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  • Actor Allusion: Tons.
    • Jules (Cox) asking her son if he's just faking being sad to make happy news a surprise - frequently done by Joey. Also, like Monica, Jules is a good cook and somewhat of a neat freak.
      • When Jules fails to get a reference to Seinfeld, Elles tells her it was a show... "You know, Must See TV?"
      • Could be 2 references in one, as Scrubs was also an infrequent part of the "Must See TV" line-up (at one point even having Friends as its direct lead-in).
    • Ellie (Miller) losing interest every time the conversation stops being about her, and using the exact phrase"I'm back in!" whenever somebody says something interesting again.
    • Travis noting to Kirsten explaining how she's his escape from 'friends' prison immediately after mentioning Jules.
    • Travis flipping through Jules's yearbook and finding the picture of her dancing with Bruce Springsteen. She proceeds to demonstrate.
    • Travis's college roommate, Kevin, is mentioned as being an "all-state linebacker in high school."
    • Ellie's husband has had 2 vasectomies.
    • Jules' middle name is Kiki, Courteney's middle name is Bass
    • Too many references to Scrubs to include here, see Crossover Punchline example on the main page for the most concentrated single instance.
    • Both Josh Hopkins (Grayson) and Ian Gomez (Andy) were in Alanis Morissette videos, which made it on the show (Grayson's modeling past and Andy's... random-ass past).
  • California Doubling: The palm trees are a dead give away. If you know anything about palm trees. You probably don't.
    • Also, leaving the address numbers painted on the sidewalk instead of the mailbox is much more common in LA than Florida.
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • Grayson and guest star Sheryl Crow had a duet called "Running"
    • Grayson does impressions of the other members of the cul-de-sac crew
  • Channel Hop: From ABC to TBS.
  • Dawson Casting: 18-year-old Travis is played by 25-year-old Dan Byrd. It works, though.
    • His 23-year-old girlfriend Kirsten was played by 30-year-old Collete Wolfe. It didn't really work. Averted with his Season 1 girlfriend Kylie played by Spencer Locke who was 18 in 2009.
      • As of 2013, Courteney Cox is 49. Jules is 41.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Courteney Cox directed the episodes "Square One" and the series finale "Last Dance With Mary Jane".
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Busy Phillipps' pregnancy was not written in during season four, so they did this with Laurie by hiding her behind things.
  • Real-Life Relative: Courteney Cox's actual daughter Coco cameoed on two episodes: season 2's "You Gonna Get It" and season 3's "Square One".
  • Word of God: In 2014, Bill Lawrence finally confirmed what the show would've been called had the title been changed, on Twitter: "Sunshine State". It becomes the show's title for the series finale.
    • During development, other titles before "Cougar Town" were "40 and Single" and "The Courteney Cox Show".