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Season 1

    Episode 15, When A Kid Goes Bad 
  • Jules and Bobby's Batman Gambit for dealing with Travis getting drunk at a party against Jules's wishes; if Travis sticks to Jules's rule, he get home alive but if he does get drunk and is too embarrassed to call Jules to pick him up, he can call Bobby who will rat him out to Jules thinking that Bobby is on his side.
  • The C-plot of the episode involves Ellie trying to make Grayson take down his house's Christmas lights as a power move. At the end of the episode, the lights do get taken down... and are then hung up and turned on around Ellie's house by Grayson, showing her that she cannot boss him around.

    Episode 16, What Are You Doin' in My Life? 
  • Jules calling out Sheila, Laurie's emotionally manipulate mooch of a mother, for being a terrible parent.
  • As despicable as she is, there is something impressive about Sheila knowing where to punch someone to make them vomit.
  • Laurie finally stands up to her mother.

    Episode 17, Counting On You 
  • Travis snagging a large catfish all by himself much to Bobby's pride.

    Episode 23, Breakdown 
  • Grayson, Jules and Andy play a game of "Ultimate Penny Can" to determine who has to break the news of Jules and Grayson now being in a relationship to Bobby. The aim of the game involves answering personal questions about Bobby and if the participants get it right, they get to move closer to the can and dunk their penny into it. Whoever fails to drop their penny into the can is the loser and has to tell Bobby about Jules and Grayson.
    • Andy successfully answers every single question asked. There is a reason he considers himself Bobby's best friend.
    • Grayson fails to answer every question asked as he has only known Bobby for six months, which he does point out. In frustration, he throws his penny at the can from several feet away... and manages to get the penny into the can!


Season 2

    Episode 6, You Don't How It Feels 
  • Travis pulling a Halloween prank on Laurie after she pulled one on him earlier in the episode.
    Episode 10, The Same Old You 
  • Bobby hitting a golf ball into a trash can.
    Episode 12, A Thing About You 

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