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Awesome Music / Detroit: Become Human

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Detroit: Become Human has an incredible orchestral/electronic score that's worth listening to outside the game.

  • The themes for each of the main characters are distinct and reflect their respective personalities and stories perfectly.
    • Markus's theme is a melancholic piece, reflecting his struggle for freedom. His instrument is the piano.
    • Kara's theme is an emotional piece that becomes more intense and hopeful over time. Her instrument is the cello.
    • Connor's theme is a badass and mysterious piece that slowly grows in intensity. His instrument is the synth bass but changes into different, more organic sounding bass instruments as he begins to deviate.
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  • Run With Me plays as Connor chases Kara and Alice over the highway, and is a perfect blend of Kara's hopeful strings and Connor's looming bass.
  • Now, the track that plays as Connor chases Rupert across a farm, is an epic rendition of Connor's theme that's bound to make your blood start pumping.
  • This is the End is a song that plays whenever something peaceful and amazing happens. Come on, listen to 2:05 and tell someone that didn't make your heart swell up with joy and hope.
  • Hostage is another rendition of Connor's theme that focuses more on the static and synth, which helps induce a strong feeling of tension and suspense.
  • Eden Club, which sounds unusually ominous and foreboding that it gives the player the feeling that they're in a haunted house rather than a sex club.
  • Will You Trust Me is the musical embodiment of tension, especially as this plays in the scene where Connor fights against either a SWAT team or Hank.
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  • Little One, a Lonely Piano Piece played while Kara first innocently tries to connect with a very quiet Alice.
  • Dark Night, a haunting and suspenseful track that plays as Kara and Alice try to flee from Todd. Beautiful incorporation of Kara's theme, especially towards the end as you successfully escape the house.


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