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Trivia / Leroy & Stitch

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  • Acting for Two: Chris Sanders voices not only Stitch, but also his Evil Counterpart Leroy.
  • Bonus Episode: The DVD contains the Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode "Link" as a bonus feature. Notably, "Link" was the only episode at the time of Leroy & Stitch's premiere that hadn't aired on TV yet. It would air as the final episode of the show the following month.
  • Direct-to-Video: This film was released on television first but it's often treated as a direct-to-video film by outside sources (including IMDb) because of its DVD release just four days later.
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  • First Appearance: This movie introduced a whole bunch of new experiments that never appeared in The Series, but only a couple of them (X-001/Shrink and X-123/Carmen) would reappear for more significant appearances in the Stitch! anime. Also, since Link (X-251)'s episode hadn't aired yet back at the time of Leroy & Stitch's premiere, this film also marks his first appearance.
  • Screwed by the Network: Director Tony Craig has stated in interviews that he believes Disney mishandled the release of this film. (Although, he avoided going into any real specifics on this matter.)
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: Before Leroy & Stitch's release, Experiment 625 being named "Reuben" was spoiled by some Lilo & Stitch Flash games and his character profile on Disney Channel's website, as well as in various storybooks.


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