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  • The official teaser has Dug and Hognob hunting a rabbit with tense music playing, Dug prepares himself and the music builds up...but then:
    Dug: Ugh, (turns towards audience) you lot are really putting me off!
    (reveals that Dug's tribe was making the music the entire time, some of them can be heard saying sorry, Dug looks bewildered and Hognob then taps Dug's shoulder)
    Dug: Wait, no not now Hognob.
    (Hognob points towards the bunny, who bares its fangs)
    (Cut to Dug and Hognob running for their lives as the tribe plays Flight of the Bumblebee while also being chased by the killer rabbit, all of them crash into a boulder which forms the movie's logo)
    (Cut to killer rabbit with a horn. Rabbit plays the "Wah wah waaah" sound effect, then, after the first two parts, gets smashed by a rock and proceeds to finish the last part)
  • The official trailer has gems like:
    • The first few seconds:
    Dug: Chief!
    Chief Bognar: Wha-wha?! (wakes up startled, gets hit with a primitive version of Newton's Cradle, and lands on the floor)
    Dug: Time to go hunting!
    Bognar: Bit early, innit Dug?
    • When Dug is outed as a caveman:
    Lord Nooth: A caveman?!
    Referee: A caveman?!
    Entire stadium audience: A CAVEMAN?!
    • This:
    Dug: If we win, we can have our valley back!
    Bognar: And if we don't beat them?
    Dug: We'll spend the rest of our lives w-working down a mine.
    Tribeman: NOOOOOOOOOOO–! (stops midway) ...what's a mine?
  • The domestic trailer has some cute bits too. For example:
    Bronze Age woman: Sliced bread? Wow! That's the greatest thing since, well, ever!

    The movie 
  • Funny Background Event abounds in this movie. Just as an example, when Hognob is giving Lord Nooth a massage (It Makes Sense in Context), the headline on the newspaper he's reading reads "Woad Rage."
  • Doug tripping over a "Trip Hazard" stand and falling down three flights of auditorium seats. (This was shown in the trailer, but the movie extends it longer and funnier)
  • The scenes with the Queen's message bird. First, the bird repeats word by word the conversation between the Queen and her aide about how to "record" a message. Then Lord Nooth makes a bad comment about the Queen and the bird takes it as a reply message to her. The bird returns after Lord Nooth expresses his hope that the Queen doesn't find out the cavemen invented football.
  • When the Queen finally shows up, Lord Nooth thinks it's the bird again.
  • When the Queen asks why Goona can't play soccer, Lord Nooth starts to say, "Because she's a girl", but sees the Queen glaring at him so he changes it to "great player".
  • The rabbit blowing raspberries at the cavemen.
  • When Lord Nooth mentions something about "many moons", a cave painting is seen of lots of cave people mooning.
  • When someone refers to the cave drawings of Dug's tribe's ancestors losing at football as "those terrible drawings", the Chief says, "They are terrible, aren't they? I can draw better than that."
  • "It turns out your tribe were totally crap at football."
  • When Nooth give his orders:
    Nooth: Take [Dug] away and kill him. (audience gasps) Slowly.
    (The guards proceed to take Dug...slowly)
    Nooth: Argh! No, I mean take him away at normal speed and kill him slowly, idiots!
  • The zebra crossing made of an actual zebra pelt.
  • The shop signs, including "Flint Eastwood" and "Jurassic Pork".
  • The Overly Long Gag of the doors closing.
  • Lord Nooth's broad French accent.
  • After Hognob escapes after pretending to be Lord Nooth's masseur Stefano:
    Stefano: Sire, are you all right?
    Nooth (in a mincing humilated tone): Of course I'm not alright, you idiot! I've just been massaged by a pig!
  • This exchange:
    Gravelle (with her arm raised): Chief?
    Chief Bobnar: Yes, Gravelle?
    Gravelle: When I put my arm up, it hurts.
    Chief Bobnar (annoyed): Well, don't do it, then!
  • One of the cavemen has a thick Geordie accent.
  • At the end of the movie, the tribe are back in the valley along with Goona hunting a mammoth, and all appear to be ready to strike...until the mammoth's shadow appears to rear up and sends them all packing. Bonus points to the rabbit for scaring them away with little more than shadow puppetry.

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