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Some of the Incarnations will turn out to be Dead All Along.
  • Technically confirmed: Xiboch is dead before meeting Ajna.

Ajna will temporarily suffer a Heroic BSoD or Demonic Possession at one point.
Which will lead to her dropping out of the party temporarily, while her Incarnations explore her Inner Realm to find the source of her problems, defeat it, and cause her to get much stronger.
  • Jossed: Ajna is the point of view character. When she's knocked out for about a week, the game does a Time Skip.
    • Actually confirmed considering what caused her to get knocked out in the first place: Transforming into an Eldritch Abomination and being replaced by Dhar for the time being. Albeit only for one battle.

Yan will be a Kick Chick.
First of all, she's canonically tailored her fighting style to her disability. Secondly, she's canonically a
dancer...but she's wearing some awfully weighty-looking shoes for that. (Relevant to both her vocation and said shoes: you would not want a dancer to kick you even if they were barefoot.) And finally: She's Got Legs. All of the above suggest a specialist Kick Chick.

The ending will involve Ajna absorbing the antagonist.
She'll trap the Big Bad in her Inner Realm, thus making it Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can.
  • Jossed: Ajna instead invades Kala's Inner Realm and is absorbed by her - but on Ajna's terms.

Leilani, as part of her character arc, will be allowed to return home by the end of the game.
The game is called Indivisible, right? Going with the name of the game, her and her twin sister are indivisible, and will be allowed to see each other again after all is said and done.
  • Confirmed, though only after the Big Bad is defeated.

Sangmu has autism.
Wait: autistic Sangmu isn't canon?
  • One recent game stream had Mike Z say Sangmu being autistic was "hella canon" (to quote him) so yeah, it is!

Each of the guest incarnations will have a sidequest based on their home games.
With references to said home games, and hopefully optional bosses from those home games (The Black Knight or Enchantress from Shovel Knight, Calaca from Guacamelee, Marie from Skullgirls, Risky Boots from Shantae...).

Someone will say "It shall be engraved upon your soul!"
Valkyrie Profile is such a big influnece and it's such a great line...

A sidequest will revolve around finding out who's Ginseng and who's Honey.
They're currently The Dividual, and going by the theme of the game, they will become "individual" and be able to be told apart.

Dhar has a Dark and Troubled Past and will eventually pull a full Heel–Face Turn.
His character and even his very design screams honorable but antagonistic character. Maybe something awful happened to him and he was taken in by Lord Ravannavar, explaining his loyalty to him.Something will happen later causing the Lord to become a Broken Pedestal and Dhar will end up joining Ajna (possibly after a Heroic BSoD part where he's unavailable) not out of necessity but willingly.
  • Confirmed.

If the incarnations cannot leave Ajna, there will be conflict revolving around this.
Considering certain incarnations have lives beyond their roles as a hero (Phoebe's family, Zebei's hometown), there would obviously be problems regarding them never being able to revisit them unless Ajna goes herself.
  • Jossed: The closest to this is when Ajna is knocked out, allowing several incarnations to leave and try addressing the problems Ajna has worsened.

Latigo's personal quest will revolve around him dealing with the consequences of leaving his regiment.
Going AWOL (notice how his description mentions he "deserted" it) in a group of soldiers serving the Iron Kingdom wouldn't be something that comes with no consequences.
  • Confirmed: He has to deal with his old comrades.

Ajna is Loka's equivalent of the Avatar
  • Like Aang and Korra, she's a martial artist, who has numerous incarnations (likely to be her past lives) and can draw upon elemental powers; including the ability to heal. Her Heruka form may even be her equivalent of the Avatar state, wherein she uses all their powers combined.
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  • Jossed: Her powers aren't really elemental, nor is Ajna herself a reincarnation, but instead a piece of the Big Bad who got a chance to grow up as a human.

Some of Toko's old concepts will be reused with Qadira.
Seeing as how they're both similar in vague concept (masked women who enter the battlefield for the sake of/a purpose regarding their sibling (siblings in Toko's case)) and the devs don't seem to be below reusing certain aspects of cut characters (such as Antoine looking to be merged with George), it would be easy to slip some of the things regarding Toko into Qadira without much issue.

The hearts display is a display of general bonding and affiny Anja has towards an incarnation.
It relates to getting stronger as the more affinity/etc Anja has, the more power/etc the incarnation could pull from. Given Dhar's early actions, it's only natural for him to have negative hearts.

Ajna and Kala's fusion at the end is like with Piccolo and Kami.
Ajna being the dominant personality, with Kala as some sort of Spirit Advisor.

In case of a sequel, justifications for Bag of Spilling.
  • Related to the above WMG, Ajna and Kala reincarnating together somehow did a number on the former's powers.
  • Ajna having sold most of her equipment for food and building supplies for Ashwat Village's reconstruction.

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