses both water and fire attacks, and has an informal association with the Break attribute, rather than Wind); Apollo Flame and Strategy!Apollo are so similar in design you could argue that the first is an Expy. No link between the moon god Luna of Strategy and Miss Platz, though.
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  • Unfinished Dub: The English dub of the show covers only most of the first half of the first season.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Star Force 4 was in the works, but they were informed they had to wrap the games up with 3, leading to the ending.
    • In the second game, we could've had a Pirate and Angel tribe.
    • And a noise form based off of Harp Note in the third game, also some of the noise forms were to have the old Megabuster from the first two games.
    • According to earlier statements by Xebec, the Tribe anime was meant to have 55 episodes, same as the first season. Concept art of the anime includes images of Apollon Flame and General Auriga, suggesting the anime was originally planned to have arcs including them.
    • Some of the earliest designs for the character who eventually became Ace set him up as another superpowered individual on Geo's and Solo's level, but who was more of a hooligan than anything else and with vague connections to Dealer. Concept art shows him rescuing Luna and getting under Solo's skin. Also notable was that his EM human form was largely an imitation of Mega Man's appearance.
    • Before she became the Emotionless Girl we all know, Tia once had a perkier nature.
    • Expanding on Star Force 4, information regarding the project finally came to light on June 14 2019, along with a piece of concept art by lead artist Shunsuke Komaki. The details are still scarce, but it would have taken the series in a darker and more mature direction to win back audiences. Geo would team up with a hacker named Kazuma, who would be a direct descendant of Lan Hikari and they would be outlaws with an 8 million zenny price on their heads and hacking would be the major focus. However, due to the failure of Operate Shooting Star to breath life back into Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force, as well as declining sales from the franchise overall during this time, it was shelved along with Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe.


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