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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.
It's telling that their interactions take up half of this page.

Connor: My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by Cyberlife. My predecessor was unfortunately destroyed, but Cyberlife transferred its memory and sent me to replace it. This incident should not affect the investigation.
— The quote that makes Hank realize he is stuck with Connor.

Detroit: Become Human doesn't have the same amount of narmy, hammy, and melodramatic hysterics that the previous Quantic Dream games had. Nevertheless, there are some laughs to be found in the game.


  • If you stick around the police breakroom and listen to the news, a segment will discuss the first bestselling novel to be written entirely by an android. The title? Do Humans Dream of Mammalian Sheep?
  • An extremely minor moment in a very serious scene, but if Markus and North died in the final battle but a deviated Connor successfully liberated the androids from CyberLife, he does a Double Take when the androids tell him that He's their leader now.
  • One of the headlines you can read from an iPad newspaper is "'My husband made an android pregnant!' Read all about it!"
  • At any point in the game, intentionally failing a minor action such as opening a door, picking something up, or pushing something over results in the animation for said action to either freeze entirely or awkwardly play in reverse. Some consider the best way to play the game to be purposely failing as much as you possibly can without actively getting the protagonists killed.

Kara's Story

  • While cleaning the house, you can have Kara stand in front of the TV while Todd is watching. This results in Todd yelling at you to get back to work, and you can't try it again because your programming blocks you from going there again with a wall.
    • Similarly, later, when you serve them dinner, walking away when Todd tells you to turn on the light results in him yelling at you to do it.
    • If you clean the restroom right after Todd uses it look at Kara's face closely. She was clearly disgusted with a face looking like "Ugh, that was gross."
  • When escaping to the train station in On the Run, some of the paths Kara can take to avoid detection are so inane you can't believe they work. This includes grabbing an umbrella out of an umbrella stand, opening it directly in front of her (i.e. not above her head as you would usually hold an umbrella) and standing completely still until the police stop looking her way. And somehow this doesn't come across as suspicious to anyone.
  • While there's not much humor to be found in Crossroads, Kara's part begins with Rose driving her, Alice, and possibly Luther to Jericho. If Kara turns on the radio and changes the station, she'll hear a news report urging everyone to turn in their androids for deactivation. Definitely not funny in itself, but Rose immediately changing the station back to pleasant, cheery music warrants a few chuckles. She at least deserves props for trying to lighten the mood.
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  • There's something bizarrely funny about watching Kara knock an armored guard unconscious by hitting him over the head with a brick in Battle for Detroit.

Markus's Story

  • Some of his early interactions with Carl are both funny and heartwarming, and a lot of it is playful father/son banter. One example stands out in particular.
    Markus: [preparing Carl's medicine] Show me your arm, please, Carl.
    Carl: No.
    Markus: Carl...
  • Leo pushing Markus around and telling him to fight back is an overall dramatic scene, but there's one line, in particular, that's spoken with just the right level of emphasis to be hilarious. It needs to be seen to be believed.
    Leo: To scared to fight back, you fuckin'...BITCH?!
    • There's something funny about Leo cursing Markus out in general. It either sounds like someone yelling at a malfunctioning piece of technology or trying to pick a fight with their sibling — and then you realize, both interpretations are technically correct.
  • It's possible to reach "Leader" status with Jericho as soon as the broadcast begins. It's also possible to go right back to "Respected" status if security is alerted, infiltrates the room, and shoots Simon.
  • In Capitol Park if Markus gets spotted by a drone, a police car will come by, and he has to decide quickly how to avoid it. If the player chooses to "act natural", this translates to Markus pushing North against a bus stop and kissing her so that the police will pass them by. As soon as the car leaves, North shoves him away and asks him what the hell he was thinking. This becomes Harsher in Hindsight when taking into consideration her past, but Markus weakly protesting that he "had to do something!" is still funny.
  • If Markus is a General Failure and kicked out of Jericho, but later returns to save everyone, North will apologize to him for kicking him out before. If you choose the resentful option, North will then say she understands, and that he has every right to be angry at her, which Markus responds with "You're goddamn right I do." in a completely deadpan tone.

Connor's Story


  • Any and every time Connor has to sample blood (or...other questionable substances) via fingers to mouth around Hank. Hank's reaction never changes from being grossed out, probably making him wonder if he was assigned with some sort of vampire as his partner.
  • You can let Connor die at least six times without losing him permanently. This has led to a few players (such as Cr1TiKaL) deliberately screwing up his quick time events in the iconic Heavy Rain fashion. Hank will be freaked out to see you again and weirded out by how unaffected you are about being brought back from the dead.
  • Connor dropping a swear. The mere idea of CyberLife deciding to input cuss words into their androids' lexicon and that Connor is not an exception is amusing.
    • If Connor chases after Kara and Alice on the highway but loses them, he mutters "Shit." under his breath. Keep in mind that he just met Hank, so if CyberLife didn't put in cuss words, Connor must've taken after him quick. Also, it would mean Connor is a deviant.
    • Connor can call one of the androids at Stratford Tower a "fucking deviant" while interrogating them to get a rise out of the deviant android.
    • If he forgot to turn off the cameras while infiltrating CyberLife, he'll also mutter "Shit."
    • If Connor is a machine and Markus sets off the dirty bomb, he mutters "Shit."


  • One of their first conversations has Connor tell Hank he's been instructed to accompany him. The following exchange happens:
    Connor: No. Where?
    • After that, Hank gives Connor a very irritated look for not understanding what he meant.
    • The Japanese dub's Woolseyism of that exchange (as a literal translation probably wouldn't have worked for idiomatic reasons) is a lot tamer, but still hilarious. It can be translated along the lines of:
      Hank: Instructions? Where are we, at school?
  • Another line Connor can give at Hank's indifference is, "I must inform you that I intend to file a report on your behavior." As seen in the page image, Hank sighs and flips Connor off. Better yet, you can have Connor spill Hank's drink a moment later, which finally pisses Hank off. And even better? When Hank storms out of the bar, Connor adjusts his tie and follows suit with a proud and satisfied smirk on his face.
    Connor: [takes Hank's glass and spills its contents] I think we can go now.
    Hank: [grabs Connor by the collar] You little prick! I don't know what's stopping me from knocking you out...
    Connor: Your sense of duty, Lieutenant. And the cost of repairs if you damage me. For your information, I'm worth a small fortune.
  • After Connor walks into the interrogation room, you can have him look at himself in the two way mirror. Doing this will cut to Hank and the officers on the other side awkwardly looking back at Connor and Hank asking "What the fuck is it doing now?"
  • While interrogating the deviant, you can have Connor make so abrupt switches between a Good Cop/Bad Cop approach that it can turn comical. Even Connor's actor along with Gavin/Kamski and Ralph's actors played the scene and cracked up at Connor "pressurizing" the deviant by looking like he was ready to pummel him only to suddenly back off with a placating smile and words the next second.

Waiting for Hank...

  • When Gavin harasses Connor at the police station you can acquiesce to his demand for coffee. Even though Gavin was clearly taking the piss out of him, Connor keeps offering it as Gavin storms off, before giving up with a dejected look on his face.
  • The argument between Hank and Captain Fowler. When Hank is assigned to work with Connor, he complains about it, but Fowler would have none of it. There's one particular line where Fowler says he won't add anymore pages to his disciplinary folder because it already looks like a novel.
  • Later, one of the prompts you can have Connor attempt to get to know Hank better with is to bring up a Heavy Metal band he likes, which Connor will talk quite eagerly about.
    Connor: Do you listen to Knights of the Black Death? I really like that music. It's... full of energy...
    Hank: (incredulously) You listen to Heavy Metal?
    Connor: Well, I don't really listen to music, as such... but I'd like to.
    • It's Hank's "WTF" expression to Connor here that really sells it. Better yet as it does increase his like for him.
  • Connor can also find out that Hank has a dog and casually say "I like dogs" which is also funny to hear the otherwise stoic Connor say.

The Nest

  • At the start of the chapter, Connor will find Hank at an in-the-street fast-food and casually stand next to him, causing Hank to remark he doesn't have to follow him around "like a poodle". One of the responses you can choose has Connor nudge Hank and say they should get to know each other better now that they're partners. Hank grits his teeth and answers that they're not partners as he's human and Connor is a machine, "So just spare me that 'buddy-up' bullshit program, okay?"
    • Alternatively, if you have Connor apologize for his previous actions, Hank gets amused and remarks that androids even have a "brown-nosing apology program".
  • In the scene where Hank gets his lunch from a food truck and openly place a bet with an illegal bookie, having Connor scan the two men can give you the chance to have Connor say he doesn’t want to alarm Hank, but he thinks his friends are engaged in illegal activities.
  • Also a funny exchange if Connor chooses to talk about Hank's meal. And for some reason, it increases Hank's relationship status.
    Connor: Your meal contains 1.4 times the recommended intake of calories and twice the cholesterol level. You shouldn't eat that.
    Hank: Everybody's gotta die of something.
  • Later, this exchange:
    Connor: Is there anything you'd like to know about me?
    Hank: Hell, no... Well, yeah, um... why did they make you look so goofy and give you that weird voice?
    Connor: CyberLife androids are designed to work harmoniously with humans. Both my appearance and voice were specifically designed to facilitate my integration.
    Hank: Well, they fucked up.
    • The conversation also has a touch of meta-humor to it: After all, Connor is modeled after and voiced by Bryan Dechart, which means that at some point during the filming of this scene Clancy Brown (Hank's actor) had to look him in the eye and call him goofy-looking and weird-sounding.
  • A moment later, Connor can tell Hank what he found out about him. Hank asks what Connor's conclusion is. If you choose "Sincere", Connor says it may be a challenge to work with someone with personal issues, but one of his features is to adapt to human unpredictability. The funny part comes at the end when Connor winks at Hank.
  • In another mission where they have to track down the deviant Rupert, Connor makes a report to CyberLife while waiting in the elevator. When Hank asks if he intends to keep standing there, Connor immediately says "No! I'm coming," in a somewhat childish tone that indicates him taking offense to the statement.
  • While the option to chase after the deviant instead of saving Hank isn't encouraged by players, it's hard not to laugh when Hank slaps Connor in the face and Connor quickly whips his head back like it was nothing.
  • If you spend too long in the apartment without finding clues, Hank will say he's had enough and wants to leave. If you have Connor protest, Hank angrily asks why to which Connor will literally give him Puppy-Dog Eyes, making Hank sigh and agree to two more minutes.

Russian Roulette

  • When Connor goes to Hank's house, he finds him knocked out cold on the kitchen floor from a hangover. Connor breaks a window to get in and tries to wake Hank with a light slap before suddenly delivering a much harder slap instead. While he helps an unwilling, swearing Hank to his feet to go towards the bathroom, Connor cheerily says, "Thank you in advance for your cooperation."
    • Also, when you lift Hank up on his feet, he will shout out a very Mr. Krabs-sounding, "AAARRRGGGHHHH!".
  • Connor meeting Sumo, a Big Friendly Dog.
    Hank: (drunkenly) Sumo, attack!
    Sumo: [from the other room] Woof!
    Hank: (happily) Good dog. Attack!
    [Sumo does not attack.]
    • It's possible, if you do not look at Hank's desk to find it, for Connor to come into Hank's house not knowing what Sumo's name is. His response to the very large dog getting right in his face becomes a lot more hilarious — he yelps.
  • The "Shower Scene". Here's the dialogue:
    Hank: What the hell are you doing? [gets seated on the edge of the tub by Connor] I don't want a bath, thank you...
    Connor: Sorry, lieutenant. [slightly pushes Hank on the tub] It's for your own good. [turns on the water]
    Hank: [screaming] TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!
    • Then Hank gives us this gem:
      Hank: Jesus, I must be the only cop in the world that gets assaulted in his own home by his own fuckin' android...
  • When Hank refuses to join Connor to a crime scene, Connor can choose to tease that Hank probably wouldn't be interested at seeing the crime scene in a sex club, which quickly gets Hank's attention. What's especially funny is that this isn't what you'd hear from Connor's usually indifferent manner of speaking.
  • Hank asks Connor to go fetch him clean clothes while he gathers himself in the bathroom. There are plenty of shirts in his wardrobe, but you get to pick between just three, which also happen to be the three loudest, most gaudy shirts in there.

The Eden Club

  • When you first arrive at the Eden Club to investigate a crime, Hank comments, "'Sexiest androids in town.' Now I know why [Connor] insisted on coming here."
  • When you enter the club, you can have Connor stop and stare at a sex bot, which will result in Hank asking what the fuck he's doing and tell him to get a move on. Even funnier as Connor may stare at both a female or male sex bot.
  • Connor realizing he can use the surveillance footage from the sex bots to find the deviant.
    Connor: Can you rent this Traci?
    Hank: For fuck's sake, Connor, we got better things to do!
    • The fact that Hank apparently thought Connor wanted to get it on with a fellow android, in the middle of their investigation no less, is just priceless.
  • Hank briefly gives a Male Gaze to said Traci afterwards.
  • Hank complaining about spending his money on sex bots and hoping that no one sees his expense account.
    Hank: This has got to be the most expensive investigation of my career!
    Hank: I've spent all this money and I'm still not havin' fun...
  • If you stay to see Hank return the first Traci, this happens:
    Hank: [Traci pulls him by the arm] Hey, what am I supposed to do with this one?
    Connor: Tell it you changed your mind!
    Hank: Uhh... Sorry, honey, changed my mind. [Traci gives him a look] Nothing personal, you're... a lovely girl... [Traci starts to walk back to her capsule] I just, uh... y'know... I'm with him and, uh— I mean, not with him like that— That's not what I... you, um... wow, I just... got a job to do...

The Bridge

  • There's Connor wanting to ask Hank a personal question and Hank responds with "Do androids always have to ask personal questions or is it just you?"
  • There is something darkly funny in seeing a drunk Hank just blowing Connor's head off to finish his drink as he knows Connor will come back anyway.
  • If Hank doesn't shoot Connor, he will put his gun down and head off. Connor asks him where's he going. Hank's replies with "To get drunker." Because he needs to think presumably about deviants, Connor, etc. His tone really sells that deep thought just isn't happening while he's sober.

Public Enemy

Meet Kamski

  • If "Public Enemy" was the only mission where Connor died, Hank's reaction to seeing him again is both sad and priceless, if only because of the way he phrases it.
    Hank: You died in my arms... and now you're... back here as if nothing happened... Fuck you.
  • On the other hand, if Connor died multiple times and died as well in the previous mission, their brief interaction is worth a chuckle too since it sounds like both Hank and Connor are tired of seeing Connor die and dying, respectively.
    Hank: Still immortal, huh, Connor?
    Connor: (monotone, but weary) In a way.

Last Chance, Connor

  • If you're on good terms with Hank, he'll create a distraction while Connor sneaks into the evidence room. Wait a moment, and then watch Hank walk up to Agent Perkins, call him a cocksucker, and punch him in the face. Keep watching and he'll just keep right on attacking Perkins while a few other officers try to pull him away. And for some reason, Fowler was watching the whole time yet he didn't even try to intervene or reprimand Hank. It is refreshing to see, fully knowing what type of person Perkins is.
  • While Connor tries to secretly enter a room and he's interrupted by Gavin, Connor can tell Gavin he'll be out of his way soon but he'll certainly miss their "bromance", pissing Gavin off. Even better, Connor can just choose to ignore him completely.
    • If you have Connor sass Gavin, the latter gets angry and pulls out his gun, points it at Connor's forehead, and laughs after pretending to shoot Connor. Connor's smile back looks so incredibly fake, it's hard not to laugh.
    • There's also how casually Connor adjusts his tie after he knocks Gavin out later on, complete with an expression that all but screams "Should have done that a long time ago."
  • Connor may need to guess Hank's password during a time-sensitive moment. It's "fuckingpassword". Given the interactions between the two, along with Hank's grumpy attitude, it really makes sense. The cherry on top is the "why-did-I-even-ask" tone in Connor's voice when he says, "Obviously." to entering the correct password.
  • On the other hand, if you have Connor guess the wrong password, his remarks are equally priceless.
    Connor: [DATE OF BIRTH] Stupid idea! It's not... "Hank-ish" enough.
    Connor: [123456] Ridiculous! No one would have a password like that...
    Connor: [HANKANDERSON] Absurd! He'd never choose that. I need to think like Hank...

Bryan Dechart's Twitch Streams

Bryan Dechart (Connor's actor) has been livestreaming his playthrough of the game with some of his voice actor friends (and his fiancee Amelia Rose Blaire, who portrays the Tracis) and generally being a part of the community on Twitter and Twitch, and he's been a goldmine of meta jokes, commentary, and fun facts.
  • He soon became aware of Connor's Estrogen Brigade, as fans noticed that his like tab on Twitter was full of posts like "Connor be looking like a snacc" and making comments acknowledging this on his streams.
    Bryan: Android sex. Don't knock it till you try it.
  • During his playthrough, after Rupert commits suicide by jumping off the building:
    Bryan: [sighing theatrically] I lose more suspects that way...
  • His story of the animators making a joke version of "The Nest" with tiny versions of the Connor model flying around instead of pigeons. Also (after Hank swears at said pigeons for the umpteenth time):
    Bryan: In the original script, the pigeons were originally sparrows, and I thought that didn't make any sense. I mean, nobody hates sparrows!
  • After Amelia panics and chooses the "Attack" option during the heist at the android facility, resulting in Markus stabbing a security guard to death:
    Bryan: Yeah, right! You saw a picture of a knife under attack and chose that option! (jokingly) Who am I marrying?!
    [later, as Markus approaches the other guards]
    Bryan: Just don't stab them, okay?
    Amelia: I won't!
    Bryan: [teasingly, as Amelia is having trouble with part of the game] Take your time, don't worry, there's only ten thousand viewers watching you right now.
    • Cue the chat calling Bryan out on his ribbing and reminding him that he chose not to help Hank earlier in the playthrough - he acknowledges it, but gets in one last jab: "Don't worry, she's not going to stab anyone", and then both Bryan and the moderator get in on the teasing during the end of the chapter.
  • After thanking fans for helping make his Twitch channel one of the fastest growing ones on the site, he acknowledges that if Jesse Williams (Markus) and his fanbase ever joined Twitch, they'd whoop his butt.
  • Amelia's glee when she pops her vampire fangs in.
    • Honestly, the fact that sweet, gentle, caring and kind Amelia played Willa in True Blood and that Bryan actually guest starred in one episode as Willa's "blood prostitute" (see the scene in question here - can cross into a Moment of Awesome to see her face down and call out Eric Northman despite being over a full foot shorter than him)! She also has her own fan army, who call themselves "Traci's Angels".
  • Amelia's genuine tension and alarm at the Kara highway crossing scene and Bryan's reaction.
    Bryan: Can you stop screaming over my shoulder?!
  • There's something inherently amusing in how Bryan is in general about fangirls - he's very polite but firm that he loves Amelia (making a point of saying that he is "un-stealable"), and after the Twitch chat asks him to kiss Amelia, he gives her a quick peck and this happens:
    Bryan: She wanted to go in for a longer one but I backed off - I know that some people would take that video and do weird things with it.
  • Neil Newbon (Gavin's voice actor) giving Bryan a smooch on stream "for the fans" and acknowledging the Foe Yay between Gavin and Connor. Bryan's face says it all as his character gets shipped even further.
    • Also in that same session we have Neil remarking on how handsome Connor is, with Matt Vladimery (Ralph's actor) agreeing, saying Bryan has "perfect bone structure" and then cuddling into his shoulder, saying "I think Amelia might be uncomfortable with this, but I don't care!"
    • Bryan comments "...smells like coffee" at the end of the "kiss" with Neil, and the context for that is just as funny. Shortly prior to the kiss, Bryan had a small featurette with himself, Neil and Matt to do a giveaway. Just before said giveaway, Bryan asked if he could get anyone anything:
      Neil: [immediately, in Gavin's voice] Yeah, go and get me a cup of coffee, dipshit.
      [Bryan obliges, as Matt looks surprised before starting to try to cover the silence as Neil - still in character - leans back against the couch, checking his phone]
      Neil: Get a move on! [at this point he can't keep a straight face anymore and dissolves into giggles, then calls out in his normal voice] Thank you!
      Bryan: [hands Neil the coffee] Please don't hit me!
      [All three actors proceed to clarify that the incident had just been a sketch and that they were all friends, but promptly start joking that no, they were actually being serious and that Matt needed to be between Neil and Bryan lest they actually start fighting.]
  • Neil gets a chance to try playing the game - specifically Connor interrogating the deviant who murdered Carlos Ortiz, and says he's going to play the scene like Connor was a British person ("very passive-aggressively and talking around the issue - no direct conflict"). Bryan tells Neil to make sure to provide an inner monologue for the scene, to which he replies "I'm trying to figure out what his motivation is... He's hungry, he wants a snack, but what kind of snack? How many?" Bryan jokingly offers to make him another cup of coffee which Neil politely refuses, then says that that was the only time he's ever sworn at Bryan. Bryan then tells the Twitch chat that Neil's actually a very nice man in real life, and Neil agrees, adding that he simply has "resting psycho face".
  • Bryan's dancing while dressed as Connor.
  • Some fans dug up an old video of Bryan dressed as a crab and doing a mock PSA, which promptly blossomed into the fan nickname of "Bryan DeCrab".
  • And now Bryan has enough material for a highlight reel!



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