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Tear Jerker / Indivisible

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For a story surrounding a really upbeat cast of characters, Indivisible comes with some of the most sad ways to get the plot going.

  • The very start of the game. Right after Ajna spars with her dad, Indr, the Navar Army torches Ashwat. To make it worse, Indr gets mortally wounded by Dhar. Ajna can only share a few moments with her father just before he passes away. And then she angrily attacks Dhar, sparking the very first real fight in the main story.
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  • Dhar suffers a silent breakdown when he finds that everything he believed up until Ravannavar showed his true nature was total bunk to get Dhar and everyone else in the Navar Army to massacre innocent people. It's worse because Dhar once viewed Ravannavar as a fatherly figure, only for the latter to just casually dismiss him as expendable.
  • Dhar's death. He was just beginning to turn his life around only to find Ajna nearly destroying the place as collateral during the first encounter with Kala. Knowing that Ajna would continue destroying things unless she got a shock to her senses, Dhar takes one of her attacks and gets obliterated. His sword is all that's left, and now it's his grave marker.
  • Kampan's backstory. She took up the dirty work just to support her sick parents, who died before Ajna ever got close to the Iron Kingdom.
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  • Kala's entire reason for trying to reset the world: she guilt-trips herself over people's suffering and wants to make a perfect world where nobody has to go through heart-breaking agony. She's well aware that her constant resets beget said suffering, which only hammers her guilt in more.

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