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Considering that the fate of the world is at stake here, everything eventually comes to something awesome.

  • The very beginning of the game, where the four heroes seal Kala away.
  • Ajna's discovery of her powers begins with fighting Dhar to a standstill. Not bad when you consider she's going bare hands against a long sword.
  • Ajna leaps from Ravannavar's doomed fortress, hoping something saves her (like some giant bird). Guess what? Altun the Roc comes to her rescue, courtesy of Kushi.
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  • The true final boss fight, where you survive everything Kala throws at you until she gives up.


  • One for Lab Zero themselves is their prototype for the game and the amount of polish that it has. They made an incredibly polished demo before they even started their crowdfunding campaign. They wanted to do something more than present an idea for a game so they could justify the amount of money they were asking for and they delivered.
    • To add on to this, the prototype currently currently has a New Game +, a Developer's Room, and a Bonus Boss with the latter two requiring you to climb back out of the hole where the prototype's boss is.
    • Also in classic Lab Zero fashion, they're going to be updating the prototype constantly based on community feedback.
    • During a Skullgirls stream, Mike Z said he worked 90 freaking hours a week on the prototype. That's, like, almost four days' worth of time. D-did he even sleep?
  • Indie Gogo campaign highlights:
    • Indie Gogo extended the deadline by 20 days after $900,000 was reached with three days to go before the initial deadline.
    • The $1,500,000 goal was finally reached with around 2-3 days to go before the new and final deadline.
    • 505 Games stated they would add $2,000,000 to the development costs if the Indie Gogo campaign was successful. That is now a reality.
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    • The first stretch goal of $1,650,000 (additional music) was reached before the campaign closed.
    • The second stretch goal of $1,900,000 (animated opening) was reached on December 24, 2015.
      • Nearly a year later, they revealed who the mystery animé studio who would work on the intro was, it's Studio Trigger.
    • The third strech goal of 2 million (full Voice acting in the game, not just battles) was reached in March 2017.

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