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Cougar Town Title gags:

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    Season 2 
  • 2x01: Still Cougar Town
  • 2x03: Badly Titled Cougar Town
  • 2x04: Not What The Show Is
  • 2x05: 100% Cougar Free
  • 2x06: Titles Are Hard
  • 2x07: Modern Cougar Town
  • 2x08: It's Okay To Watch A Show Called Cougar Town
  • 2x09: Regretfully, We Give You Cougar Town
  • 2x10: All I Want For Christmas Is A New Title
  • 2x11: New Year's Resolutions: Embrace Our Stupid Title & Lose Six Pounds (We Love it!)
  • 2x12: Starting To Own It
  • 2x13: Do We Have To Do This Joke Forever?
  • 2x14: (See You Soon) (Stay In Touch @V Doozer, @K Biegel or @Cougar Town Room)
  • 2x15: We're Back! (Hi Dance Fans, Please Still Be There...)
  • 2x16: Welcome To (strike-through) Cul-De-Sac Crew, (strike-through) Cougar City, Cougar Town (sticking with it)
  • 2x17: Welcome to Cougar Town (Follow @The Larmy right now and thank us later)
  • 2x18: Sorry, we still cringe at the title
  • 2x19: We pretend Cougar Town to be called Wine Time
  • 2x20: We Should Have Live Cougars On Cougar Town
  • 2x21, 2x22: We will never stop mocking the title...
  • 2x21, 2x22: The tabloids says the cast date each other on Cougar Town ...but they don't.
    Season 3 
  • 3x01: Yeah. It's still called Cougar Town We're not happy about it either.
  • 3x02: Titles we liked better than Cougar Town: Sunshine State, The Drinking Age, Cougar City, Mid-Life.
  • 3x03: This is not the Simpson's chalkboard bit (3x)
  • 3x04: Your name isn't that great either.
  • 3x05: No, it's not just Scrubs in Florida with a lot of wine.
  • 3x06: You know what would be cooler than this title card bit? A new title
  • 3x07: Seriously, we spend more time coming up with these title cards than we do writing the show
  • 3x08: Pay attention. The title Cougar Town almost makes sense this week!
  • 3x09: She's marrying a man her own age, so why is it called Cougar Town
  • 3x10: Hey, would you and your friends watch a show called "Pig Trials"? Watch the episode, get back to us #pigtrials.
  • 3x11: "I didn't know it was back on either."-Abed
  • 3x12: Welcome to Cougarton Abbey
  • 3x13: Are we still on TV?
  • 3x14, 3x15: Hopefully this is only the season finale
    Season 4 
  • 4x01: Welcome back to Cougar Town Thanks, TBS. Can we curse on TV now?
  • 4x02: The letters in...Cougar Town can be rearranged to spell "Taco Rug Now" (which also makes no sense).
  • 4x03: I got hired on Cougar Town and they only let me write these. My name's Donny. Hi, Mom.
  • 4x04: Donny made the title cards about him, so he's gone now.
  • 4x05: It's Donny again. I'm writing these again whether they want me to or not. There's blood everywhere.
  • 4x06: Happy Valentine's Day. Yeah, it's a fake holiday, but we still want stuff. xoxo The female writers P.S. Not lingerie-that's for you.
  • 4x07: This one's for you, continuity nerds.
  • 4x08: Courteney Cox's boobs at 6:33
  • 4x09: Asking the tough questions about sex robots.
  • 4x10: This episode was written by the absolute worst writers we have on staff (
  • 4x11: This episode is funnier if you know that Courteney is terrified of birds.
  • 4x12: Call your mom, tell her you love her. We're trying to do something positive with these.
  • 4x13: John Hughes is a God.
  • 4x14: Remember when we wanted to change the title? Ah, good times. Thanks for sticking with us.
  • 4x15: Hi Howard Stern Fans. Bababooey
    Season 5 
  • 5x01: Season five? Didn't see that coming.
  • 5x02: Now with more Friends
  • 5x03: This is the episode where everyone drinks a bunch of wine.
  • 5x04: Now with pirates
  • 5x05: Side effects involve muscle exhaustion, erection problems and flu-like symptoms
  • 5x06: What does the Cougar say?
  • 5x07: If you're not watching with a glass of wine in your hand, you're sort of missing the point
  • 5x08: If you want to option Travellers, call our agents
  • 5x09: Tonight's episode proves that we are still terrible at naming things
  • 5x10: Several burritos were harmed during the filming of this episode
  • 5x11: Another Blacktop and Gumshoe mystery
  • 5x12: Wine spectators gave this episode 96 points
  • 5x13: Goodbye... for now? From... Cougar Town
    Season 6 
  • 6x01: Season 6! Is it too late to change the title?
  • 6x02: We pity the fool who's missing this
  • 6x03: Welcome to Cougar Town There's a baby now. And it talks!
  • 6x04: Welcome to Cougar Town To infinity (or 102 episodes) and beyond!
  • 6x05: This one is pretty dope!
  • 6x06: Crisp, rich humor with a strong emotional finish - Definitely a buy!
  • 6x07: Welcome to a magical night you'll remember forever, in... Cougar Town
  • 6x08: Badly break for secret treats.
  • 6x09: Welcome to shocking secrets, scandalous trysts, catfishing and more on this week's Cougar Town
  • 6x10: A chick filled episode of Cougar Town
  • 6x11: Welcome to THE 100th EPISODE OF - wait, seriously? A hundred? That can't be right. No, it is. Seriously. We checked. This is the 100th EPISODE OF Cougar Town
  • 6x12:Welcome to Cougar Town Always be sure to recycle.
  • 6x13: Thank you for watching Sunshine State Finally got the new title!!

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