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  • Actor Allusion:
  • All-Star Cast: Curiously enough and for a movie like this, the Japanese dub has a quite stellar voice cast of many regular Anime voice actors, such as Yūki Kaji (Dug), Miyuki Sawashiro (Goona), Hochu Otsuka (Lord Nooth), Keiko Toda (Queen Oofeefa), Kōichi Yamadera (Brian and Bryan), Junichi Suwabe (Jurgend), Kenyuu Horiuchi (The Message Bird and The Doll Maker), plus many others.
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  • Box Office Bomb: The film has only grossed about $54 million worldwide on a $50 million budget.
  • Channel Hop: Minor example regarding US distribution; Lionsgate is handling distribution for this film, like they did for Shaun the Sheep Movie, but this one will specifically be released under their Summit Entertainment label.
  • Screwed by the Network: The film got this treatment in the United Kingdom and the United States due to it opening up against highly-anticipated releases. In the UK, it opened against Coco, and in the United States, it opened against Black Panther, which had the biggest winter opening weekend for a film of all time.
  • What Could Have Been: Had they not broken off their five-picture deal early, this would have been the fourth collaboration between Aardman and Dreamworks Animation after Flushed Away and would have been about the discovery of fire. Instead, both parties broke off and did their own cave man movies, with DreamWorks doing The Croods and Aardman doing this film.
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  • Write What You Know: Many of the gags, such as Dug picking up the soccer ball and throwing it when it lands at his feet, were based on Nick Park's own shortcomings when playing soccer as a child.


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