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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

"There's a high probability [of failure]... but statistically speaking, there's always a chance for unlikely events to take place."

Normally, you'd expect a David Cage game to be all about the heavy plot and emotional storytelling. Of course, Detroit: Become Human provides that, as well as the opportunity to deliver some truly epic moments.


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  • Needless to say, the game itself is breathtaking. With many unique set pieces and character animations, this game is pushing the absolute limits of the PS4 Pro.
  • Hank being able to mostly keep up with Connor during the rooftop chase with Rupert despite being 53, heavier-set body due to poor diet choices, and is an alcoholic. Even better, he managed to catch up to two androids who had a headstart and briefly cut Rupert off.
  • The scenes where Kara and Markus defy their orders and programming, thus becoming Deviants. While the real action freezes, in their minds, they destroy a wall symbolizing said orders and programming with their bare hands.
    • Kara slowly pushes and eventually breaks the wall (Todd's order to stay put) through sheer pressure, as if it was made of glass. It's even more awesome when you notice that the mission changes from "Don't move" to "Protect Alice". Yes, there's also the option to reason with Todd, but this is Todd we're talking about.
    • Markus literally punches his way through the wall (his basic "don't hurt humans" programming and Carl's order to not defend him and himself).
    • If Connor goes Deviant, he rips the wall (his programming as a Deviant hunter and his order to assassinate Markus) apart.
  • As the game progresses, tensions between the US and Russia increase over disputes as to who owns the Arctic. After "Freedom March", both the US and Russia get rid of their android soldiers, which account for 60% of the US soldiers and a similar percentage for Russia. Without their androids, neither side can win, so they back down. No matter what happens at the end, the android uprising averted World War III.
  • When Connor finally corners the leader of the deviants, Markus or North uses this opportunity to convince him that what he is doing is wrong and rally him to their cause, continually increasing his software instability with each right dialogue choice. If Connor's software instability is sufficient, this proves to be the final push to get him to break free of his programming and become a deviant.
  • On a lighter note, a meta-one for Bryan Dechart (Connor's actor), who played the game. While he made a critical mistake in Kara's route, he executed Markus' route almost flawlessly (and even manages to get Simon to live all the way to the endgame, which is rare in the first playthrough of any gamer), and despite a few hiccups in the beginning of his own character's route, is able to achieve the best ending for Connor.

     Kara's Story
That's enough! Leave her alone!
  • Luther becoming a deviant, and turning against Zlakto. To elaborate; if you've managed to prevent Kara from being reset, saved Alice from Zlatko, and successfully escape his mansion, what follows is a glorious serving of Turned Against Their Masters, Heel–Face Turn, and Shut Up, Hannibal!.
    Zlatko: note  I warned you! Dreams always end in tears...You should've listened to me... [pumps his shotgun, and begins to point it at Kara and Alice, only for Luther to suddenly step in front of him, blocking his aim] What are you doing? Get outta my way!
    • Luther's sudden defiance prompts Zlatko to point his shotgun at Luther, ordering him to move unless he be shot. Luther's response? To snatch the shotgun right out of Zlatko's hands in one swift move, and aim it at him.
    • If you freed the androids in the basement below, you're treated to a second helping of Laser-Guided Karma, Kick the Son of a Bitch, Villainous Breakdown, and Karmic Death all in one serving.
    • If Luther grabs onto Kara while they're in Zlatko's workshop, Alice will pick up a metal object and hit Luther in the back, causing him to drop Kara.
  • In a moment that's as awesome as it is heartwarming, if the android uprising stays peaceful and Kara refuses to sacrifice anyone at the border, the Canadian border guard (who has confirmed that Kara, Alice — and Luther if he's still alive — are androids with a temperature check) decides to disobey orders and lets the party pass through without incident. It's a good sign for the long-term peace between humans and androids going forward.
  • Beating the crap out of Todd in "Stormy Night"; even if he can survive and end up feeling remorse later, you can't deny he deserves it in that moment.
  • If you let in the stranger during the raid on Jericho, a guard will push through and Kara will have to fight him off, and she manages, getting to her gun just in time to shoot him dead.
  • During the violent revolution route, if you choose to protect Alice, you’ll be greeted to Kara absolutely manhandling the guard holding her up, ending with her snapping his neck with his gun. Not bad for an android made for housework.

     Connor's Story
I always accomplish my mission.
  • In any chase or fight sequence, do your best to not miss a single QTE and you get to see first-hand why Connor is highly trusted by CyberLife to stop the deviant movement.
  • Connor gets his first CMOA if he successfully manages to save the little girl Emma during the hostage scenario. It's even more awesome if he saves her without dying in the process.
  • If things go right during the interrogation, when Gavin tries to threaten Connor with a gun, Hank pulls out his gun and points it at him. Here's the dialogue showing that Hank isn't playing around.
    Hank: That's enough!
    Gavin: Mind your own business, Hank.
    Hank: [pulls out his gun and points it at Gavin] I said, that's enough.
  • You gotta admit that you enjoyed seeing Hank punch the shit out of Perkins, considering how much of an annoying bastard he was.
  • Late game, Connor beating up Gavin in the DPD evidence room with a smooth series of QTE moves. Even though the scene is completely optional, doing it is extremely satisfying due to how much of a prick Gavin has been throughout the game.

One of Us (Deviant Path)

  • Connor taking down not one, not two, but four heavily armed soldiers in quick, fluid succession, using disarming tactics, close quarters combat, and a discarded sheet of metal as a shield.
  • The entirety of Connor's solo raid on the CyberLife tower is one huge moment for Connor. Markus tells him the chances of him succeeding are slim at best, but Connor believes converting the androids will help turn the tide. First, Connor has to take out two guards while riding in an elevator. If he forgets to hack the cameras, he must disarm 5 guards at once when he reaches his destination. During the climax of the chapter, he will fight an imposter!Connor (who is holding Hank hostage) and convince Hank to shoot the correct android. Amanda was right when she said the Connor models were advanced.
  • Connor fighting off his Manchurian Agent programming, to the point that in the route where Markus and North died, he uses his remaining freedom and willpower to pull out his gun and puts it to his head.

Compliant (Machine Path)

  • Connor utterly demolishing a SWAT team on a rooftop if he stays a machine and tries to assassinate Markus during his uprising.
    • One particular part during this scene is when the SWAT leader (Captain Allen from the hostage situation) has Connor in an arm lock. Connor tries lifting his gun to shoot Captain Allen behind him, but he manages to dodge the shots. So what does Connor do? He shoots through himself to hit Allen.
  • One goes to Hank in the scene where he stops Connor from sniping Markus. If you pick the right options, the story goes like this: Connor brings up Hank's dead son and mentions how it was an android that killed his son, trying to justify him assassinating Markus. Hank retorts, saying how it was a human who killed his son by being too high on Red Ice to operate himself. The tribulations he and Connor went through helped him realize that and becomes determined to stop Connor.
  • If Markus led the peaceful revolution to victory, Connor will be standing in the crowd watching his speech. Connor takes out a gun and prepares to shoot him, but the player can choose not to. Though Amanda attempts to pull a Manchurian Agent on him, Connor can escape just like in the deviant path. This is awesome because even is Connor has very low software instability, he's still a deviant in the end if the player chooses.

     Markus' Story
We are alive! And now, we are free!
  • Markus' infiltration of Stratford Tower, especially if you manage to do complete it via a Pacifist Run. And if you can't avoid getting Simon injured (where you're required to either kill him or leave him behind), play your cards right in "Public Enemy" and Simon will be able to make his way back to Jericho.
  • The Freedom March is already impressive as its when Markus starts liberating other Androids wirelessly but the pacifist version of events is a very emotionally potent scene. Of particular note a lone police officer attempts to stop the march ordering everyone to disperse, one of the options is to raise your hands which every other androids in the group of hundreds copies immediately after Markus. The unity and solidarity on display is truly something to behold.
  • If Markus follows the violent path, he can liberate the android deactivation camp and after that conquer Detroit. All this isn't against the police either; it's against the United States Army.
  • If you follow the peaceful path instead, there's Markus saving everyone on Jericho by non-lethally taking out the guards that are about to execute them.
    • Said methods also include Markus using his quick thinking skills to create quick mobile cover to help other deviant androids get to safer ground, which involves pushing dumpsters aside just in time to slam inbetween the attackers and the survivors, and using a hunk of metal as a shield to escort more of his people to safety.
  • Both an awesome and a heartwarming moment, but there's when Markus moves the public and the President enough to tell the army to stand down simply by chanting a Song of Courage, especially if Markus consistently chose the peaceful options. It reflects that great causes sadly require many sacrifices, but as long as one remains strong with their beliefs, they can achieve their goals and honor both the sacrificed and the living.
    • Another way Markus can secure androids right is by self-immolating. This results in the deaths of everyone at Jericho, but the image of Markus burning himself is one of the coolest in the entire game.
  • If you follow the peaceful path, in Battle for Detroit, Markus will call out Perkins with "Are you gonna open fire on unarmed protesters?" after Perkins had already ordered the shots fired. In front of photographers and news copters. It may sound like something mild in comparison to the Freedom March, but it sure feels nice to make Perkins look bad in front of millions of people.
  • Looking at the timeline of the game, one would realized that the main part of the story spans in only five days. This means that Markus managed to pull himself back from scrapheap, linked up with Jericho, and turn it into a wide-spread movement in less than five days. Talk about the efficiency of an android.


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