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  • A man instantly solves a conundrums - and then another.
  • Anytime someone finds a 9-letter word.
    • Lee Mack is the one of the only people on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown to find TWO nine letter words.note 
  • Anytime someone wins with a score of 100 or better.
  • An extraordinary Numbers Game with a goal of 952, and a contestant gives an equation of (((100 + 6) * 3 * 75) - 50) / 25, going as high as 23,850 before dropping back down to 952.
    • Then you have this mad lad who needs to get 813, and goes as high as 81,300 before dropping back down to 813.
  • Contestant Zarte Siempre setting an all-time high score of 150 during the 15th Championship of Champions in January 2019...
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  • ...a record that would stand for just four months before Elliot Mellor achieved an astonishing 152 in his second appearance on the program. Mellor also became the first-ever octochamp to score over 1000 points across all eight of his games, totaling 1061 points.