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Nightmare Fuel / Indivisible

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  • In the first backer demo, Ajna and Roti are still doing their usual thing that they do in the prototype: i.e, Ajna approaches Roti, Roti runs away and Anna pursues, either calling for Roti to wait or expressing Frustration by groaning and saying “Not again...” There’s one time this whole routine is subverted. You enter a shrine full of eerie blue torches. Okay, a little spooky, but nothing too bad yet. After scaling a wall you see Roti and somehow something seems... off. But you approach anyway and suddenly “Roti... wait...!” You hear an unnatural, ethereal voice fill the room instead of Ajna’s usual pleas to the tapir. It wasn’t Roti, but a boss in disguise. The sheer subversion and unexpectedness of it all can catch the player off guard pretty badly, especially if you were playing alone at night and weren’t prepared to have a spooky voice invade your eardrums. Somewhat eased when you hear the boss utter “Not Again...” after you beat him.

    • The updated demo is even better!. As you stumble upon the area expecting to meet the wizard again, you notice the place has a lot more spider webs than before, and strangely enough, the wizard is gone... You notice there's a hole in the path that naturally you decide to jump into... Several more webs slow down you fall and then you reach a cave entrance where you see pretas running from, obviously scared for their lives. Ajna decides to head for the cave regardless and not long after entering, this thing just jumps on you. No cutscene or anything, it just attacks right away! Even worse, it is the boss that introduces having several life bars and once you manage to hurt it enough to empty one, the monster will just disengage and attack you from above, dropping acid on you, body-slam you again or straight up ram into you. Oh, and it screeches the whole time.

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