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  • Blooper: After the Time Skip, while Nuna and Thorani are not in your party, Nuna will still show up when talking with Hunoch and Xiboch, and Thorani will when talking with Baozhai. The same thing happens when saying your final goodbyes if you talk to Nuna before Hunoch and Xiboch.
  • Development Gag: In Port Maerifa, an NPC named "Lenny the Ukulele Bard" says "I'm saving up to go on an adventure! I only have 1,000 gold right now though... maybe if I save up 10,000 gold I can even join YOU!"— This is a nod to the crowdfunding campaign to kickstart the game itself, where one reward for pledging 10,000 dollars was to have a character of your own be among the playable roster, whereas a 1,000 dollar pledge would have a character be an NPC, like the bard.
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  • Orphaned Reference: The game has many hints and references to (formerly) planned future content that was cancelled due to Lab Zero Games' closure. Most notable is an NPC in Port Maerifa talking about how "some guy with a shovel" will likely show up soon... he will never arrive.
  • The Other Marty: In the playable prototype:
  • Schedule Slip: The game was set for 2018 but the animation and coding took a lot longer then the team had expected, so it was pushed to 2019 to allow them more time to polish up some features. It was eventually released on October 8th, 2019. There was no word on the progress of the additional characters, guest characters, and the Kickstarter submissions for most of the following year... right up until October of 2020, when Lab Zero Games suddenly imploded due to the controversy involving MikeZ. All planned content was cancelled in the fallout.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Due to Lab Zero Games being shut down and at least one IP holder backing after a messy falling out with MikeZ, all planned future content for Indivisible — including Antoine, Sangmu, the guest fighters, and the Kickstarter backer submissions — was unceremoniously scrapped in October 2020.
    • The game was going to have an Animated Adaptation developed and streamed online by Peacock. However, the closure of Lab Zero Games happened when the program was still in pre-production and the show is presumed to be cancelled.

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