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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • While most of the redesigns were well received, fan response to the new Vasco was overwhelmingly negative. While it was generally agreed that the new look wasn't bad, it looked far too different from the old Vasco and completely removed the edgy mercenary cowboy vibe that made the first design popular. The developers responded by changing the redesign into a new character named Latigo and making the original Vasco an NPC.
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    • When Leilani was revealed, Hawaiian fans complained that her costume was much more tourist-Hawaiian than authentic Hawaiian. In her redesign, her grass skirt (which despite being associated with Hawaii in popular consciousness is actually Micronesian) was replaced with a more accurate netting skirt in response.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Razmi, who's popular for her snarky goth girl personality. She also has received a lot more fanart than every other character yet seen, with perhaps the exception of Ajna. Naturally the updated Backer Preview has her acting as Ajna's snarky Lancer and she's one of the characters with the most dialogue.
    • Ren also gets a lot of love from fans for his Pretty Boy design.
    • Naga Rider, being a big tokusatsu (more specifically Kamen Rider) homage riding what is essentially an Iddhi powered bike.
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    • Phoebe, who manages to be an Amazonian Beauty AND a Big Beautiful Woman at the same time, and according to updates, is a Boisterous Bruiser archer who uses a freaking spear as an arrow and wrestling moves. Oh, and she's a mom.
    • Antoine's updated look gave him a LOT of fans. Not bad considering several people thought his original design was bland, and that was axed from the game, with Latigo seemingly taking his initial rapier concept.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Skullgirls Artbook showed a scrapped character named George, who had a dragon motif. Fastforward to Indivisible, made by the same people, and one of the characters is a dragon-slaying knight with the same name...who got scrapped again.
  • Spiritual Successor: At least in gameplay, to Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid.

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