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Any future MMBN games will feature Patch as the star.
  • Lan's story has reached a satisfying conclusion, but his son's story has only just begun...

Colonel.EXE is an E-rated representation of a hermaphrodite.
First, look at his appearance. Not only does Colonel wear semi-feminine attire, Colonel also has, what appears to be, breasts and hips. Now, here's the second piece of evidence: Iris, Colonel's emotion data and "sister". Now, this may seem non-canon to you, but Iris isn't his sister, because, unlike the Mega Man X counterpart, Iris was actually inside of him. Colonel's personality change without Iris is actually symbolism for what an outwardly male hermaphrodite has to do in order to fit in: act completely male in order to fit in. The manga holds some evidence, too: the first with Colonel stating that he and Iris were the same people, and him saying that Serenade was "the only one who could understand him". Since Serenade is also hermaphrodite, Colonel might be saying that most people don't know what it's like to feel like you're born in a different body. The reason people call Iris Colonel's "sister"? The Western fans feel uncomfortable with the issue of hermaphroditism, so they just portray Colonel and Iris as siblings.

MMBN takes place in a dystopian world with no Internet freedoms.
MMBN takes place in a dystopian future/alternate reality, where the RIAA wins and torrents are punishable with thousands of e-dollars in fines. The law is upheld so fiercely that the mere mention of downloading a chip, subchip, .MP3 or .txt file is met not necessarily with outright deletion, but incredibly heavy and imposing restrictions or fines, since everyday life has become so ingrained to the internet that even the stove is online.

This is why individual homepages are blocked by those security blocks - PC privacy is still upheld as a law, so only the most trusted of friends can enter their homepages, which prevents the Officials from searching their hard drives without a valid warrant.


The Undernet is the only reliable place to download illegal wares, and as such, it is artificially dangerous - it's a security measure to keep the Officials from snooping around their servers. The Undernet is seen as a lawless hive for the most degenerate of users, but in fact it's actually the only remaining place in the entire internet that still shares information freely and without limits or fear of persecution. Mamoru, bless his weak heart, is the only person with enough gall to make a stand for the freedoms the internet is supposed to represent. Those GMD's that sometimes contain virii? Those are "bait" programs specifically left there by Officials, much like how a cop performs a sting operation in the real world.

The Secret area, where Serenade hides, is the core of the Undernet, and by extension, the ideology of the internet "personified" into a three-room private server. The Officials know of it, and have been trying to get to Serenade - and, by extension, Mamoru - ever since they found it. This is why Dark Man has so many kills to his name: he's been fending off Officials, who have been desperately, obsessively trying to shut down the last safe place for torrents and illegal filesharing, for the last year. But the Undernet's virus security, coupled with the Navi and their Operators determined to protect the last safe haven on the net, have made it drat near impossible.


tl;dr Mega Man and Lan are jerks.

Alternately, MMBN takes place in a utopian world where most of today's internet crimes are rendered unnecessary.

Given that currency is given as a reward for killing viruses, a task that ranges from hard to cakewalk depending on preparation, the need for piracy eventually diminishes.

Lan will join/become leader of the WWW or some other villainous organization.
He and Mega Man are already the most powerful team on the Net. Soon, Lan will end up with NOTHING to do after having done everything on the Net except take it over.
  • Not necessarily villainous. Lan and Mega Man are basically Capes, so he may become a benevolent ruler protecting the net from people like WWW.
  • At the end of the third game's post-game story, Lan and Mega become the strongest in the internet (beating Serenade and Bass GS). Mega asks Lan what he wants to do now, and Lan jokes that they should conquer the world.

Freeze Man is Sean/Shun's navi in BN 2.
He's the last boss fought in the game prior to the Boss Rush and the Final Boss. He's also on the Kotobuki Net, which is the cyberspace counterpart of Kotobuki, where Sean and Gospel's HQ are at the time. His operator is never stated, although
Freeze Man claims to have none. What makes this implausible? The only other "rogue" navi in the series is Bass, who was revealed to have an operator previously in BN3, is largely spiteful toward everyone, walks the Earth, and in brief moments where he cooperates for evil he only does so when something's in for him.

  • That thing about Bass being the only other rogue navi is wrong. Junkman.exe doesn't have an operator.

Freeze Man on the other hand has no known origin like Bass, remains in a small sphere of location, and acts entirely in the will of Gospel with no ulterior motive. His net-terrorism isn't based on his powers, either (he causes Earthquakes, as opposed to ice-storms that you would expect). Sean is also never given a navi of his own later in the series. Given that Freeze Man and Sean would have no operator/navi counterpart otherwise, and that they sort of fit together personality wise (like other operator/navi pairs), it's easy to add two plus two.

  • Shun operates Freeze Man in the Gaiden Game Battle Chip Challenge.

Mega Man's power is the forming of the battlefield.
It seems that every custom navi have their own powers in and out of battle except for Mega Man. But this is because Mega Man's ability is to form the battlefield you see, allowing him to put a set limit on how much punishment the opponent can take before he/she goes down as well as restrict movement. This is why you can even defeat enemies like Alpha, Bass, and Serenade. This is also why other navis are so much more powerful outside of battle; Mega Man also sets how much damage they can do to him. Finally, this is why Lan always shouts "Battle Routine, set! Execute!", because that's how the battlefield program is activated.
  • Does this mean Mega Man Starforce sucks at restricting enemy movement?
  • But that wouldn't make sense, since other Navis controlled by Lan (in 5 and 6) also form battlefields, regardless of Mega Man's presence...
  • You're on the right track; Megaman DOES have a his own power. It's the Double Soul ability. Style Changes could be used by anyone, and the backstory of the Cross System means that it too is supposed to be available to everyone. What's the one thing Megaman's used that isn't available to everyone?

Roll is at least one of the sources of viruses.
This is for the games, since I only saw the anime up to the second or third season. She summons viruses to aid her in battle. It's possible that some viruses might escape. Considering she's not much of a fighter, she probably wouldn't be able to stop a lot of viruses she summoned during training.

Going by the above, Roll is a villain.
The viruses are intentional, either to slow down Mega Man and others, or to cause havoc all over the internet.

4, 5, and 6 are all non-canon to the EXE timeline.
After all, they are Post Script Seasons.
  • Nah, Star Force 2 has a easter egg where a time capsule from the Lan after EXE 6 reveals that he developed the Brotherband system. Unless you want to claim that SF is non-canonical too, but then that just leaves a branched timeline with no other branch.

Sean fell into a Plot Hole
Why else would the friggin leader of GOSPEL not be mentioned again? The same thing probably happened to Ms. Madd, Count Zap, and Yahoot.
  • Pretty sure Count Zap is mentioned in BN 6 Gregar. Colorman also kind of talks about Madd in Network Transmission. And then there was Battle Chip Challenge for all four of them...
  • Sean made a cameo in 3 where he explained to Lan that he was serving time and doing community service to make up for his crimes. It's half the pep talk Lan needs to get out of his Heroic BSoD.

The Undernet is made of Imageboards
  • Well they do have to remain anonymous on the forum discussion though that's mostly due to savviness to the lawless nature of the Undernet.

Dr. Regal is a cyborg.
He somehow survived being a living conductor for electricity from a high-voltage cable without being fried, then jumped from the building in BN 4, and in BN 5 he is alive enough to be Big Bad. Then during the finale of BN 5 he somehow got last 10 years of his memory wiped by overload of emotion data from Soul Net (with Wily's personal help in Team Colonel version). Given how his father - Dr. Wily was extremely antisocial and thus unlikely to have a real child (except for Regal's adoptive stepbrother - Baryl, and any possible mother for Regal is never mentioned) and he was a robotics expert, it makes too much sense.
  • He's likely a full Robot.
  • A line by Mayl at the end of BN6 suggests that Iris might have been based off Dr. Wily's wife.

If a BN7 is ever made, SplashWoman.EXE will be a badass Poseidon type
Because it would be cool to make what is unargueablly the most girly robot master after Clown Man into the most mascline Net Navi.
  • Alternatively, she will be one of those NetNavis that is almost identical to her original design, and WaveMan.EXE will be the badass Poseidon type instead.

Dr Regal exists in the original Mega Man universe.
Self-explanatory. Dr Regal would've been born prior to split that led to the Alternate History. Logically, this means that a version of him would exist in both realities. Who knows, that version of Dr Regal may have turned out decent. That, or he became the ancestor of Dr Weil.

Dr. Hikari either removed Hub.Bat during the transition to Battle Network 2 or his hypothesis was incorrect.
.It was explained that hub.bat could cause Lan to take damage that also happens to Mega Man because now they have 100% of the same DNA. However, Mega Man is borked a couple times throughout the series yet Lan doesn't appear to be suffering any ill effects that can't be linked to something happening in real life. Maybe he either removed it so that they wouldn't "sync", or it didn't do anything adverse.
  • The first guess is correct; it's said that Hub.BAT contains 0.001% of Hub's DNA (presumably containing the information of Hub's eyes, since MegaMan and Lan's eyes have different color). But aside from that, the reason why they removed said 0.001% is to prevent both of them from synchronizing.

Lan's grandfather is alive.
How could all that info relating to Gow and the Vision Bursts stay the same after 10 years? Especially with technology rapidly advancing? Lan's grandfather is not only alive, but put them there himself. He also sent Lan the info on Chaos Unison.
  • Or maybe he uploaded himself onto the internet ala X series capsules.

Mega Man Battle Network went through a Mega Man X phase before heading into Star Force, much like the original did.
So far, three X characters have appeared in Battle Network: Zero, Colonel, and Iris (the latter two from X4). The creation of Zero.exe even paralleled normal Zero's creation in the original timeline. Plus, Star Force is set far enough into the future for a minor "update" to occur. Therefore, much like the original begot X begot Zero begot ZX, Battle Network begot an X version before begetting Star Force.
  • Actually, some (including this editor) argue that Star Force itself is the X to Battle Network, based on the shift from a cheery, goofy hero to a much more pathos-filled protagonist and also the shift from "Adjectiveman" to "Adjective Animal".

Mega Man Battle Network has ties to several other universes with Cyberspace, and Net Navis were not originally created in their current form.
The world of Battle Netowrk is set in an alternate universe where Rubirules got his way, Digimon is an alternate universe of it during the late 90s and early 00s, and the Apps from TRON were adapted into Net Navis sometime between 199X and 200X. ReBoot's binomes are the ancestors of Mr. Progs, and Apps/Sprites/Net Navis are all one evolutionary chain.

Mega Man Star Force supports this by continuing the progress to the point where Net Navis can and do run the internet without human guidance. In response, humans have once again learned to do things manually. Or at least as manually as it gets when you only need to push a button.

However, not every Cyberspace ties into this, especially VR. .hack, for example, is completely unrelated to this guess.

Lan is actually a high-ranking official, who does most of his work undercover
This explains all the questionable continuity between the battle network games, along with his ridiculously implausible combat skill for a "civilian". Everything in a previous game did happen, and the people he fought or fought alongside remember him, but he tries to sweep his influence under the rug so the general public doesn't know how many times he's saved the world. He usually just lets his partner Chaud take the credit for his victories, which is why Chaud is idolized so much while Lan is forgotten. The reason he's so powerful, of course, is that thanks to his dad; he has access to all the latest technology months before it hits the market, not to mention his Navi being customized by the man who is in-universe recognized as possibly the best in his time in developing Navis. The reason he maintains his cover is so that he can enter the undernet without raising all sorts of alarms, which he has to do frequently (both while saving the world and in his between-time missions), not to mention being able to attend certain events like Net Battle competitions without raising eyebrows (which he does to supervise and to ensure no foul play, as they provide the perfect cover for villainous operations).

In BN 5, his past accomplishments are all a matter of record for Baryl/Chaud, high ranking officials, and are what gets him on the liberation team, but most low-ranking official navis aren't even allowed to know about him, which is why they still sometimes prevent him from going some places. In three, his cover was getting weak so he made sure Chaud was physically there alongside him both during the tournament arc and when he entered the Wily base; in six, his cover was completely blown in ACDC net and it became necessary to move to a new area where he wouldn't be recognized, which coincidentially hosted an event the officials suspected of gross sabotage. This theory requires allows you to reimagine many conversations in much more interesting ways, of course.

Chaud's status as a worthy rival and his seeming contempt for Lan have several causes. First, he views Lan's form of crimebusting as less pure, hiding behind a mask and letting others take his credit and as such be the recipients of any ill-will felt towards officials, while Chaud lives and dies by his skill alone. Second, taking credit for someone else's victories, even if you have your own, leaves a man terribly insecure, so he constantly wants to prove that he's better. Third, anything Lan does wrong will be seen by the public as something Chaud did wrong. And finally, there is the whole "friendly rivalry" thing; as top netbattlers, there's very few people either can fight who will give them a challenge but aren't going to be trying to kill them.

  • So every time Chaud calls Lan a civilian, he's taunting Lan about his methods?

Lan's Dad is the Operator of 'Copyman.EXE' from Mega Man Battle Network 3
There are actually two different theories from this, though both are related. In Battle Network 2, Lan had to battle several Navis from data collected by his father, the 'Navi Master'; Dr. Hikari Jr. being the creator of the modern-day Navis.

Theory 1: What MegaMan.EXE fought was actually Copyman.EXE, which later was fought in the 3rd game as a ranked Undernet combatant under the guise of Gutsman.EXE. Dr. Hikari made Copyman out of the battle data from other Navis; in order to keep this a secret, he never shows anyone his Navi directly (hence why you never see Lan's dad's Navi in any of the games). Lan's dad worked his way up the ranks of the Undernet ranking for the sake of research; the Heel Navi henchmen are either three of his assistants, or three Undernet Navis impressed with Copyman's skill. But, when he found out Lan was going up the ranks, he uses Copyman, under the guise of Gutsman, to test his son(s). Satified with their skill, he gave them his rank and let them continue, rather than changing to another form to try and wear Mega Man out.

Theory 2: There is no actual Copyman.EXE; Dr. Hikari simply uses the battle data of various Navis to make it look like there is one. Likewise, Copyman's three Heel Navi henchmen are simply pieces of battle data collected over the years. Since Gutsman.EXE showed up when he was ready to test Mega Man, he chose to use the battle data of Gutsman, calling itself Copyman, to challenge Mega Man.

Dr. Hikari has had no need to test his son after these events, hence why Copyman is never seen again.

Battle Network and Star Force are NOT a separate timeline; rather, they're the far future of Legends.
Following the Elder System's reactivation (and subsequent deactivation, whenever Legends 3 comes out), the Ancients are finally convinced that the Carbons have proven themselves the true humans of Terra, and assist them in rebuilding the old world while turning their own attentions to the stars. Evacuating the remnants of the Systems into deep space, they leave humanity to its own devices.

It is After Carbon Renewal 20XX. Faced with the decision between Wily's robotics technology and Tadashi Hikari's next-generation computer networking, the public unanimously votes "not this shit again."

Television programs such as "Caskett Kids" and "The Bonne Bunch" are considered historical fiction; accounts of the exploits of Legends' main players have been muddled by time.

As for the predilection towards the ancient Robot Masters as NetNavis, only a madman like Wily would bother dredging up memories of the old, bitter wars by basing a Navi off a Reploid. Similarly, the Zero Virus (later Zero.EXE) is a derivative of the X-series version, only recently adapted to the Battle Network internet by the unhealthily obsessed Professor.

  • It follows that the power source of the Dark Chips was really Evil Energy, which is why Duo was around. Duo has apparently lost his body, leaving only his programming, and has since resorted to guiding Colony Drops onto planets with Evil Energy, as he lacks the physical form necessary for precision seek-and-destroy.
  • The Ancienct Continent of Mu mentioned in Star Force II was most likely a Reploid nation (possibly Reploid/Human hybrid nation), which is why sole survivor Solo was ostracized — he wasn't entirely human, and the carbons recognized that, as he would at the least feel off somehow. Possibly, they even recognized that he was a reploid, and hated him for the destruction his kind wrought in legends.
  • The wave technology pioneered by Mu, which was not apparent in the X or Zero series, indicates that Mu developed during or after the ZX period, and as such Mu likely fell due to the same population crash that took out the rest of the original populace of Earth, and their still-fairly-experimental wave technology was lost with them before it would spread far enough for Trigger/Volnut to have found or known of it.
    • Alternatively, Trigger did know about Wave technology, and as such, Data did too. Data simply didn't think it would be useful, so he didn't see reason to tell his amnesiac main body about it.
      • The reason that Volnutt-Trigger knew about it was because Mu was the part of Elysium that housed the civilian beings that lived there, excluding Volnutt-Trigger, Juno, Serra, and The Master.
    • Seriously, this theory is awesome. Who wrote this one? Come out of the mists, fine troper — and yes, I'm being serious here. Honestly, this could make an awesome fanfic someday. Reveal yourself, you clever brain!

Battle Network navis actually have rigidly defined "in" and "out" of combat states.
The combat system was originally designed as a specific additional function of the Navis, intended to be used to remove viruses, and is completely separate from normal functioning. The abilities one has within and without have only cosmetic (if any) bearing on each other. Most custom Navis have some nifty custom abilities for out-of-combat use, such as creating bubble walls or flight, and most have some level of out-of-formal-combat attack. Mega Man happens to be optimized solely for combat, so while he is invincible in combat, outside he can't even break down a simple door or pop bubbles without help from a less specialized ally (ANY ally), as his chip attacks are as unavailable to him as they are to us. Nor can he fight multiple opponents, even though even a weakling like Gutsman can take out three in one attack in number three. Protoman, on the other hand, is probably more deadly outside formal combat than inside. This is, to be frank, the only way we can possibly justify things like Videoman's ability to "pause" Mega Man or Proto Man's numerous one-hit-defeats.
  • One interesting example: In battle, Ice Man has the power to create ice; out of battle, Iceman can only remove ice. It's funny to imagine that Iceman had to "engage in battle" with all those floors and machines until they were "fatally frozen".
  • As an extension/evolution of this, it's actually the antivirus of the PET; the Fight Woosh is actually Lan loading the viruses that Mega Man picks up into the arena to kill them. This is why it always looks like the same place when you're fighting: it is the same place. It's also used to have Navis fight each other in one-on-one combat, but criminals quickly figured out ways to send viruses or even their own Navi into another PET as a hacking attempt, which could end badly if the opponent fights back. Furthermore, Mega Man's pure focus on antivirus abilities is due to his Replacement Goldfish status, as losing him would not just be like losing a son, but would literally be losing a son, albeit a son that already died long ago. Protoman, on the other hand, is meant to apprehend criminals, meaning he would greatly benefit from being able to simply attack criminals directly instead of mucking about with an antivirus.

Yai's, Maylu's, and Dex's net navis were created from the recessed parts of the other one's personality
Dex, Yai, and Maylu decided to sign up to give away some of their personality so they could receive perfect Netnavis. Dex's hidden nice personality went to create Glyde.EXE, Yai's hidden hot personality went to Roll.EXE, and finally Maylu's hidden tough personality went to create Gutsman.EXE. Then finally when it was done, the netnavis that were created went to the person that their personalities came from. Glyde.EXE for Dex, Roll.EXE for Yai, and Gutsman.EXE for Maylu. Then the trio traded netnavis cause they were unhappy with the ones they received.

ProtoMan.EXE is Proto Man
Or at least he was based off of the blueprints Dr.Hikari/Light's son found. Dr.Hikari/Light's son would no doubt keep blue prints he found after his father died. Chaud, being an Offical Net Op ,would see these blueprints and programmed his own Navi based off of them,while keeping the name Proto Man.

The Dark Chips are solidified forms of the Classic series' Evil Energy.
We know that both the Classic and BN universes had the same history up until the government decided to fund Light's network research instead of Wily's robotics; that was the point the timelines diverged. Since Evil Energy is ancient, it should logically exist in the BN universe. Regal discovered the Evil Energy and manufactured it into Dark Chips.Related to this, Duo.exe is the same being as Classic!Duo since he also existed before the split, but he's adopting a different form - one more fitting for a network world than a robotic one. And he's much more harsh about his methods because the Evil Energy/Dark Chips are more plentiful in the BN universe than in the Classic series.
  • It works. After all, the advent of Evil Energy/Dark Chips coincides with the first appearance of Duo and Duo.exe. Similarly, in the classic series, Duo takes on the form of a comet at one point.

The Lord of Chaos is the reason we have the Battle Network 4 and 5 games.
Dr. Regal didn't digitize man's evil soul and turn it into Nebula Grey, he somehow managed to interface with Murkland/Nebula Area (it's been called Murkland at LEAST since BN 3 - just ask Serenade) with Laser Man (or without, no me importa), where he encountered the raging monstrosity called the Lord of Chaos, who granted him a concentrated form of his power in the form of the creature called Nebula Grey (either an extension of the Lord of Chaos, or his little brother, no me importa). The force we call Dark power is actually Chaos, which is not inherently evil but is just to much for most Navis to control, and it eventually overrides them until they become wraiths under his control. Regal, brilliant as he was, was powerless against the Chaos, to the point where it's now acceptable for him to be such a Card-Carrying Villain. Fill in the details.

NetNavis that appear in BN7 will include...
  • BrickMan.EXE will be the Navi of Patch's best friend (assuming that BN7 takes place in the future).
  • StrikeMan.EXE will be a good Navi belonging to an Ameropean Baseball player/secret Official Netbattler. He won't be vastly different from the original, other than having an actual head with a FlashMan.EXE style faceplate and a nifty hat, and generally being slimmer like a real baseball player.
  • GalaxyMan.EXE will be a neutral Navi who's very faithful to his original counterpart, being barely changed at all like CutMan.EXE.
  • CrashMan.EXE will be an evil Navi who's an example of the Mad Bomber. He'll mostly be unchanged aside from looking a little less human.
  • JewelMan.EXE will be a good Navi who has a Leeron Expy as his NetOp. Similarly, he'd be Camp Gay in appearance.
  • OilMan.EXE will be an evil Navi belonging to a Corrupt Corporate Executive that secretly works for the Big Bad. He'd have the Unfortunate Implications removed from his appearance by being mostly composed of digital oil, granting him some shapeshifting abilities.
  • TimeMan.EXE will be a good Navi that resembles a grandfather clock and Father Time. His NetOp will be an expy of the Tenth Doctor, and hail from Creamland.
  • Marino.EXE will be a good Navi closely resembling her Mega Man X: Command Mission counterpart. She'll be more physically mature than the other female Navis so far, and her NetOp would masquerade as a Sensei-chan by day and be a ninja by night.
  • Cinnamon.EXE will belong to a girl about Lan's age from Creamland. She'd have her angelic features played up a bit more, and generally be Moe.
  • Vile.EXE will belong to The Dragon, and be very faithful to his X-series design, only bulkier. NitroMan.EXE will be a solo Navi who is a high-ranking official of the organization.
  • PirateMan.EXE will now have a beard and belong to one of the villains.
  • RadioMan.EXE will be an Original Generation NetNavi that belongs to one of the villains, and is generally a walking boombox. Think Soundwave.
  • ConcreteMan.EXE and HornetMan.EXE will be Navis belonging to industrial workers; a construction worker and beekeeper respectively. HornetMan.EXE will be extensively redesigned (think HeatMan.EXE in comparison to Heat Man).
  • BondMan.EXE Will be a neutral Navi belonging to an Otaku who pieces together model kits. Alternatively, PlugMan.EXE will be the Navi of an Otaku and BondMan.EXE will be a legendary Navi no one's ever seen, like Bond Man in the main Mega Man continuity.
  • ClownMan.EXE will be an evil NetNavi and will still have an electrical theme. He will be built out of data from the destroyed ColorMan.EXE and CircusMan.EXE, and will belong to Ms. Madd's teenage daughter, Star Kraven Madd.
  • FrostMan.EXE will be an evil Navi who looks a lot like Avalanche Yeti. He'll also have a heavy snowman theme.
  • BladeMan.EXE and DynamoMan.EXE will be counterpart Soul/Cross options for the paired versions. BladeMan.EXE will look more like Knight Man than KnightMan.EXE does, but will use a sword and not a flail.
  • ChillMan.EXE, and SolarMan.EXE will be more Soul/Cross options, belonging to older friends of Patch's from the local high school. ChillMan.EXE will look like scrapped designs for Chill Man from MM10, and his NetOp will be the stereotypical "Cool" kid (get it?). SolarMan.EXE's NetOp will be a beach-going party girl, and each will be respective to each version of the game.
  • CentaurMan.EXE will be another Soul/Cross option, belonging to a girl from the Battle Network Universe's version of Greece who wants to be a horseback rider. He will take up 2 spaces on the Battle Grid instead of the usual 1, but will have a useful charge attack that destroys any viruses in his path. His counterpart in the other version will be a new Navi with no Robot Master counterpart, something cool like EnergyMan.EXE.
  • SplashWoman.EXE, TornadoMan.EXE, and HardMan.EXE will be members of Sigma's organization that pull Heel-Face Turns later in the story.
  • Sigma.EXE will be the Big Bad, as a man who uploaded his consciousness into a blank Navi so he could live forever.
  • Axl.EXE will be a NetNavi belonging to a secret organization devoted to taking down Sigma. Also, Data from Network Transmission's Zero.EXE will be used to create a new version of Zero that more closely resembles his Reploid counterpart.
  • BurstMan.EXE will be a fire-using Navi working with Axl.EXE.
  • Patch's Navi, MegaManJunior.EXE will be christened "X.EXE" at some time, temporarily or permanently as a Mythology Gag.
  • CrystalMan.EXE will be the Final Boss, a Dragon Ascendant type character who is transformed into a mass of pure evil named Arcanos.EXE. CrystalMan.EXE will be differentiated from JewelMan.EXE by being a powerful sorcery-user, unlike MagicMan.EXE and HatMan.EXE, who rely on magic tricks.
  • Lumine.EXE will be a secret boss, like Bass from many previous MMBN games.
  • GeminiMan.EXE will be a link to the Mega Man Star Force series - an FM-ian disguised as a NetNavi who foreshadows what happens 200 years later. Because, y'know, his Robot Master counterpart's stage was by far one of the weirdest in all of Mega Man, and Gemini is the name of an FM-ian in Star Force...
  • MagmaMan.EXE will be the navi of an aging Match...Or a descendant of his.

I love that part with Sigma.EXE. In the entire series, Hub was the only one who has undergone Brain Uploading, and it would be interesting for someone to become a Solo Navi with the technology.

Lan is Dr. Light as a kid
Being the year 20XX doesn't really explain any sense of continuity, hikari means light in Japanese, and the counterpart has no real connection to Dr. Light other than looks, and being Lan's grandpa, Lan will likely look like him in his later years. After the whole Star Force thing is over, Lan starts building robots and bases one off his brother's net navi form, and while his former colleague starts wreaking havoc, then Mega Man starts coming to the rescue.
  • I'm pretty sure Star Force is something like 200 years after Battle Network, long after Lan's lifetime.
  • I actually havent played star force, ive only seen some similar gameplay and the Did you know Gaming episode, i just kinda thought it was a sequel to the series

Bass and Zero fought with each other
When we meet Bass in Network Transmission, he states at first his disbelief that MegaMan defeated Zero. This pretty much must mean that he meet the Navi-like virus, and has some degree of respect towards Zero. Bass might've wanted to kill Zero, and absorb his data, to gain the his ability to spread the Zero-Virus, and to combine their evolution programs. But Zero proven to strong to defeat, ending the fight in a stalemate, or Bass losing, but being spared by Zero.

Nebula Grey is Megaman's true evil counterpart.
Think about it, it makes sense. What is Megaman in this continuity? The eldest son and brother of the Hikari family brought back to life as what can only be described as the cyber world's Jesus.

What is Nebula Grey? The digitized form of Man's evil, and essentially the cyber world's devil.

Neither cam TRULY be killed or fully destroyed, as they both remain as long as they're within people's hearts. (If Megaman were truly dead in BN 3, then Lan would've died too.) Both were human in some form before being digitized onto the Net, both command god-like power, and both were digitized by the son of the driving force of the series (Tadashi created Net Society, Wily created WWW, and Yuichiro and Regal are their respective sons.)

Starman.EXE was a victim of the zero virus.
Possibly a diffrent "strain" created to help distribute the virus, or some such. It was assumed he was distributing it of his own free will since the victoms all went beserk rather than remaining calm as he , so he was deleted. His more excitible personality from 4.5 is what he was like before being infected.

Dr. Wily was in love with Baryl's father.
  • Although Dr. Wily had a son with somebody else in the form of Dr. Regal, this WMG would make a lot of his behavior make much more sense. Dr. Wily lost all hope in humanity when Baryl's father died. A Heterosexual Life-Partner is one thing, but the fact that Dr. Wily completely LOST IT when Baryl's father died (to the point of modifying his greatest creation so as to not have compassion anymore, and later planning on destroying all of Net civilization with the Cybeasts), raising a few eyebrows. The main suspect thing here, however, is how Dr. Wily showed favoritism to Baryl while neglecting his biological son, Regal. If Dr. Wily was The Beard to some woman he didn't love, it would make a lot of sense that he'd take better care of Baryl and not Regal - Regal would be a reminder of his place in society and his fake marriage to someone he didn't care for, while Baryl would seem to him like the son he never had with his true love. This is not to make Dr. Wily seem like a Depraved Homosexual, but the shoe does fit, so...

Duo.EXE is an Fm-ian from Star Force.
  • After all, it would make the whole "programs from Space" thing make a lot more sense... and many people have been speculating that he may return in Star Force... The same may apply to PlanetMan.EXE.

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