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Trivia / Heavenly Creatures

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  • Colbert Bump: The film launched heavy interest in what became of the two girls, and resulted in the very quick discovery that Juliet was none other than mystery writer Anne Perry.
  • Dawson Casting: Avoided. Both leads were teenage actresses.
  • In Memoriam: Producer Jim Booth passed away shortly after the production was complete. The film is dedicated to his memory.
  • Method Acting: Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet were so strongly into their roles that they would interact with each other as their characters off screen.
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  • Referenced by...: The Simpsons episode "Lisa the Drama Queen" was inspired by this story, with Lisa befriending a young girl named Juliet Hobbes. Together, the two girls invent the fantasy world of Equalia. Unlike Pauline, though, Lisa eventually decides she'd rather live in the real world.
  • Star-Making Role: For Kate Winslet.


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