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Trivia / Detroit: Become Human

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  • Acting for Two:
    • Neil Newbon does the motion capture and voice work for Elijah Kamski and Gavin Reed.
    • Amelia Rose Blaire did the motion capture for some and voices all the Tracis.
    • Audrey Boustani did the motion capture and voice work for both Alice and Emma Philips.
    • Ben Lambert performed both Daniel and Simon.
  • Big Name Fan: Taro Yoko has tweeted that he has played the game and enjoyed it.
  • Billing Displacement: Despite her character having the least playable sections and having the least relevance to the android revolution, Valorie Curry, who plays Kara, gets top billing.
  • Casting Gag:
  • Children Voicing Children: Alice and Emma Philips were voiced and portrayed by child actress Audrey Boustani, who was around the same age as her characters. It was also her sole acting credit.
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  • Fake American: Neil Newborn is English, but he uses an American accent for both Gavin and Kamski.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly, the respective actors of Markus and North, were in a romantic relationship in real life until January of 2018, a few months before the game was released.
    • Bryan Dechart (Connor) and Amelia Rose Blaire (blue-haired Traci) got engaged in June 2017 and wed a month after the game's release.
  • Role Reprise: Valorie Curry plays Kara in both the game and the 2012 tech demo.
  • Romance on the Set: Subverted; Bryan Dechart (Connor) and Amelia Rose Blaire (Tracy) got married after the game ended, but they were already in a relationship before they were cast in their respective roles.
  • Throw It In!: According to Bryan Dechart, a few of the scenes in Connor's story were ad-libbed, among others Connor's wink and Hank slapping Connor's face when he doesn't pull him up the ledge during the chase scene.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • One of the commercial spots has Connor deactivate his skin, which never happens in the game, though does indicate that it was considered.
    • Originally, the room of pigeons was supposed to be full of sparrows, but Bryan Dechart pointed out that no one hates sparrows.
    • According to David Cage, there was a fourth player character (who he declined to identify) in earlier versions of the game script that had to be cut because he felt it would be impossible to fit them into the game with the level of story branching he had planned.
    • Giving Markus love interests other than North was considered for a time, but due to the amount of hassle it would be to program in it was never implemented.
    • Since androids can communicate nonverbally via wireless connection, an early idea of the game was to have them always communicate this way. However, the team realized that characters "talking" to each other without their faces moving was emotionally stunted and overall just odd. Non-verbal communication only becomes a major element in the story branch that sees Kara and Alice sent to an android death camp.
    • Cage considered giving the player the option of who would lead a revolution out of Kara, Connor, and Markus—Kara would take up the responsibility if Markus and Alice died. However, Alice was established as pivotal to Kara's story, and it overall would have had too many possibilities.
    • Concept art notes for Kara say that she—a "housewife model"—takes care of a single father and his mute child. Notably, Alice is very quiet for her first couple of scenes in the completed game.
    • Alice was originally intended to be a human child in the concept art. Her appearance was also different from the final product's, being a dark-skinned child with frizzy brown hair.
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