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Luna's Disney Death is a reference to Zero's from the first two Megaman X games.
So let's see, Zero/Luna is 'killed' during an altercation with Sigma/Mr.King's dragon Vile/Joker. But it turns out they're blown into four/six pieces, three of which you have to recover from the Quirky Miniboss Squad/Mooks, but before you can restore them, you have to deal with Sigma/Dealer attacking a vital base. There's only a few differences(like the circumstances of their death, Zero's being a Heroic Sacrifice while Luna was just blasted away after tossing around the Idiot Ball with Geo), and in the end, both emerge as if nothing had ever happened. (As far as we know, anyway.) They even have long, blonde hair. (Though Luna's is in Mega Twintails)

This Troper will be very disappointed if Luna doesn't yell "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOARG!" in some fashion in Star Force 4.

  • What Star Force 4, dear Troper? *villainous laughter*

Crown Thunder is a pimp!
Behold the evidence:
  1. He wears a pimp coat. Which is, itself, pimped out with flashing lights.
  2. His little ghosties are nowhere to be seen on the EM road, but they appear right away when the battle starts, indicating how well-trained Crownie has them.
  3. Said ghosties' weapons can be seen as metaphors for... yeah. The drill penetrates you, the arrow pierces you, and the hammer bangs you.
  4. He break-dances to summon lightning. Like a pimp.
  5. And finally, the most damning evidence of all: He does not take an active role in the story, despite being one of the more powerful aliens. Clearly, he has other matters to attend to.

Solo has a Brotherband
And just one. My reasoning:
  1. It mentions in the third game's Extra arc that Solo has links with Mu, as the sole survivor. Now, Solo clearly has tons of boosts, his high health, Mu Sheild and sword, so he's gotta have some serious link power. So, how does he get so much with one brotherband? His brotherband is with Mu. The entire continent as one brotherband, giving him massive link power.

Sirius is a child
Think about it. He talks about the EM beings as if they were action figures once rebuilt. He says he's been waiting for hundreds of years. Time Dilation inside a black hole asside, this could mean he's just very, very young and his species (whatever it is) lives a very, very long time. So, he's the equivalent of a child. He has a very Psychopatic Manchild type personality, apparent from his few lines when you see him.
  • If this were the case, then the Extra scenario of a fourth game would probably have you fending off his PO'd, vengeful big brother, Antares.
    • Wait, how is Antares Sirius' big brother? I figured it would be Canis (as in VY Canis Majoris).
      • Antares and Sirius are the dog-star guardians of either end of the Path of Souls, according to the Cherokee.

Belle will become a central character in Star Force 4
Let's think for a moment- she's cute, has good story potential, was one of the few who actually tried to do something about Dealer's attempt to rule the world(through the power of television), could potentially become either a wave changer herself or learn how to obtain noise cards for Ice, could help fill a space for a water boss, what with Virgo gone for the moment... see where I'm headed?
  • Amy could come back, too, if they gave her a Wizard.
    • That's also likely, considering she was Bud's only love interes. Of course, that doesn't mean she needs to be a fighter, considering Zack and Luna's places in the story at the moment...

Omega is a demon and Geo has a demon summoning program
I base this on nothing but learning that Luna's last name was originally "Shirogane"

Solo was Proto Man, and Jack was Bass
Since there wasn't actually a Proto Man or Bass in SF; but they're both likely parallel counterparts. Solo was a lone operative who occasionally helped Geo out, and occasionally was his enemy, not to mention he loves blocking attacks and in SF 3 fights with a sword (Which were both Proto Man's things in Battle Network). And Jack was a rage-powered rival working for the enemy who seems to have at least put aside his grudge with Geo by the end of SF 3, much like how Bass became a playable character after MM 8 concluded, and his Wicked Flame attack resembles one of the Battle Network Bass' more dangerous and recurring attacks.
  • This Troper always saw Solo as the Bass of the series, and Sonia as a combination Roll/Protoman

In the future, everyone, everything and maybe even the entire planet will be made of EM Waves.
By Star Force EM Waves have become commonplace and have been shown to make up almost everything in the game. Furthermore, it's revealed that both Luna and Kelvin Stelar have been turned into EM Waves. The inevitable will happen.

Kelvin Stelar (and by extension, Geo) is a direct descendant of Lan.
Research that pertains to the global network is the family business, dating back to Lan's grandfather. Somewhere along the line, one of the descendants was a female scientist (possibly the inventor of the EM network), who married into the Stelar family
  • Considering that according to Lan's diary in the 2nd game HE'S the one responsible for the Brotherband feature, basing it off of his and Hub's Full Synchro ability, this makes a ton of sense.

If there is going to be a fourth game, it is going to be focus on the Net Navis in the year 22XX or at least have a more important role.

Benkei from Beyblade Metal Fusion and Bud are long lost twins.
Think about it, why would two teenage boys look exactly the same and be repesenting the same zodiac sign (Taurus) if they weren't related. Here's some pictures first Benkei and then Bud.

Aaron Boreal is Mamoru Ura.
Somehow, Mamoru found himself a way to time-travel into the future (a
time machine Time Skimmer, perhaps?), where he discovered that—to his shock—his HBD could be cured. Upon meeting Kevin Stelar, the descendant of Lan, he befriended him, remembering the boy who had long ago encouraged him and who later helped save the world. And then, when Kevin disappeared, he vowed to help Geo—who reminded him of long-ago Lan, in his youth and innocence—save his father.
  • Probably just because Aaron's name in Japanese is Mamoru Amachi? I see what you did there.

There are two types of developed Noise: Crimson, which is used for power, and Sable, which is used for information gathering and maintenance.
Crimson has data storage capacities, but is primarily notable for its use as a power source, and occurs naturally if Noise is left to coagulate on its own. Sable, by comparison, is altered through a deliberate process, a la a refinery, and is used primarily for purposes of data storage and maintenance. The Black Hole Server is simply a vast Sable structure.

Joker was adapted from Ace Program, but defected in search of his purpose. Dr. Goodall, who designed him, gave a copy of his program to Ace.
Ace is credited with personally developing the Ace program, which he really adopted from programs he took out of Ace. Dr. Goodall took the Ace Program, made a modified copy and built Joker around it. Joker defected, and Dr. Goodall made a copy of that second program just in case. The missing Ace Program is what causes Acid Ace B to destroy, because the lack of control mechanism reduces Acid to an ordinary Wizard in Noise's presence. The One Game for the Price of Two is largely dependent on which program Ace left on his desk.

Solo/Rogue is the Star Force counterpart to Protoman.
Like Protoman.exe, Rogue wears primarily black and red, with the addition of long white hair and purple "energy." Like the original Protoman, he's introduced as a villain, but in the same game saves Mega Man at the end; he has a few odd similarities to Mega Man that aren't explained by the story (Protoman has a weapon copy system, Rogue has one normal hand and one weird hand that has flames coming out the back of it); and he has an aloof, independent personality. Like cartoon Protoman, he's a big jerk. And like all three, he wears sunglasses.
  • Uh, half-confirmed since the character was announced. The initial press release states unambiguously "Blues + Forte = Burai" (Burai being Rogue's Japanese name of course). Following from that, I've noticed that a lot of characters, rather than being straight ports of EXE characters, are mixes; see below for the WMG of Harp Note being a combination of Blues and Roll, and add in Luna = Mayl/Yai and Zack being, uh, most of the remainder of Yai, I guess. Gonta/Dex is pretty much a straight port though.

Star Force contains a Shout-Out to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Am I the only one who thinks that the Gemini Spark chapter is a milder version of the Kaworu episode in Evangelion? Like Shinji, Geo has the fate of the world forced onto his shoulders, and he isn't taking it all that well. Enter Pat, the creepy shouta/Bishonen who reaches out to him and Geo believes that he is the one who can truly understand him. Fluffiness and Ho Yay ensue. But wait! Pat's the enemy after all! Geo is shocked at the betrayal and reluctantly fights and defeats Gemini Spark. While he obviously doesn't kill him, Geo is still sent into a state of depression and Wangst afterwards over this.
  • Equally obvious is the short-lived nature of it. I mean, neither Luna nor Sonia are teh Rei, right?

Misora/Sonia is the Star Force counterpart to both Meiru/Mayl and Enzan/Chaud
Like Meiru, she's the 'main love interest', has red hair, and an affinity for music. However, like Enzan, she's the co-hero of the games and often jumps in to save Subaru when he needs it, whereas Meiru only ever needed saving. In addition to that, while she is far more upbeat that Enzan she definitely is more melancholy and much more unfortunate than Meiru, and has the whole 'super-talented, lack of communication with parents' thing going on. As a bonus, Harp Note almost always comes in on a guitar wail, a musical entrance that is reminiscent of Classic Blues's whistle.

Tsukasa/Pat (anime version) is close to being an FM Being, even without Gemini.
He can be seen sitting on what seems to be an EM Wave at least once while untransformed, he teleports with Gemini after being knocked out of his Gemini Spark form, he's capable of following fights between FM Beings despite not having any technological assistance and he was affected by the comet's EM Waves unlike every other human characters. This is what Gemini meant when he said that Tsukasa had been revived as an "existence far superior to normal humans" after the car crash where they first met. This also explains why he kept his FM form even after killing Gemini.
  • True, but Cepheus likely ripped the power out of him upon arriving at Earth.

Geo isn't Lan's descendant; but someone else most certainly is.
But Sonia, however is. Just think about it. In fiction, there is a tendency for characters to inherit not only their ancestors' physical traits, but their personality traits as well. With this reasoning, consider that Geo bears a resemblance to neither Lan nor Mayl, not only in terms of looks, but in terms of his initially surly and standoffish nature. Sonia, however, not only looks more than a little like Mayl, but has an energetic and caring personality like the latter. The more brash elements of her personality could easily be attributes to Lan.
  • I object with the fact that while he may not be like Lan, he's a LOT like, well, Mega Man. Considering that Mega Man is Lan's brother, this STILL allows Geo to be Lan's descendant. Not only that, Geo is actually the Mega Man of this era, so this adds another layer of likeness. And come on. Compare Geo and Mega Man without his helmet. Both of them have spiky brown hair!

Alternate Theory: Geo and Sonia are both descended from Lan.
But at least they're distantly related enough that the Kissing Cousins aspect isn't squicky.

Dr. Vega will appear in Star Force 4
She will be arrested by WAZA for her attempted actions with Mu, and they will take the opportunity to finally compare notes. Solo will likewise be arrested for continually trying to kill Geo for the Mu metal. One of the two will end up as the ruler of the legions of UMA created during the endgame of 2 which were never actually killed.

Future material will finally clarify how Solo can be the last survivor of Mu in the games.
  • Yes, please.

The Ace Program was once part of Acid
Both the Ace and Joker programs were developed from technology that Ace stole from Dealer after defecting to WAZA. The Satella Police developed the Joker program, while the Ace program was unique... because Eos removed it from Acid's code. That's why Acid can't use Noise (and trying to do so results in Acid Ace B, who is set to destroy), because the essential program was removed. Ace fears Noise and knows it has harmful effects, so he removes it to protect others from himself, and besides that, he's The Ace, so he shouldn't need it anyway. He gives it to Geo to initially to enable him to fight against Dealer.

By the same token, this is why Eos can't remain in Acid Ace form for extended periods of time. Because Acid no longer has access to Noise (especially the Meteor Server), he uses Ace's body as a Power Source and uses the Secret Satellite Server instead (Level 25 is reserved for Acid Ace), but since Acid is meant to work with a huge amount of energy (he's artificial and doesn't have it naturally), it's a major tax on Eos' body. When the Ace program is restored, he's able to ascend to Acid Ace BB form. (Note the clear similarities between Acid Ace's B forms and Mega Man Black Ace).

The Joker Program serves as the control program for Joker
While the Ace program is specified to be Eos' creation, the Joker program is said to have been developed by the Satella Police. Joker is capable of EM Wave Change on his own (and therefore it's implied that Ace should be, too, but his essential program was removed, and he needs to integrate Eos' body as a power source to compensate).

Now, there are two options here. There are no copies of the Ace Program because Eos thought it too powerful to duplicate heedlessly after removing it from Acid, but either the Satella Police developed a copy of the Joker Program because they found the Noise-mitigating abilities useful, or they extracted the program from Joker for the same reasons that Eos removed it from Acid. If the first case, then Joker merely left WAZA because the whole No Unnecessary Violence thing was really cramping his style; but if it's the second case then Joker may have been drawn to King in part because the latter had the ability to recreate his stolen program. In either case, he gets to Finalize after joining up with Dealer. (Compare Dread Joker and Red Joker).

Le Mu runs on Spiral Energy
Because now I feel like being silly. A specific LP inspired this idea, suggesting it in response to Le Mu's ability to endlessly produce Energy Beings.

My addition is that one of Le Mu's attacks is to produce and fire drills.

Star Force was partially based on Kamen Rider Ryuki
There are reasons I believe so. First: The style of the Satelitte Emblem is similar to the Contract Beast Emblem in Kamen Rider Ryuki, both relies on deck-based combat, the protagonist of both holds their Contract Beast hand on their left hand, the Star Break is similar to how Ryuki and Knight have their Survive form. Oh, and don't forget the protagonist has to Henshin in order to go into a "Mirror World" in order to fight "monsters".

EM beings don't use sound, but the Visualizer translates their communications into sound
Sound is a pressure wave, and EM beings don't have bodies. Alternately, the Visualizer does subtitles instead.

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