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Tearjerker / Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

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TV series

  • Dale's hurt and tearful expression when Chip scolds him in "Le Purrfect Crime". It's no wonder the poor guy became Ramdale in that episode.
  • Chip's Disney Death in "Seer No Evil" and the other Rangers' tearful reactions as they gather around Chip's hat which Zipper has just pulled out from under the treasure chest which has apparently fallen on Chip:
    Monty: She [Cassandra, the fortune-telling Gypsy moth] didn't mean an elephant's trunk.
    Gadget: *gasp* She meant elephant, then trunk! (She starts to cry.) Oh, Chip!
    Monty: (comforting Gadget; Dale is also in tears) He wouldn't listen. It was the predictions.
    • Earlier in the episode, when Cassandra has predicted Chip's doom, Monterey says in a sad tone: "No Cassie, not me little pallie Chip.". They had their disagreements, but Monterey does care about Chip.
    Monty: Please Cassie, say it ain't so.
    Cassandra: By dawn, your friend will be *bleert*. (Monterey sheds few tears.)
  • When Gadget leaves the Rangers in "Case of the Cola Cult". You just can't see her cry.
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  • The ending of the episode "Love is a Many Splintered Thing", when Monty watches the plane, where Desiree is, go. She tricked him, but clearly Monty still had feelings for her. Though he soon got over it when he saw a shipment of cheese.
  • This bit from "Double O Chipmunk":
    Gadget: Aw, Dale. You're good at lots of things.
  • In "To the Rescue Part 4"' the gang breaks up briefly because Monterey's cheese attack gets them into trouble.

    Monty: I don't listen to anyone! I'm footloose and fancy free! Come and go as you please, that's my motto. So what do I need you flapdoodles for?
    Chip: A home? A family?
    Monty: I— I— I don't need anybody! (jumps off the Ranger Plane and Zipper follows him.)


Boom! Studios comic

  • In issue 4, Fat Cat uses the ARS signal to the Rangers so they can finish eachother of. Monty breaks out of it, thanks to his cheese attack, but he is soon on tears when he sees the Rangers fighting.
    Monty: Mates, it tears my little heart in two to see us fighting like this. I guess I could make a speech here, saying how much we mean to eachother, about what we've been through. But I know the ARS does the number on ya, so you may not hear it. Still, in case there's a part inside all of ya that's still there, still the team I love, I say STOOOPPP!


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